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James Melrose, deceased, was one fo the best-known and highly esteemed citizens of Logan county, Illinois. He was a native of the state, born in Edwards county, February 23, 1826, and was one of the eight children born to Archibald Melrose and wife. The father, who departed this life in Edwards county, was an extensive farmer.

The life of a farmer boy is one unending round of toil, and that of our subject was no exception to the rule. From the time he was old enough to do the small chores necessary in farm life he had to do his share of the work. This experience formed in him habits of industry that clung to him through life. Like a faithful son, he assisted on the home farm until he was sixteen years of age, at which time his father died, the mother having passed away five years previous. Being thus left to care for himself, he assisted his brother on a farm in Wayne county, and by hard work and economy he soon accumulated enough to purchase for himself eighty acres in that county, which he worked faithfully for some time. He then moved to Iowa, where he carried on the same occupation for two years, after which he returned to Illionis and settled in Oran township. Here he purchased eighty acres of well-improved land, where he and his family made their home until his death, which occured on May 20, 1895.

On September 20, 1841, he was united in marriage with Miss Mary Shores, daughter of Hiram Shores, of Wayne county. The follow children were born to them: Emily, now Mrs. Charles Hawes, of Augusta, Kansas; Lovina, who died June 3, 1900; Louisa, who departed this life April 21, 1884; Charles Wesley, now a resident of Oklahoma; John F., who died September 29, 1881; Mary E., who became the wife of S. H. Thornburg and lives in Nebraska; James A., a farmer in Logan county; Edwin, who resides at home with his mother; Thomas C., a resident of Chicago; and Effie, who died October 23, 1882.

The entire family are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. Mr. Melrose served a school director for many years. The widow, with one son, resides in a comfortable home farm in Oran township. The death of Mr. Melrose was not only a sad blow to his immediate family but to the entire community in which he had so long resided.

Source: The Biographical Record of Logan County, Illinois, Chicago, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1901, p. 237-238

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