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Hartsburg in Orvil township, about eight miles north of Lincoln, on the P. L. & D. R.R., was laid out by Thos, G. Gardner, county surveyor, June 22, 1871. Mr. D. H. Harts was the owner of the plat and for him the survey was made and from him the town took its name. The first merchant in town was B. R. Woland, who conducted the business for Henry Ruhack, of Pekin, proprietor. J. E. Miller opened the second store, in the building he yet occupies. The next was started by J. D. Hoyne, and the fourth by L. Nall. In 1874, A. W. Ray erected the present elevator, on the site of a small one be used a year or two previously. A good trade in grain is now maintained.

Mr. P. P. Brady erected the first dwelling in town, and J. A. Musick, whose parents were the first settlers in this part of the county, built the second.

Until 1876, school was conducted only in the district schoolhouse, a short distance from town. This year, the need of one in their midst became apparent, and the present school-house was erected. It is so constructed that a second story can be added when necessary. The schools are yet under the township district control.

In March 1875 the Christian congregation, then worshiping about two miles south of Hartsburg, moved their house of worship to town and have since met there. The congregation was organized about seven years ago and is now in a good condition. The number of members is over forty while the Sunday-school has an attendance of 100. The present pastor is Rev. Isaac Stout.

Hartsburg now contains 200 inhabitants, is growing well and is becoming a good trading and shipping point on this railroad.