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1862 Military Census

ADAMS J 35 IL Farmer
ADAMS O C 30 IL Farmer
ADAMS Oliver 30 IL Farmer
ADAMS Richard T 20 OH Mechanic Army
ADAMS Robert 21 OH Mechanic Army
AKERMAN Fred 28 GER Farmer
ALBON Henry 33 NY Mechanic
ALFTER Pete 30 GER Mechanic
ALLEN David 23 OH Farmer
ALLEN James A 21 OH Farmer
ALLEN John 26 OH Farmer
ALLEN Samuel 19 OH Farmer
ALTMON Thomas 28 IL Farmer
ARMINGTON Arthur 18 IL Clerk
ARMINGTON Hezekiah 44 VT Merchant
ARTEBURY Elijah 25 MO  Farmer
ARTERBURN George 44 KY Physician
ARTERBURN Walter S 22 PA Clerk
ASH James W 27 IN Farmer
ASH John R 24 IN Farmer Volunteer 1st
ATCHISON George 28 KY Farmer Volunteer
BACON Calvin D 40 TN Laborer  Volunteer
BADGERS James 33 CAN Farmer
BAIL Gibson 30 PH Mechanic
BAKER David 25 GER Mechanic Army
BAKER Jacob 20 GER Farmer Army
BAKER Peter 30 GER Farmer Army
BALL J Henry 30 NY Clerk
BARNES Asa A 42 NY Farmer
BARR Lewis 44 IN Farmer
BARRETT O W 30 NY Merchant Volunteer
BARROW Abel P 25 NY Merchant Discharged 
BARTLETT Onis M 37 NY Farmer
BEATH John L 26 ME Merchant
BEDKIN Richard 40 OH Farmer
BENTLY Harvey 30 IL Farmer Discharged 
BEVANS Milton 24 IL Farmer
BEVERLY John 23 RI Farmer
BEVERLY Pardon 26 RI Farmer
BEVERLY William 30 RI Farmer
BLATTE Joseph 40 IL Farmer
BLATTER John A 19 IL Farmer
BLESSING Charles 21 OH Farmer Army
BLESSING George 24 OH Farmer Army
BLESSING Hopkins C 24 OH Livery Keeper
BODKINS George Jr 42 OH Farmer
BOGGESS N F 35 IN Farmer
BOGGS Robert D 44 KY Farmer Volunteer
BOOSINGER John 27 OH Farmer Army
BORDWELL E G 44 IL Farmer Discharged soldier
BORDWELL Joseph 25 IL Farmer Army
BORUFF J D 30 OH Farmer
BOURNE John G 21 IRE Clerk
BOWERS John 30 OH Mechanic
BOWLES  Charles 21 IL Farmer
BRADSHAW Fielding 24 IL Farmer Army
BRADSHAW W H 20 IL Farmer Army
BRAIL Michael 38 GER Farmer
BRIER Jacob W 22 PA Mechanic
BRIGGS Erastus S 30 MA Farmer
BRINING Charles 24 IL Merchant Army
BRINING John F 30 IL Farmer
BROOKS Wm T 30 OH Farmer
BROWN J W 25 IN Farmer
BROWN Reuben C 21 MA Farmer Army
BURK James 27 IN Farmer
BURK James A 25 IL Farmer
BURK William 25 IL Farmer Army
BURKHOLDER J H 40 VA Physician
BURNS John 30 IRE Laborer
BURROUGHS A S 30 NY Physician Army Capt 1st Mo Cav
BURT Reuben W 40 VT Merchant
BUTLER Elisha 40 OH Farmer
CAMERON Charles 34 SCOT Merchant
CAMERON Thomas 28 IL Mechanic
CAMPBELL Charles 21 IL Farmer
CAMPBELL James 21 KY Farmer
CAMPBELL Lewis H 40 IRE Farmer
CANTRALL  Z? F 25 IL Farmer
CANTRALL Smith 22 IL Farmer
CANTRALL Thomas 21 IL Farmer
CARMODY Patrick 40 IRE Laborer
CARMODY Terry 35 IRE Laborer
CARROLL Michael 40 IRE Laborer
CARTHOU A S 35 OH Farmer
CHRISTIE James 30 MA Mechanic Capt 106th Regt
CHRISTISON Alfred 21 IL Farmer
CHRISTISON Andy 24 IL Farmer
CHURCH Azel E 28 VT Mechanic
CHURCH Ira A 36 VT Mechanic
CLARK Ben S 20 OH Mechanic Army lst Lieut 7th Regt
CLARK John K 22 OH Mechanic Capt in 7th Regt resigned
CLAY Charles 19 IL Farmer
CLAY John H 21 IL Farmer
CLOONEY Joseph 40 IL Laborer
COFFMAN Fred 21 IL Farmer Army lst Lieut 7th Regt
COFFMAN Isaac 35 KY Farmer Army
COFFMAN Levi 24 IL Farmer Volunteer
COLE Jonathan 40 IL Farmer
COLE Rufus P 21 OH Farmer
COLLINS William 35 IRE Laborer
CONDAW William 44 IRE Farmer
CONE S S 35 NY Minister
CONSTANT John 35 IL Farmer
COOK John 35 IRE Laborer Vol.
COOK Walter C 32 PA Mechanic
COOLEY E W 40 MA Trader
COPES Jacob  44 OH Farmer
COPES Robert R  26 IL Farmer Volunteer
COPES Thomas J  25 IL Farmer Volunteer
COPSE Jacob  44 OH Farmer
COPSE Robert T  26 IL Farmer Volunteer
COPSE Thomas J  25 IL Farmer Volunteer
CRIHFIELD J A 30 OH Mechanic
CRIHFIELD Philip F 35 OH Mechanic
CULLOM Jeremiah W 27 OH Farmer
CULVER Albert H 22 IL Livery Keeper
CURLL Jacob 27 OH Farmer
DAGEHON? James 25 IRE Laborer
DALBEY? S S 30 IL Farmer
DALZELL Andrew 21 IL Farmer Army
DALZELL Benj F 35 KY Mechanic
DALZELL Eyra H 18 IL Farmer Army
DALZELL Henry O 24 KY Meca
DALZELL John T 28 KY Farmer Army
DALZELL Robert A 35 KY Mechanic
DATESMAN? Jerome 30 PA Merchant
DAVIS J S 32 IL Farmer
DAVIS Jospeh 21 IL Farmer Army
DAVIS Nathan 40 IN Farmer
DAVIS William 19 IL Farmer Vol.
DECKER Frederick 31 GER Farmer
DECKER Jacob 35 GER Farmer
DELLOW? George W 24 IN Farmer
DEVANBAUGH Jackson 30 GER Farmer
DEVAULT Isaac N 33 OH Farmer
DEWITT William 34 IN Farmer
DICKS William E 35 OH Lawyer
DILLS Anthony 43 KY Merchant
DITMAR George 30 GER Farmer Vol.
DOWNEY A D 44 OH Farmer
DOWNEY Clark L 28 OH Mechanic
DREHER Antan 25 GER Mechanic Vol.
DREW David 30 IRE Laborer
DRULEY Francis M 24 OH Farmer
DRULY Jessie A 44 KY Farmer
DRULY P F 24 KY Farmer
DRULY Reuben 30 OH Mechanic
DRULY William M 22 KY Farmer
DUNCAN Greenberry 20 IL Farmer Vol.
DUNCAN J F 44 IN Farmer
DUNHAM W S 33 OH Merchant
DUNLAP John C 30 OH Mechanic
DUNLAP Stephen B 23 KY Farmer
DUNNAGAN Benjamin 25 IL Farmer
DURANT Ayel P 42 NY Mechanic
DYER Eli 27 IL Farmer
DYER George W 29 IL Farmer
DYER Willliam C 31 IL Farmer
EATON Henry S 30 KY Farmer
ECKERTS Christ 34 GER Mechanic
EICHBERG Max 25 GER Merchant
EICHBURG Samuel 30 GER Merchant
ESKEW William A 39 VA Farmer
ESTABROOK George H 30 IL Lawyer Major 7th Regt IL Vol
ESTABROOK H N 25 IL Lawyer Capt 7th Regt IL Vol
EVELAND Jasper 25 IL Farmer Army
EVELAND John 38 IL Farmer
EZELL John 30 MO Farmer Vol.
FANCET Philip 35 IL Farmer
FARMER Patrick 30 IRE Laborer
FIELDS Fred 25 CT Merchant Army
FIELDS Samuel H 30 CT Merchant
FINCH John 35 IN Physician
FISHER Henry 28 GER Farmer Vol.
FISHER Stephen D 30 NY Book Keeper
FITZGERALD John 24 IRE Laborer
FLUGEL Charles W 33 GER Farmer
FLUTEY? John 34 IL Farmer
FLYNN John 30 IRE Laborer
FOLEY J L 30 IL Farmer
FOLEY James 43 OH Farmer
FOLEY John 19 IL Clerk Army
FOLEY Stephen 18 IL Farmer
FOLEY Stephen A 24 IL Clerk
FOLTZ Ebenezer B  30 NY Merchant
FOLTZ Richard T  25 NY Merchant
FOSTER Andy 20 IL Farmer
FREEMAN John T 19 IL Farmer
FRIEDMAN Henry 40 GER Merchant
FULLER Archibald 30 OH Merchant
FULLER Mathew L 36 OH Mechanic
FULLER T W 22 OH Merchant
GAMBREL Thompson 20 IN Farmer
GARD Madison 26 IL Farmer
GARDAN John  20 OH Farmer Discharged
GARDAN John F 21 OH Farmer
GARDNER Daniel S 44 OH Farmer
GARDNER William H 26 OH Farmer
GARDNER William K 40 OH Farmer
GERBER Mathias 30 GER Mechanic
GILL James M 26 IL Merchant
GILL Richard T 43 KY Farmer
GODDEN Isaac 26 OH Farmer
GORDON Wallace 28 OH Farmer Vol.
GORHAM A F 30 NY Merchant
GOSDAN Christopher 40 OH Farmer
GRAHAM William A 31 KY Farmer
GROVES Alexander 25 IL Farmer
GROVES Jonathan 35 IL  Farmer
GROVES Thomas G 30 IL Farmer
GUNTER Spencer C 35 KY Farmer
HAER George 24 GER Mechanic
HAISE Adolphus 20 IL Farmer Army
HAISE James W 39 OH Mechanic
HAISE John 21 IL Farmer Army
HALE John D 25 IL Farmer
HALL Alexander B 18 IL Farmer
HALL Amos C 25 IL Cattle dealer
HALL Harry 23 IL Farmer
HALT? Frank 37 GER Farmer (unreadable)
HARLEY Lewis 35 OH Farmer Vol
HARMA John C 40 OH Minister
HARMON John 35 TN Farmer
HARRY George I 35 OH Mechanic
HARTWELL George E 25 OH Mechanic Army
HATCH Clinton 19 IL Farmer Vol
HATCH M L 23 IL Farmer
HATCH S B 40 OH Farmer
HATTON Levi J 35 OH Mechanic
HAUNA John C 40 OH Minister
HAWES Jacob P 38 KY Merchant
HEDGE Ira 35 OH Farmer Army
HEDGE James A 25 IL Farmer Army
HEDGES Ben S 25 IL Farmer
HEDGES John B 28 KY Farmer
HEDX Ira  35 OH Farmer Vol
HEOW? Frank 25 GER Farmer
HERNDEN John 25 IRE Farmer
HICKOX Eaton R 34 NY Merchant
HICKS Liberty 43 KY Farmer
HOAK Samuel 40 IL Farmer
HOBLET Columbus 24 IL Farmer
HOBLET Green B 22 IL Farmer
HOBLET James 19 IL Farmer
HOBLET Lewis 42 OH Farmer
HOBLIT Frank 25 IL Merchant
HOBLIT James M 30 IL Farmer
HOBLIT John A 30 IL Farmer
HOBLIT John C 35 OH Mechanic
HOFIELD Jacob 40 GER Mechanic
HOKE A S 30 IL Farmer
HOKE H R 25 IL Farmer
HOKE Richard 21 IL Farmer Vol
HOLMES Alfared 23 IL Farmer
HONCHINS Allen 20 IL Farmer Vol
HONCHINS Enoch 30 KY Farmer Vol
HONCHINS Harvey 40 IN Farmer
HOOSE Henry 29 GER Mechanic
HORNER Jessee 35 England Laborer Vol
HOUCHINS Allen 20 IL Farmer Vol
HOUCHINS Enoch 30 KY Farmer Vol
HOUCHINS Harvey 40 IN Farmer
HOUSE William 24 OH Farmer
HOUSTAM Thomas 30 SCOT Mechanic
HOWARD Anthony 20 IL Farmer Army
HOWARD Clark 18 IL  Farmer Vol
HOWARD Pendleton 25 IL Farmer
HOWSER John M 30 IL Mechanic
HUBER Samuel W 26 PA Mechanic
HUDSON William 38 KY Farmer
HUGHES David 30 OH Merchant
HUGHES Ezra 24 OH Merchant Vol
HULL Fenton 19 OH Farmer Vol
HULL J P 30 OH Farmer
HULL John 30 OH Farmer
HULSEY William N? 40 IL Farmer
HUNT William P 32 OH Mechanic Was lst Lt 31 Regt IL Inf Vol,resigned
HURKREADER Harvey 29 OH Mechanic
HYDE Homer C 35 OH Farmer Army
IRVIN J A 40 OH Mechanic
JACKSON William P 40 IL Farmer
JAMES Levi L 30 IL Farmer
JAMES Robert 25 OH Merchant
JAMES William 25 IL Farmer Army
JANUARY? Joseph H 35 OH Lawyer
JOHNSON W 21 IL Clerk Army, died at Memphis, Tenn
JOHNSON William 19 IL Farmer
JOLLY John 40 IN Farmer
JONES Benjamin 35 OH Farmer
JONES E W 44 OH Farmer
JONES Freeman 35 IL Farmer
JONES John T 19 IL Farmer
JONES John T 22 IL Farmer
JONES Larkin 40 IL  Farmer
JONES Samuel 40 IL Farmer
JONES Thomas  30 IL Farmer
JONES William 24 IL Farmer Army
JONES William L 27 IL Farmer
JOSEPH T P 28 OH Merchant
KEARNEY Patrick 30 IRE Farmer
KEENAN Frank 40 IRE Laborer
KERN David 40 OH Banker 2 M of 108th Regt
KICHELL John F 30 KY Farmer
KILLEN W W 33 OH Mechanic Vol
KING B B 40 NY Merchant
KINNEY W S 26 NY Clerk Discharged soldier
KIPLINGER James 28 OH Mechanic Army
KOONTZ George 32 IL Farmer Army
KOONTZ John 28 IL Farmer Army
LAMBERT James T 30 OH Mechanic Army
LAMBERT John B 20 IL Farmer Vol
LANDAUER Julius 24 GER Merchant
LANGDON Davd 37 CT Farmer
LAPER Jacob 33 PA Farmer
LARRISON Abel 40 OH Farmer
LARRISON Lee 20 IL  Farmer
LAYTON John 40 KY Farmer
LAYTON Stephen 25 KY Farmer
LEONARD W S 40 NY Mechanic
LEWIS J. ? A 40 IL Mechanic
LUNDY Jacob 23 IL Farmer
LUNDY John 40 IL Farmer
LUNDY Wesley 25 IL Farmer
MALTOY Harrison 40 IL Merchant
MARTIN Alexander K 44 OH Farmer
MARTIN Dietrich 35 GER Laborer
MARTIN James 30 IL Farmer
MARTIN William 19 IL Farmer
MARVEL Prettyman 30 IL  Farmer
MASON G H 30 OH Merchant
McCABE James 28 IRE Farmer
McCARROLL Hurley 42 OH Farmer
McCARTY John 30 IRE Laborer
McCRARY Richard 25 IL  Farmer Vol
McCULLOUGH Nicholas 40 IRE Laborer
McELFRESH G R S 30 NY Minister
McGAHAN John 40 OH Mechanic Army, deceased
McKEE John 44 OH Mechanic
McKINNON Quincy 29 IL Farmer
McNALLY Bryan 35 IRE Laborer
McNULTY R A J  34 OH Farmer
MEAD James P 30 IN Mechanic Capt M 38th Regt IL Inf Vols
MEDBURRY H N 25 NY Teacher Discharged soldier
MERZ John 40 GER Mechanic
MICHAELS  Gustavius 40 GER Farmer
MICHAELS Adolph 30 GER Farmer
MICHAELS Ernest 25 GER Farmer Vol
MICHAELS Gustavius 35 GER Farmer
MILLER Adolph C 20 GER Mechanic Army
MILLER George 24 IN Farmer
MILLER M R 40 IN Minister
MILLS Ephriam 18 OH Farmer Army
MILLS Frank B 20 OH Mechanic Army
MILLS William B 22 OH Mechanic
MILNER William 39 IL Clerk
MITCHELL Patrick 24 OH Farmer
MONTGOMERY Walter 40 IN Farmer Discharged soldier
MOORE Daniel 25 MI Farmer Army
MOORE Lemuel 40 IN Farmer
MORRIS Thomas S 23 OH Clerk
MUNROE Charles 30 IRE Laborer
MUNSON Darius 30 CAN Mechanic Army
MUNSON Jerry 25 CAN Farmer
MURPHY Daniel 25 IRE Farmer Army
MURRY James 30 IRE Farmer
MYERS George 30 IRE Farmer
NAUMES John 26 GER Merchant
NEAL Reuben D 37 OH Mechanic
NEWMAN Jessee 44 NY Hotel Keeper
NOLLEN Paul 30 GER Laborer
O'HARA Ned 28 IRE Laborer Army
OLDAKER Jessee 44 OH Farmer
ORMSBY Charles H 26 IL Clerk Army
ORMSBY Lucien G 24 IL Clerk
PALETIN W W  29 NY Trader
PALLIDAY James 30 NY Merchant
PALLIDAY John 40 NY Mechanic
PARKER William 35 IL Mechanic
PATTON Booth B 22 OH Farmer Army
PENDLETON Berryman 32 IL Mechanic Army
PENDLETON Edwin 25 IL Farmer
PENDLETON Presley 29 IL Farmer Vol
PENDLETON Samuel 22 IL Farmer
PERKINS George R 29 MA Dentist
PILES William 40 KY Farmer
PLEDGER William 30 IL Mechanic
PLUMMER E W 28 MD Mechanic
POFF James 30 GER Farmer
POORMAN Joshua 28 OH Farmer Vol
PRICE David B 30 IN Farmer
PRICE James M 34 IN Farmer
PRINCE W S 22 IL  Clerk
RANSDELL James B 36 KY Mechanic
RANSDELL Presley 39 KY Mechanic
RANSDELL Wharton 33 KY Mechanic
REED George J 44 OH Farmer
REESE Jasper 32 OH Farmer
REEVES F M 19 IN Farmer Army
REID Arthur D 37 IRE RR Agent
REISE Charles 25 IL Farmer Vol
REISE Herman 22 IL Farmer
REISE Lewis 24 IL Farmer
REISE William J 32 OH Farmer V
RILEY Calvin 43 TN Farmer
RITSCHER Adam 22 GER Mechanic
ROACH Isaac 25 TN Farmer
ROACH William 30 TN Farmer
ROCK Charles T 24 OH Mechanic
ROUCH John N 18 TN Farmer Vol
RUGGLES S M 44 NY Hotel Keeper
SAMPSON O S 21 IL Farmer Army
SAMPSON T C 18 IL Farmer Vol
SAMPSON V N 44 KY Farmer
SCOTT Abram V 35 NY Farmer
SHARP Jacob 33 GER Farmer
SHIELDS Andrew 23 NY Teacher
SHORES James 39 IL Merchant
SHORT N M 20 OH Farmer
SHUGART John T 30 IL Farmer
SIMMS Robert 35 IL Farmer
SMITH B F 30 IN Farmer Vol
SMITH Charles 26 IL Farmer Army
SMITH John A 25 OH Mechanic lst Lt 7th  Regt IL Inf Vols
SMITH John A 25 GER Laborer
SMITH Warrick 35 IN Farmer
SNOOKS George W 35 IL Farmer
SNYDER Henry 38 GER Farmer
SOLLERS Henry H 31 NJ Mechanic
SOMERS John 19 IN Farmer Vol
SOMERS William 24 IN Farmer
SORRELL James 28 IN Farmer
STILHAMER  Fred 30 GER Farmer Vol
STONE Alfred U 44 KY Trader 2d Lieut 2d IL Cav, Resigned
STONE Homer C 22 OH Farmer
STONE James M 27 IL Drayman
STRATHMAN Charles 28 GER Farmer
STRATHMAN Henry 30 GER Laborer
STRONG John 30 IL Farmer
STROUD John V 24 IL Farmer
STROUD Laban M 40 TN Farmer
STROUD Smith 40 TN Farmer
STROUD William 22 IL Farmer
STUART E 35 IL Physician 68th Regt IL Inf Vol, disbanded
STURGES W B 24 NY Book Keeper Sergt Maj 38th Regt IL Inf Vols
SUGARS? Bradley 22 IL Farmer Army
SUMMIT John 32 GER Farmer
SUMMITT James T 44 OH Farmer Discharged soldier
TAYLOR C B 34 PA Merchant Discharged soldier
TENNY Jerome B 35 IL Physician lst Lt 2d IL Cavalry, resigned
THOMAS E J 35 IN Minister
THOMPSON Russell 35 PA Farmer Vol
TIDD Joseph 38 OH Mechanic
TIGHE Michael 30 IRE Laborer
TOLMAN Henry O 35 KY Merchant
TOMAN John 25 IRE Farmer
TRUBY Cornelius C 22 OH Mechanic
TURNER Alfred 23 IL Farmer
TURNER Andrew 35 IN Farmer
TURNER Joel 20 IL Farmer Army, deceased
TUTTLE  Guy H 27 OH Farmer
TUTTLE Eleazer H 26 CT Trader
TUTTLE F M 30 OH Farmer Lieut 106th Regt IL Inf Vols
TUTTLE Henry 22 IL Farmer
VAN HORN C B 36 PA Mechanic
VOAK J B 29 NY Teacher Discharged soldier
VOAK John E 33 NY Physician
WAGNER Peter 30 GER Farmer Army
WALTMAN? Frank B 25 IL Farmer Army
WALTMAN? James 22 IL Farmer Army
WARRICK Charles 40 IL Farmer
WERLIM John 28 GER Laborer
WERNER Philip 31 GER Mechanic
WESCOTT Samuel K 26 OH Teacher Army
WHALEN Owen 40 IRE Laborer
WHITEFIELD? James C 35 MD Physician Surgeon 26
WHITEHURST W G 34 KY Printer lst Lt 38th Regt IL Inf Vols
WIKEL? John A 29 PA Mechanic
WILLIAMS E R 30 IN Farmer Vol
WILLIAMS Morgan 32 PA Farmer
WOLFE William T 24 PA Mechanic
WONAS? Barny 35 IRE Laborer
WOODS? Thomas 25 IRE Farmer
WORTHINGTON James 19 MD Farmer
WORTHINGTON Walter 30 MD Farmer
WREN Thomas 30 OH Farmer
WRIGHT Andrew 37 IL Mechanic
WRIGHT Joseph 30 KY Mechanic
YAGEL Jacob 30 OH Mechanic
ZOLLER Damascus 27 OH Farmer Vol
ZOLLERS John 26 OH Farmer Vol
ZOLLERS Lindsey 21 OH Farmer Vol
ZOLLERS Nisley? 23 OH Farmer Vol