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7th Illinois Regiment Reunion


photographed at their reunion at the Fair Grounds, October 2d, 1901

provided by Malcolm Warren

men of 7th Regiment pose for photo

Top Row - Start from Left Hand Corner

1. A. Cincier, Co. I.

2. D. W. Gooch, Corp., Co. K.

3. Jno. W. Wood, Co. I.

4. Eli Mushrush, Co. E.

5. Jas. Crawley, Lieut., Co. I.

6. Robt. M. Mitchell, Co. E.

7. Jno. P. Roles, Co. E.

8. Henry H. Paugh, Co. E.

9. Thos. H. Pegram, Lieut., Co. H.

10. Wm. Shaw, Sergt., Co. H.

11. Jas. Ryan, Co. I.

Center Row

1. Wm. Jewell, Corp., Co. H.

2. Jno. C. Decker, Co. I.*

3. Wm. Niergarth, Corp., Co. A.

4. Stewart Auld, Co. B.

5. Jno. O'Hara, Co. I.

6. D. L. Ambrose, Lieut., Co. H.

7. Alvah Camp, Co. I.

8. Jas. H. Rape, Co. I.

9. R. H. Laughlin, Co. H.

Bottom Row

1. Ole K. Nelson, H. Stew'd, Co. I.

2. Wm. Auld, Co. B.

3. H. H. Baltzall, Co. E.

4. Joshua Hendrickson, Co. H.

5. S. F. Flint, Lieut., Co. I.

6. J. H. Shankland, Sergt., Co. I.

7. A. J. Babcock, Colonel.

8. E. S. Johnson, Major.

9. C. C. Mason, Lieut., Co. H.

10. M. J. Uhler, Co. I.

*Died at Springfield, November 10, 1901

men displaying flags of 7th Regiment

"of the Color Guard of the 7th, photographed by Brady at the close of the war, at the time of the Grand Review in Washington before the regiment disbanded. The tattered flags tell their own eloquent story. The same flags are now preserved in Memorial Hall in the Capitol Building where they are objects of reverent interest to thousands who come to look upon them as the years go by."

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