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This index was created by Earliene Kaelin.
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Adams, Ebulon  239A
Adams, Ephriam  245A
Allen, William M.  240A
Allin, Anquinas W.  245A
Allin, Isaac J.  245A
Allin, Solomon  245A
Altic, Elizabeth  244A
Anderson, George W.  242A
Anderson, John  238A
Arnspiger, Stephen  246A
Arteberry, David  245A
Arteberry, Hiram  245A
Ashing, Mary  239A
Ashing, William  239A
Babbett, Loren  238A
Baitman, Henry A.  244A
Barber, Riley  236A
Barnett, William C.  248A
Barr, Andrew J.  246A
Barr, John  256A
Baugham, Benjamin  239A
Baughum, William H.  235A
Beams, John  238A
Beason, Henry  242A
Bebee, Samuel  236A
Bell, Baily F.  237A
Bird, John T.  245A
Bock, William  238A
Boggs, Robert P.  248A
Boman, Ezekiel  235A
Bonine, Clarke  244A
Booke, Isaac  245A
Bordwell, Olazar  246A
Bowers, Samuel  240A
Brashears, William  235A
Brawley, Thomas  245A
Brewer, David  235A
Briant, Alfred A.  244A
Briant, Archey  244A
Briggs, Charles  239A
Brining, Jacob  246A
Britt, Edmund J.  239A
Brooks, Clarkson F.  241A
Brooks, David   241A
Broshears, William R.  242A
Brown, Samuel  243A
Brown, Voluntine  245A
Buckler, James  236A
Buckles, Robert  242A
Buckles, William  239A
Buirks, David  242A
Buirks, Isom  242A
Buirks, James  236A
Buirks, Jeremiah  242A 
Buirks, Kineford  236A
Buirks, Rial  242A
Buirks, Rowland  242A
Burgin, Johannes  245A
Burns, William  243A
Calkins, Daniel A.  246A
Calwell, Thomas  238A
Capp, Jabez  235A
Carlilse, Lewis M.  238A
Cartmell, Nancy  243A
Cast, James  242A
Chineth, Noah  243A
Christian, Peter C.  237A
Clark, Daniel  241A
Clark, George  247A
Clark, John (2)  241A
Clark, John W.  241A
Clark, John(1)  241A
Cline, John  243A
Clough, John L.  238A
Coapland, Abraham  236A
Coapland, John  236A
Collins, Hugh  236A
Collins, Joseph  236A
Constant, Archibald  243A
Constant, Benjamin N.  235A
Coons, Lebelius  238A
Copeland, Isaac  242A
Copeland, Miller  242A
Copeland, William  242A
Cottingham, William  244A
Covington, James  238A
Cowardin, George M.  239A
Cowardin, Peter G.  235A
Craig, Lewis  237A
Critz, Peter  240A
Critze, John  238A
Cuppy, Henry H.  246A
Daniel, Hiram  241A
David, Thomas  246A
Davis, Andrew C.  245A
Davis, Owen  246A
Davis, Ruth  243A
Demint, Henry  241A
Demint, John D.  235A
Demint, Samuel  241A
Demint, William  240A
Denon, William  240A
Deskin, John  248A
Dixon, Jesse  247A
Donnavan, David  239A
Dotson, Edmund  241A
Dotson, Hiram  241A
Dotson, John  241A
Downing, Hannah  247A
Downing, James  241A
Downing, Josiah  240A
Downing, Robert  240A
Dunlap, Robert  237A
Dunn, Benjamin S.  248A
Dunnon, Christian  235A
Durnea, Caleb  239A
Edwards, Hiram  237A
Edwards, John 244A
Edwards, John M.  247A
Edwards, Wilson M.  237A
England, John  237A
Enslow, David  237A
Enslow, Thomas R.  244A
Eston, Thomas  247A
Evans, Samuel  247A
Evans, Samuel  248A
Ewing, Forde  244A
Ewing, John  247A
Ewing, Smith  244A
Febders, Sarah  243A
Fisk, Phillip  246A
Fleming, George A.  239A
Fletcher, Eli  240A
Fletcher, Margaret  240A
Fletcher, Thomas J.  237A
Fletcher, Thomas P.  244A
Ford, Samuel  247A
Forlies, Jesse  248A
Foster, Samuel  243A
Foster, Samuel  246A
Foster, Squire  242A
Fraikes, William  242A
Frakes, Dawson  237A
Frakes, Robert  241A
Frakes, William Sr.  240A
French, Asa  248A
Friend, Elijah  236A
Frisby, John  247A
Gardner, James W.  237A
Gillet, John G.  236A
Girtman, George  235A
Glenn, William G.  238A
Goff, Robert L.  242A
Goldsmith, Samuel  239A
Gregory, Thomas  248A
Gulliford, William  235A
Hackney, William  245A
Hainey, James  237A
Halstead, James S.  238A
Hamer, Trull K.  238A
Harper, Charles  243A
Harper, Reuben  243A
Harper, Samuel  243A
Harry, John  241A
Haws, John  244A
Hayden, William  246A
Heaton, Annius  237A
Hedrick, Hiram H.  236A
Hedrick, John E.  239A
Heironymus, James  245A
Hendrickson, Elijah  240A
Hendrickson, Thomas  240A
Hey, Vina  239A
Hildreth, McCarty  241A
Hobbs, Jesse  239A
Hoblett, John  238A
Horine, Susan  244A
Houchins, Jefferson  246A
Houchins, Preston  246A
Houchins, William  246A
Howser, Aaron  246A
Howser, John  244A
Howser, Joshua  246A
Howser, Mary  246A
Howser, Thomas J.  246A
Hubbard, Alfred  243A
Huffman, Hannah  247A
Hunt, John C.  248A
Husinette, John C.  237A
Huston, Andrew  236A
Huston, John  236A
Hutchins, William  246A
Isenheart, Jacob  237A
Jackson, James  240A
Jackson, William  242A
Johnson, Elizabeth  246A
Johnson, Henry  247A
Johnson, Levi  247A
Johnson, Nathaniel P.  246A
Jones, John M.  245A
Jones, Samuel  238A
Jones, Stephen  246A
Jones, William  246A
Jordan, Scynes  237A
Judy, David W.  245A
Kelly, Alexander  235A
Kelly, Jeremiah  236A
Kelso, Robert  237A
Kerr, William  242A
Knapp, Colby  237A
Knapp, Moses L.  237A
Knowles, Elijah  246A
Langston, Jacomiah  239A
Lantis, Daniel  244A
Lantis, Martin K.  244A
Latham, Richard  243A
Laughery, David  240A
Laughery, Nathaniel W.  240A
Laughlin, John C.  243A
Lawrence, John  243A
Lawrence, Robert P.  243A
Lawrence, Theodore  243A
Leeland, Abner  247A
Longworth, William  247A
Low, Ivin  238A
Lowery, David F.  238A
Lowery, Joseph  238A
Lowery, Samuel R.  238A
Lucas, Abraham  242A
Lucas, Elijah  248A
Lucas, George B.  236A
Lucas, George M. P.  239A
Lucas, Hannah  236A
Lucas, John  235A
Lucas, John  235A
Lucas, Nancy  247A
Lucas, Thomas  236A
Lucas, William  242A
Lynkins, Isaac  236A
Mann, John  236A
Mann, Micheal  235A
Mann. Abraham L.  235A
Martin, Drury  236A
Martin, John Sr.  239A
Martin, John Sr.  247A
Martin, Samuel  241A
Martin, Samuel  247A
Martin, Samuel G.  238A
Mason, Truman  247A
Mason, William  247A
Mathews, Thomas C.  247A
Mathews, William  248A
McAfee, Charles  245A
McAfee, Jacob  248A
McAfee, Philip  237A
McGarvey, Alex  238A
McGraw, William  248A
McKinley, William  237A
McKinney, David F.  241A
Medcalf, John  237A
Melton, Robert A.  238A
Miles, Mary Ann  244A
Miles, Philip  244A
Milham, Annias
Miller, Wilbury  245A
Miller, William  245A
Mitchell, William  241A
Moore, Moses  241A
Moore, Nicholas  241A
Moore, Stephen  248A
Morgan, John  244A
Morrow, James  241A
Mountjoy, Edmund  245A
Musick, Abraham  239A
Musick, John  235A
Musick, John G.  238A
Musick, Robert  235A
Musick, Samuel  238A
Myase, George  239A
Myers, Micheal  243A
Neal, Nathaniel R.  241A
Nelson, Isabell  237A
Newel, Adison  238A
Norton, Lucius  240A
Norton, Solomon  241A
Orrendorf, Joseph  245A
Parke, Elisha  240A
Patterson, Moses  247A
Paulk, John S.  240A
Pence, Conaway  239A
Pence, David  239A
Pence, John  238A
Pendleton, Champney  235A
Penilton, Preston  248A
Philips, William  245A
Philipsin, Abraham  248A
Powers, James  242A
Powil, William  245A
Primm, James  248A
Provin, William W.  236A
Randolph, Brooks  240A
Randolph, Frances  240A
Randolph, James  240A
Rankin, Edmund  239A
Reas, Mary  244A
Redsicker, Catherine  237A
Reed, John  244A
Reese, John D.  241A
Ridgeway, Anthony  243A
Rigdon, Alex.  243A
Rigway, William  235A
Roberts, Philip  241A
Robinson, Barton  235A
Robinson, John  237A
Rode, Frederick W.  243A
Roudolp, Peter  248A
Rucker, Joshua C.  239A
Russell, William  235A
Ryan, William  245A
Sams, Edmunce  237A
Sams, John  248A
Scroggins, Carter  242A
Scroggins, John  242A
Scroggins, Leonard  243A
Scroggins, Thomas J.  242A
Shoup, John  240A
Shoup, Thomas  237A
Simmons, Smith  247A
Simms, David  236A
Slick, John J. D.  248A
Slylings, William  236A
Smawlby(?), Ezarich  241A
Smith, David  248A
Smith, Henry D.  246A
Smith, Isaac H.  248A
Snider, George  241A
Snider, John  238A
Southern, William  247A
Sparks, John  238A
Sparks, Samuel  238A
Starr, Hiram  236A
Starr, Shelby  236A
States, George  241A
Steepleton, Jane  248A
Steepleton, John  235A
Stenrod, Solomon  241A
Stroud, Peter  247A
Stroud, Rabrown  247A
Stroud, Thomas  244A
Sullivan, E. P.  245A
Sullivin, John  245A
Sutten, David S.  244A
Sutten, Elizabeth  243A
Suttle, John  244A
Sutton, John C.  238A
Taylor, Woodford  247A
Thompson, Catherine  245A
Thompson, David G.  244A
Thompson, John  240A
Thompson, Levis D.  245A
Thompson, Roderick  244A
Turley, Elizabeth  243A
Turley, George W.  237A
Turley, George W. Sr.  243A
Turley, James O.  237A
Turley, John  242A
Turley, Sarah  236A
Turner, Albin  242A
Turner, John  235A
Turner, Walter  236A
Turner, William  235A
Vandeventer, Abraham  235A
Vandeventer, John  247A
Vandeventer, Thomas  247A
Vandeventer, William  247A
Vansandt, Elijah  239A
Wade, George W.  243A
Wade, James  242A
Wade, Samuel  242A
Warrick, Jacob C.  247A
Waters, Samuel  246A
Weaver, Elijah E.  239A
Wheeler, John  248A
Whitaker, Levi L.  240A
White, Jason  239A
Whitechurch, Nathaniel M.  235A
Whitman, George  245A
Wiley, Hannah  243A
Wilkins, Briant  244A
Williams, John  236A
Winn, Charles  246A
Winn, John  246A
Winsor, Abraham  246A
Wood, Charles  236A
Wood, James  248A
Wood, Solomon  239A
Woodard, David T.  240A
Woodard, James W.  240A
Woodard, Jesse G.  240A
Woodard, Lemuel  240A
Wright, Godfrey C.  243A
Wright, James  239A
Yeomans, John W.  244A

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