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Abbot, Alumba  186A
Adams, Ephriam  223A
Adams, James R.  224B
Adams, Zebulon  223A
Akin, Samuel  224B
Albert, Leonard  178B
Alexander, Augustus  203A
Alexander, O. A.  177B
Alexander, William  211A
Allen, Elizabeth  226A
Allen, Jacob  175B
Allen, Solomon  226A
Allen, William M.  200B
Allender, W.B.Y.  210B
Allison, Harrison  193B
Allison, Isaac  194A
Allison, William  173A
Allmon, Arnett  212A
Altic, Abram  220B
Altic, Elizabeth  220B
Altic, John  207B
Alvords, Nelson  221B
Anderson, George W.  187A
Anderson, Hosea  196B
Anderson, Sarah  197A
Anspiker(?), Elizabeth  224A
Anspiker(?), Sarah  226A
Applegate, Hosted  217A
Applegate, Jacob  202B
Applegate, Robert  202B
Asant, Samuel  227B
Ashe, Ruth A.  222A
Ashen, Thomas  173A
Atteberry, Hiram  218B
Atterberry, David  226A
Atterberry, James  225A
Atterbury, Lucinda  223A
Attic, Mary J.  219A
Attic, Samuel  218B
Augusta, Helena  207A
Avy, Philip  170B
Bacon, Ahen S.  226B
Bacon, Lamarcus  226B
Baker, John C.  180A
Baker, Samuel  199B
Baldwin, Daniel  219A
Bales, Wallace  213A
Ballard, Jacob  213B
Ballard, Joseph  214A
Barbor, Riley  188A
Barker, S.E.  211B
Barnes, Alvin M.  174A
Barnett, Polly  176A
Barns, Joseph  190B
Barr, Andrew  209B
Barr, James 212A
Barr, John  210B
Barr, Lewis  209B
Bash, Abram  225B
Basham, Chesley  202A
Bateman, Henry A.  220A
Bates, Lydia  174B
Baughn, Katherine  188B
Baughn, William  188A
Baughton, James M.  183B
Baughton, Peter  183B
Beam, Samuel  181A
Beason, John  216B
Beavin, Mary  206A
Bell, Bailey S.  196A
Bell, Benjamin  188A
Bell, Joseph  210B
Bell, Thomas  188A
Bender, Jacob  195B
Bennett, Elizabeth  185B
Bennett, Frederick  208A
Bennett, Jason  185B
Bennett, Robert  211B
Benson, Charles  199A
Beverly, Stephen  225B
Biedermann, Philip  177B
Bierlein, Adam  178A
Biggor, John  194B
Binshuts, Margaret  179B
Birk, William R.  196B
Birks, David  193A
Birks, Isom  193A
Birks, James  194B
Birks, Mary  193B
Birks, Rial  189A
Birks, Roland  182A
Birks, William  193B
Bivan, Samuel  222A
Blackford, James M.  193B
Blacklyn, Jesse D.  174B
Boardwell, E.G.  210A
Boardwell, Thomas  211A
Bodkin, George  217A
Boggs, Robert  202A
Boing, Susan  204A
Bonine, Isaac  210A
Bonine, William  215B
Bougham, Benjamin  170A
Boust, Christopher  179B
Bovee, John  226B
Bowen,  Ezra  175B
Bowen, Sarah  220A
Bowers, David  199A
Bowles, David  217B
Bowles, Jesse  217B
Bowles, Joseph  206A
Bowman, Ezekiel  184B
Bowman, Mary  189A
Bowman, Rosannah  220B
Boyer, Philip  169A
Brachear, Belt  187B
Brachear, William  187A
Bracher, Isaac R.  199B
Bradshaw, Enoch  184B
Bradshaw, John  203A
Bradshaw, John  220A
Brancher, James  185B
Braughton, Henry  191B
Braughton, Rebecca  191A
Brawley, Ginsey  225A
Brawley, Thomas  224B
Briggs, Charles  173 A
Briggs, Margaret  173B
Briming, Jacob  223B
Brock, Andrew  212B
Brooking, Katherine  183B
Brooks, Clarkson  199B
Brooks, Degrass  199A
Brooks, Elza  225A
Brooks, Lewis B.  227B
Brown, Aaron  219B
Brown, James  186B
Brown, John  187A
Brown, Leroy L.  202B
Brown, Mariah  191B
Brown, Robert  179B
Brown, Solomon  183B
Brown, Thomas  210A
Brown, Volentine   202B
Brown, William  187B
Brown, William E.  176B
Browne, Leorsa  228A
Bruner, Andrew  219A
Bruner, David  226B
Bruner, Jane  227B
Bruner, Jefferson  226B
Bruner, Peter  223B
Bryan, Sidney  227A
Bryant, David  221B
Bryant, John  168A
Bryant, John 168B
Buckhart, Godliff  178B
Buckles, John  192A
Buckles, Robert  190A
Buckles, William  191B
Buckner, Fanny  180B
Buckner, James  188B
Bull, William  226A
Bunn, David P.  178A
Burk, Arthur  222B
Burk, Edward A.  215B
Burk, William A.  222B
Burns, William D.  193B
Burton, William  209B
Bushnell, Albert H.  195A
Bushnell, Ellen  181a
Bushnell, M.L.  195A
Bushnell, Nancy Ann  177A
Byran, Alfred  226B
Byran, Francis T.  167B
Byran, John L.  172A
Byrant, Jeremiah  168B
Caib, Martha Ann  168A
Caldwell, Thomas  168B
Calhoun, Narcis  201A
Cammitt, Katherine  182B
Cammitt, Don  182A
Cammitt, Isom  182A
Campbell, G.  214A
Candy, John S.  196B
Candy, Marquis  196B
Cantrell, Zebulon  228A
Capps, Jabez  177B
Capps, John  179B
Capps, Mary  178A
Carder, C.B.  167A
Carlise, Robert  182B
Carlish, Lewis M.  173B
Cartmill, A.J.  183A
Casa, James  200B
Cassidy, Willis  182B
Cast, James  192A
Cast, Margaret E.  205B
Cast, Nineon B.  182B
Cast, Thomas  182A
Center, Hezekiah  168B
Center, Joseph  169B
Chamberlain, Nathan A.  169A
Chapman, Adalaine  176B
Chapman, Lucy A.  177A
Chapman, Richard  177A
Cheak, Isaiah  210B
Chenowith, Hannah  191A
Chenowith, Noah  190B
Christian, John  215A
Clark, David W.  197B
Clark, Edward  174A
Clark, George  221B
Clark, Hannah  226A
Clark, John  180B
Clark, John  198B
Clark, John W.  199B
Clark, Ledosika  199A
Clark, Richard W.  198A
Clark, Sally  226A
Clark, Thomas  175A
Clark, William  222B
Claton, John M.  203A
Cline, William A.  210B
Clingor, Nicholas  205B
Clough, John L.  167A
Coatney, Wesley  205A
Coatney, William Y.  205B
Coder, E.B.  201B
Coffee, Hugh  208A
Coffman, Isaac  223B
Coffman, John  223B
Coil, Caswell  168A
Coleman, Byrant  167B
Coleman, Joshua  201B
Collins, Elizabeth  195B
Collins, Joseph  192B
Collins, Thomas  195A
Collins, Thornberry  214A
Connelly, William  200A
Conner, Samuel  220A
Constant, Archibald  184A
Cook, Thomas  167A
Copeland, Abraham  188A
Copeland, Isaac  195A
Copeland, John D.  188B
Copeland, Rebecca  167B
Copeland, Samuel M.  188B
Copeland, William  167B
Copeland, William  189B
Copes, Jacob  209B
Copes, Robert  209B
Copes, William  212A
Corkins, James B. 168A
Cotrell, Moses  216A
Cottenbarger, Mary  198B
Couch, Joel  219B
Council, Charles  216B
Council, Lavina  216B
Council, Lewis  217A
Covington, James B.  221A
Cowardin, John B.  173B
Cowardin, Peter G.  173B
Cox, Samuel  205A
Craig, Lewis  220A
Crane, Anna  186B
Crawford, Oswald  216B
Criner, Jacob  182B
Critz, John  170A
Crockett, Cartmil  180A
Croft, Myann  168B
Culbertson, T.J.F.  180B
Cunningham, Adam  174B
Cunningham, Robert J.  198B
Cunningham, Steel  167A
Curtis, Thomas  187B
Dale, Joshua  224B
Dalton, Amaziah  195B
Daniels, Daniel  192B
Daniels, Rueben  192B
Darst, Isaac  205B
David Smith  201A
Davis, Andrew C.  209B
Davis, Benjamin  183A
Davis, David  184B
Davis, Nelson  167B
Davis, Owen  211B
Davis, Perry  184B
Day, Joshua  187B
Day, Samuel  196B
Decamp, Portis  169A
Deffenbaugh, Elizabeth  200A
Dement, Joseph D.  198A
Dement, Lewis M.  179A
Dement, Pafina  178B
Dement, R.H.  197B
Dement, Samuel  191B
Denally, John A.  215B
Dern, Margaret  174B
Dern. Harriet E.  175A
Dillard, Stephen B.  208B
Dillard, William  208B
Dilley, John  216A
Dills, Nancy Ann  197B
Dills, Uriah  203A
Dinsmore, James W.  221B
Dinsmore, Sarah  172B
Dixon, Daniel  226A
Dixon, Lydia  226B
Dixson, David  220B
Dixson, Katherine  220B
Dixson, Solomon  220B
Dolls, Andrew  174A
Donman, William  205A
Donnar, Christian  179B
Donnar, George  179B
Donnor, Andrew  179A
Donnor, Jacob  179A
Dorman, Benjamin  190A
Dotson, John L.  198B
Douglass, Jared  169A
Douglass, John H.  199A
Downey, James  222A
Downing, George  207A
Downing, James  206B
Downing,  John M.  177A
Downing, Josiah  204A
Downing, Robert  206B
Downing, Samuel  197A
Downing, Thomas  197A
Downing, Timothy  197A
Dudney, William J.  171B
Dunham, J.P.  210B
Dunlap, Robert  172A
Dunlap, Susan  167B
Dunn, Daniel  190B
Dunn, Thomas  178B
Dunnigan, Isaac  216A
Dyer, George  215B
Dyer, Harrison  190A
Dyer, Israel  194B
Dyer, Lewis  187A
Dyer, William  214B
Easton, Thomas  209A
Eckler, Robert  181A
Edgar, George W.  221B
Edmonds, Alexander  177B
Edwards, Alfred  203B
Edwards, Hiram  190A
Edwards, John  176A
Edwards, John  190B
Edwards, John M.  203A
Edwards, John W.  190B
Edwards, Mary  183A
Eichbery, Lewis  213A
Eichorn, Philip  168A
Elder, John  174A
Elder, Sarah  168B
Emmet, John  227B
Emmet, Samuel  177B
England, John  186A
Ennis, James  226A
Enslow, Mariah  177A
Enslow, Thomas J.  200B
Ernspiker(?), Emily  227B
Ervine, Harriet  201A
Evans, Lucy  201B
Evans, Preston  201B
Eveland, Elias  226A
Ewing, C.  227A
Ewing, Charles  227A
Ewing, Christopher  208B
Ewing, Edward  224A
Ewing, Elizabeth  208B
Ewing, James  208A
Ewing, John  225A
Ewing, Osborn  207B
Ewing, Sidney  208B
Ewing, William G.  227B
Fadle, William  200A
Faikes, William  204A
Fain, Grandville  177B
Fergason, Joshua  226A
Field, John B.  219A
Field, John L.  219A
Finders, Bostin  194A
Finders, Sarah  196B
Fisher, Nicholas  178B
Fitzenhimer, William  179B
Fleming, Nancy  191B
Flemming, J.A.  170A
Flemming, J.W.  170B
Fletcher, Eli  204B
Fletcher, James  203B
Fletcher, Ruann  208B
Fletcher, Thomas  204B
Fletcher, William  214A
Foley, Elizabeth  216B
Foley, James  209A
Fon, Matthew  179A
Forbes, A.E.  227B
Forbes, Jesse  175A
Fosset, Alexander  220A
Fosset, John  220B
Foster, Andrew  227A
Foster, George W.  228B
Foster, Nathaniel  228B
Foster, Samuel  176A
Foster, Samuel  225B
Foster, Samuel  228A
Foster, Squire  181B
Frackleton, Elizabeth  167B
Frackleton, James W.  167B
Frackleton, Katherine  167A
Fraikes, Danson  196A
Fraikes, Robert  198A
Fraikes, William  186A
Fraikes,, William  206B
Frederick, Chenchick  181B
Frederick, William  178B
French, Hannah  196B
French, Martha  219A
French, Tillelia(?)  223A
Fulson, Martha  217B
Fulton, John  216A
Galchrist, James  217A
Galchrist, Joseph  217A
Gallatty, John  213A
Gambrel, Daniel  187B
Gambrel, William  187B
Gard, George  214B
Gard, John  214B
Gard, Madison  214B
Gard, William  214A
Gardner, Bartholmew  209A
Gardner, Jacob  209B
Gardner, James  209B
Gardner, James W.  185B
Gardner, Jane  210A
Gardner, Milam P.  209B
Gardner, Robert D.  186A
Gardner, Thomas G.  186A
Garrison, Greene  185B
Gates, Jesse S.  225B
Gerrish, Henry  219B
Gibson, John B.  195B
Gibson, John W.  193A
Gilbert, Nancy  209B
Gilchrist, David  217B
Gilipsior, John  179A
Gillet, Jemima  188A
Gillett, John D.  186B
Girtman, George  195B
Girtman, John  195B
Glakins, Isaac  189B
Glenn, William  167A
Glover, Owen  182A
Gobbet, James  178A
Godfrey, Benjamin  226A
Goldsmith, Charles G.  173A
Goldsmith, Henry  173A
Goldsmith, Samuel  184A
Goley, William  197A
Goodmon, Abram  213A
Gosset, Mary  184A
Gott, Robert L.  192A
Grantham, Joshua  168B
Grasse, Cavin  171A
Gravatt, John  172B
Gravatt, Robert  173A
Gray, Elizabeth  220A
Green, Eben  220A
Green, Henry L.  203A
Green, Robert  177A
Green, Thomas  211B
Greene, Lyman  226B
Greenslate, Sarah  184A
Gregory, Thomas E.  207A
Griffith, Daniel  172A
Grosbirnt, Frederick  178B
Groves, Cyson  210B
Groves, Peter  210B
Hadfields, George  221A
Hall, Annanias  195B
Hall, Henry  172A
Hall, James  171B
Hall, James W.  219A
Hall, John J.  183A
Hall, Joseph  171B
Halsey, Mary  213B
Hampton, Joseph  212B
Handsly, G.C.  178B
Handsly, John M.  178A
Haney, James  187A
Hannah, Alexander  208A
Hannah, Nuton  208A
Hannahs, Nathan  207A
Haramas, John P.  225B
Hardy, Joseph  222A
Hargadine, William  170B
Harley, Lewis  215A
Harmes, Elias  215A
Harper, Baldwin  183A
Harper, John  222A
Harper, Samuel  183A
Harrington, John  167B
Harry, John  180B
Hashler, Milcher  179A
Haskel, Hiram D.  217A
Haskel, Silas  217A
Haughn, Allen  213A
Haughn, Joseph  212B
Hawes, J.W.  227A
Hawes, Jacob P.  227A
Hawes, James  224A
Hawes, John  227A
Hawes, Peter J.  223A
Hay, James E.  175A
Hay, Samuel  175A
Hays, John  212A
Hedges, Ezekiel  209B
Hedges, Ezekiel  210A
Hedges, James  216B
Hedges, William  209B
Hedrick, Eliza  180A
Hedrick, Hiram H.  192B
Hedrick, John E.  170B
Hedrick, John E.  228A
Helm, Seneca  225B
Henderson, Ezekial W.  199A
Henderson, James  194A
Hendryxon, Elijah  205A
Hendryxon, Henry  219B
Hendryxon, Thomas  206A
Higgs, Artimisia  227B
Higgs, W.  227A
Hildreth, J.N.  200A
Hildreth, McCarty  205B
Hill, Luther  203B
Hill, Margaret  174A
Hobblet, Boston  184B
Hobbs, Jesse  208B
Hobbs, Nancy Ann  209A
Hoblet, John  171B
Hoblett, Almeda  222A
Hoblett, James  215A
Hoblett, James L.  215A
Hoblett, John C.  213B
Hoblett, John E.  213A
Hoblett, Malone  221B
Hoblett, Meliscent  214A
Hoblett, Samuel  214B
Hoblett, Timothy R.  213A
Hodges, Isa  213B
Hoffman, Elizabeth  167B
Hollands, Sarah  191A
Holsted, Jonus S.  169B
Hood, David S.  225A
Hood, John  205B
Horne, Henry  178A
Houchin, Asbery  211A
Houchin, Ewing  211B
Houchin, Jefferson  211A
Houchin, William  211A
Houchins, William J.  211B
Houser, Aaron  224A
Houser, David B.  226B
Houser, John  224A
Houser, Joshua  224A
Howard, George  173A
Howard, Madison  213B
Hubbard, Alfred  184B
Hubbard, John  224A
Huffman, David  171A
Huffman, Rebecca  171B
Hull, Katherine  210A
Hummel, William  172A
Hunter, William G.  224A
Hurt, John C.  202A
Huston, Andrew  195A
Huston, Charles  195A
Huston, John  193B
Hutchinson, Eli  169B
Iden, John L.  183A
Isenhart, Jacob  169A
Isom, Thomas  220A
Jacaway, Elizabeth  207A
Jacaway, J.B.  206B
Jackson, Charles D.  200B
Jackson, D.M.  201A
Jackson, James  204A
Jackson, Jesse  197B
Jackson, John F.  204B
Jackson, William  203A
James, David D.  183B
James, Elizabeth A.  200B
James, George  184A
Jefferson, William  214A
Jenkins, Jerome  181A
Jenkins, John  209A
Jenkins, John L.  180B
Jenkins, Susan  209A
Johns, John  171B
Johnson, Henry  207B
Johnson, James  189A
Johnson, Melisa  216B
Johnston, Joseph  226B
Johnston, Lavina  225B
Johnston, Nathaniel  225A
Johnston, William  206A
Jones, Benjamin F.  184A
Jones, Charles  198A
Jones, Edward  187B
Jones, Eli  211A
Jones, Freeman  209A
Jones, Joseph  176A
Jones, Larken  213B
Jones, Mary  213B
Jones, Phebe  210A
Jones, Richard  187B
Jones, Samuel  209A
Jones, Samuel H.  183B
Jones, Stephen  211A
Jones, Warren  224B
Jones, Washington  216B
Jordan, Cyrus  186B
Jordan, John  223A
Jordan, Phineas  186A
Jordan, Thomas  186B
Judy, Daniel  218A
Kahn, Felix  201A
Kahn, Hiram  174A
Kahn, Solomon  201A
Kelly, Gustavus  201B
Kelso, H.P.  201B
Kepley, George  223B
Key, Jane  196B
Key, William  197A
Keys, Charles  182A
Kinsey, Lewis  216A
Kinsey, Samuel  216A
Kline, John  191A
Knapp, Colby  167A
Knapp, Porter  180A
Knight, John  211A
Krey, Henry  178B
Lacy, L.R.  177B
Lacy, Samuel  202B
Lamaster, William  180B
Lamb, Thomas  187B
Lambert, Corneilus  213B
Lambert, Katherine  214A
Lambert, Mary E.  213B
Landers, Thomas  174A
Landower, Solomon  203A
Lane, James M.  220B
Lane, Margaret E.  203A
Lang, Benjamin  186B
Lantis, Daniel  220B
Lantis, Martin  170B
Lark, Samuel  211A
Larrison, Abel  216A
Larrison, Julia A.  216B
Larrison, Theopholis  213A
Larrison, Thomas J.  214A
Lasser, Andrew  178B
Latan, Aurelius  167B
Latan, Cordelia  170A
Latham, Nancy  184A
Latham, Richard  176B
Latham, Robert B.  178A
Latimer, James  216A
Laton, Cordelia  228A
Laton, Erela  169A
Laughery, Athens  205A
Laughery, David  204B
Laughery, Elizabeth  204A
Laughery, Nathaniel  204B
Laughlin, Hugh  181B
Laughlin, John C.  181B
Lawrence, Robert P.  228A
Layton, Robert  226B
Layton, Woodford  207A
Lee, Ambrose  222A
Lee, D.P.  215A
Lee, Lucy  222B
Lee, Thomas 198B
Leeds, Timothy  177B
Leland, Benjamin L.  188B
Linyar, John  212B
Lipmore, Detrick  190A
Lissmore,  Detrick  190A
Little, James  214B
Littler, Elisha  205B
Littler, Elizabeth  205A
Lloyd, James A.  173A
Loman, James  202B
Loutzinhiser, Jacob  168B
Loyd, Hiram  176B
Loyd, James  184A
Lucas, Abraham  195B
Lucas, Abram K.  220B
Lucas, Caleb K.  189A
Lucas, Elijah  175A
Lucas, George M. P.  172B
Lucas, Jesse  189A
Lucas, John  188B
Lucas, John M.  172B
Lucas, John W.  195A
Lucas, Joseph  172B
Lucas, Levi  175A
Lucas, Manerva  195A
Lucas, P.P.  172B
Lucas, Thomas  194B
Lucas, William  170B
Lucas, William  188B
Lucket, Y.L.  168B
Luskbaugh, Jemima  180B
Luskbaugh, Thomas  180A
Luther, Frederick  178B
Lutt, John  178B
Lutt, William  178B
Maber, Elijah E.  173B
Maddox, Thomas  212A
Mann, Abram  194A
Mann, Christopher  199A
Mann, Evaline  196A
Mann, Henry L.  193A
Mann, John L.  193A
Mann, Micheal  195B
Martena, John  174A
Martin, Alexander  214A
Martin, Drury  194B
Martin, James P.  215A
Martin, John  172A
Martin, John  197A
Martin, Rebecca, 206A
Martin, Samuel  203B
Martin, Samuel G.  169B
Martin, Zachariah  171A
Mason, Christopher  177A
Mason, Elizabeth  197B
Mason, John  202A
Mason, Nancy E.  202B
Mason, Truman  226A
Matena, Granville  174B
Mathews, Charles  224B
Mathews, Charles  227B
Mathews, Fedelia  228A
Mattfeldt, Harman  178A
Matthews, David M.  196B
Matthews, Eli  214B
Matthews, Isreal  196A
Matthews, Thomas  183B
Matthews, William  183B
McAfee, Samuel  207B
McAfee, Samuel  208A
McConnell  216A
McConnell, Jastis  216A
McGaroy, Francis  169A
McGaroy, Samuel  174B
McGee, Louisa  189A
McGowan, Thomas  192B
McGraw, Mary  202A
McGuthie, Katherine  171B
McIntosh, John  193B
McKenley, William N.  169A
McKinney, Abraham  197A
McKinney, William  193A
McMillen, Addison E.  219B
Medcalf, John  221A
Meeker, Ferninand  185A
Meister, George  179B
Micheal, Jacob  172A
Micheals, Adam  212A
Milam, J.H.  185A
Milan, Annias  184B
Miles, John F.  177B
Miles, Mary Ann  178A
Miller, Alexander  186B
Miller, Anderson  218B
Miller, Anderson P.  172B
Miller, Conrad  202A
Miller, Dabney  218B
Miller, David  167B
Miller, Francis M.  193B
Miller, Hannah  218A
Miller, Jeremiah  218B
Miller, John  212B
Miller, John  218B
Miller, Micheal  186B
Miller, Micheal E.  171A
Miller, Robert  172B
Miller, Robert  218B
Miller, Sarah  218B
Miller, Solomon  194B
Miller, William B.  218A
Miller, William W.  186B
Millikin, Elizabeth  169A
Millikin, Nathaniel N.  168B
Millinett, Godfrey  178B
Mills, Johnathan  176B
Mitchel, George  224B
Mitchel, Polly  228A
Mitchel, William  224A
Mobley, Martha  208B
Montgomery, David  212B
Montgomery, Henry  222B
Montgomery, Isaac  209A
Montgomery, Walter C.  222A
Moore, Elizabeth  200B
Moore, Randolph  177B
Moore, Saretta  200A
Moore, William  206A
Morgan, Lewis  218A
Morgan, Woodford  224B
Morley, Abraham D.  174A
Morley, Alexander  171A
Morley, Rignel  218A
Morley, William  170B
Morris, Andrew  171A
Morris, Elijah  171A
Morris, William  172A
Morrow, Alexander  180A
Morrow, Elizabeth  194B
Morrow, George P.  200B
Morrow, Harvey  206B
Morrow, James  206B
Morrow, John  206B
Morrow, Mariah  196B
Mountjoy, Edward  227B
Mountjoy, Edward  228A
Mountjoy, George  227B
Mountjoy, William  226A
Mucky, Benjamin  211B
Munday, Zadock  207A
Murry, John  172B
Musick, Abraham  172A
Musick, Berry  219A
Musick, George  201B
Musick, Henry  220A
Musick, Herrod  176A
Musick, James  219A
Musick, James C.  226B
Musick, John  201A
Musick, John  201B
Myer, George  181B
Myers, Elijah  207B
Myers, George  179A
Myers, John  179A
Myers, Leo  173A
Nanchizil, Harvey  211B
Neal, G.W.  205B
Neal, Horace  171B
Neel, Jacob  201A
Nells, Andrew  185A
Nells, J.K.  185A
Newwood, Jacob  219A
Nicholson, John  184B
Nickels, Hiram  219B
Nickels, John P.  189B
Nickels, Reuben K.  219B
Ninn, John (?)  221A
Nister, Rose  182B
Noah, Samuel  182B
Norine, Courtly  221B
North, Evan  167B
Norton, Lawinda  200B
Norton, Norman  180A
Norton, Theodosia  179B
O'Conner, John  197B
Ogden, David  174B
Olds, Andrew  174B
Orendorff, Joseph  221A
Oty, Pleasant T.  173B
Owens, Charity Adaline  182A
Owens, Wilson  181B
Parantean, Robert O.  199B
Parker, Elisha  180B
Parks,  Samuel C.  177A
Parsons, John  182B
Patterson, Daniel  200A
Patterson, Franklin  197B
Patterson, James C.  167A
Patterson, John G.  200A
Patterson, Moses  197B
Patterson, William  197A
Pence, Conoway  170A
Pence, John  217A
Perkins, William  168A
Pettit, Rebecca  192A
Philips, Ephraim  170A
Philips, George  174A
Philips, James R.  217B
Philips, Jesse  223B
Philips, Matilda  186A
Philips, Thomas  185B
Philipson, Rinetta  207A
Pike, Lavina  203A
Plummer, Clemons  216A
Plummer, John  215B
Polk, James  198B
Polk, Susannah S.  198B
Poster, Martin  186A
Powel, William  204B
Powell, William  224B
Powers, Abigail  189B
Powers, Aquilla  193A
Powers, Francis  188B
Powers, Micheal  188A
Powers, Sarah  189A
Powers, Stephen  193A
Powers, Thomas C.  189B
Powers, William  194A
Preston, Eliza  169B
Preston, Elizabeth  168B
Preston, Mary  169A
Price, David  172A
Price, Joseph  172B
Price, Joseph L.  170B
Price, Stephen  171A
Prim, James M.  201B
Primm, James  201A
Primm, John H.  169B
Proud, John  181A
Prown, Volentine  202B
Quisenberry, Allen  218A
Quisenberry, E.S.  218A
Quisenberry, John J.  218B
Ragsdal. William  175A
Randolph, James  205A
Randolph, Willoughby  198B
Rankin William  175B
Rankin, Edmond  207A
Rankin, Edwin  200B
Rankin, Elizabeth  201A
Rankin, Linnet  175A
Rankin, Nancy  175B
Rankin, William  201B
Rawlins, Amilla  198A
Rawlins, Moss  198B
Rawlins, Samuel  200B
Rayburn, Robert A.  174B
Raymour, Precious  209B
Read, John  220B
Redsicker, Katherine  167B
Reed, Abraham  201A
Reed, Henry  189A
Reed, Joseph  201B
Reed, Oliver P.  200B
Reed, Sampson  216B
Reed, Samuel  218A
Rees, Alfred  206B
Rees, John D.  206A
Rees, Katherine  221A
Rees, Rosealia  221A
Reese, Victor  221A
Regan, John H.  198B
Rhre, Ezra  172A
Rice, Margaret E.  169B
Rice, Nancy  175A
Richards, Benjamin  212B
Richards, Elijah  171A
Richards, James N.  172A
Richards, Josiah  171A
Richards, Nancy  212B
Ridgeway, Alexander  183A
Ridgeway, Anthony  185A
Ridgeway, Enoch  183A
Ridgeway, William C.  195B
Ridgeway, Williams  195A
Rigdon, Alexander  182B
Riley, James C.  216A
Ripley, James  199B
Roberts, George  207A
Roberts, Henry  197B
Roberts, John  206B
Robinson, Barton  181A
Robinson, George  180A
Robinson, Sarah  201B
Robinson, William  193B
Rooks, Joseph  171B
Rop, Susan  205B
Rowe, H.B.  177A
Ruby, John  222B
Ruby, Saphrona  223A
Ruckarts, John  205B
Rudolph, David  207B
Rudolph, Jack  208B
Rudolph, Nancy  207B
Rudolph, Peter  207A
Rupel, William  202A
Rutherford, Samuel  168B
Ryan, Melville  217B
Ryan, William  217A
Said, Sidney  217A
Samms, Riley  181B
Samons, William  167B
Sams, Alfred  184A
Sams, Edmond  196A
Sams, George W.  183B
Sams, John  196B
Scearcy, Robert B.  186B
Scivers, Synthia  176B
Scoggin, Thomas  178A
Scott, George L.  221B
Scroggin, John  182A
Scroggins, Alfred  195A
Scroggins, Carter  189B
Scroggins, Franklin  191B
Scroggins, Leonard  189B
Scroggins, Leonard  191B
Scroggins, Russel  192A
Sely, Benjamin  227A
Shannon, George  213A
Shaw, Ansulum  169B
Shaw, Donavon  170A
Shaw, Philip  170A
Shelton, Floyd  192B
Shepherd, Fanny E.  168A
Shepherd, Rachel  209A
Sherry, David  188A
Shick, Adam  178B
Shick, Frank  179A
Shick, John  178B
Shields, David  223A
Shilling, John  176A
Ship, Balsor,  178B
Shipley, Mahlon  215A
Shirley, William R.  219A
Shores, James  227A
Shoud, Micheal  181A
Shoup, John  203B
Shoup, Thomas  203A
Shugart, Edom  199A
Shugart, Elizabeth  199B
Silvernail, Daniel  168B
Silvers, Jacob  217B
Simms, David  194A
Simons, James  176B
Simpson, William  217B
Sittlington, Charles  177B
Skinner, Thomas  192A 
Slelton, John R.  175B
Slick, John J.D.  201A
Small, Daniel  223A
Smalt, Preston  206A
Smith, Barbary  179B
Smith, Esther  187B
Smith, James  187B
Smith, Mary  202A
Smith, Mathew  201A
Smith, N.D.  221A
Smith, Roland  187A
Smith, Solomon  226A
Smith, Theodore  201B
Smith, William  179A
Snodgrass, William  187A
Snyder, C.W.  180A
Snyder, George  !77A
Snyder, Henry  174B
Snyder, James J.  177A
Snyder, John  174B
Snyder, Uriah  180B
Snyder, W.C.  179B
Southland, William  202B
Sparks, Louisa  172B
Sparks, Mary  171A
Sparks, Samuel  170B
Spaulding, Columbus  168B
Springsteel, James  219B
Stafford, Daniel  180A
Stafford, Seamon  225B
Stallings, Silas  192B
Stallings, William  196A
Stanifer, James  228A
Starr, Barton  179A
Starr, Barton  188A
Starr, Conrad G.  181B
Starr, Hiram  187B
Starr, Mary Jane  179B
Starr, Polly  188A
Starr, Shelby  188A
Steenrod, Solomon  199A
Steepleton, James  175A
Steepleton, Thomas  173A
Steinberger, Sarah  190A
Stephens, Adam  213A
Stephens, Daniel  168A
Stephens, Henry B.  219B
Stephens, Jeremiah  212B
Stephens, William H.  168A
Sterns, Samuel  201A
Stillhirsner, Rosannah  213A
Stinnet, Gabriel  228B
Stinson, Calvary  180A
Stoker, Mary  200B
Stone, Herman  175B
Storch, Mortz  169A
Stought, Thomas  198A
Strickland, Leander  189B
Strong, John B.  215A
Strong, Sylvester  222B
Stroud, Saban M.  226A
Stroud, Sina  227B
Stroud, Smith  225B
Stroud, Thomas  225A
Stull, Arhart  200A
Suner, James  215B
Sutton, David  196A
Sutton, Elizabeth  176A
Sutton, Hannah  216A
Sutton, William  190B
Swinfords, Jill C.  168A
Syvester, Dixon  206A
Tannence, Theodore  191A
Tarrence, Theodore  191A
Taylor, Samuel  210B
Temley, William  205A
Tendrick, Denich  181B
Thomas, Elias  197B
Thomas, John  180A
Thomas, Mary J.  201B
Thompkins, James J.  206B
Thompkins, Simon  206B
Thompson, Ann  227B
Thompson, Cynthia  198B
Thompson, David G.  227B
Thompson, Elizabeth  203A
Thompson, Francis  176B
Thompson, Pleasant  201A
Thompson, Rubel  213B
Thurman, Jacob  168B
Tipton, John B.  190B
Tomlison, Isaac  198A
Tonny, David  219B
Tucker, William  219B
Turley, Andrew J.  177A
Turley, Charles  186B
Turley, David K.  190B
Turley, G.W.  178A
Turley, G.W.  185A
Turley, George  196B
Turley, James O.  186A
Turley, Martha Jane  190A
Turley, Samuel  190A
Turley, Sarah  185B
Turley, Thomas  191B
Turley, William R.  185A
Turner, Abram  194A
Turner, Allen  194A
Turner, Emmanuel  169B
Turner, Harvey  222B
Turner, Katherine  194B
Turner, Richard  194A
Turner, William  192A
Turney, Micheal  202A
Turpin, Frances  180B
Vance, John  222B
Vanderluth, Henry  175B
Vandeventer, Andrew  196B
Vandeventer, James  196B
Vandeventer, John  200A
Vangor, James A.  173A
Vansil, Elizabeth  176B
Vansil, Gideon  176A
Vashal, Katherine  195B
Vaughn, James A.  184B
Vaughn, John  184A
Vaughn, Martha  184B
Wade, George W.  182A
Wade, James  191B
Wade, Lucinda  180B
Walker, Asahel  179A
Walker, Isom  220B
Walker, Margaret  189B
Walker, Samuel  190A
Walker, Sarah  204A
Warrick, Jacob  175B
Warrick, Juliet  176A
Waters, Samuel  224b
Webb, George  202A
Webb, Samuel  202A
Webster, R.K.  223A
Webster, Sarah  223B
Weekle, Adolph  197B
Wekle, John  175B
Welsh, Peter  203B
West, Morgan  226A
Whitaker, Blane  204B
Whitaker, Lucy  204A
Whitaker, Marsella  204B
Whitaker, Nathaniel  180B
White, Henry  176A
White, Mary  170B
White, William L.  173B
Whiteside, John  182A
Whitesides, James  192A
Whitesides, Thomas  192A
Whittle, William P.  188A
Wiley, Hannah  191A
Wiley, James  190B
Wiley, John P.  191A
Wiley, Mathew  199B
Wilkins, Bryant  220A
Wilkinson, Andrew  177B
Williams, Elizabeth  222B
Williams, Jack  190A
Williams, James  183A
Williams, James  185A
Williams, Joseph  222A
Williams, Norris  190B
Williams, Sally Ann  201B
Williams, Wilson  201A
Wilmoth, Peter  189B
Wilson, Hiram  177A
Wilson, James  217B
Wilson, Robert  177A
Wilson, Sarah  169A
Wilson, Sarah  192B
Wilson, Thomas R.  174B
Wilson, William  168A
Windson, Abram  211A
Windson, Daniel  211A
Wing, Horton  169A
Witt, Jemkins  220A
Witter, David  202A
Witter, Joshua  203A
Witter, Sarah Ann  196B
Witter, Sarah Ann  207A
Woddson, Samuel  225A
Wodetzky, Edward L.  201B
Wolf, Abram  213A
Wood, Benjamin  189A
Woodards, Nancy  186B
Woods, Lucinda  170B
Wright, Darrel  176A
Wright, David B.  177A
Wright, G.C.  176A
Wright, John  167A
Wright, T.L.  167A
Yazel, Jane  174B
Young, Abigail  200A
Young, Henry  185B
Young, W.H.  177A
Zeh, John  179B

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