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 Lone Tree School, Hartsburg


contributed by

Penny Duncan


 Teacher: Robert Lee  Middle Row:  Front Row:
 Back Row:  Luken, Fannie  Morris, Floyd
 Chaney, Dewey  Luken, Maggie  Wibben, Albert
 Knaack, Oscar  Wibben, Elsie  Wurth, Leo
 Wilham, Edith  Nelling, Florence  Chaney, Roemer
 Luken, Johnnie  Pancratius, Jennie  Bacon, Roy
 Behrends, Althea  Wagner, George  Wilham, Everett
 Wibben, Helen  Pancratius, Simon  Morris, Howard
   Wurth, Tony  Wurth, Robert
     Wurth, Richard