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1862 Military Census

AERY Philp 43 OH Farmer
AIRHORN Henry 30 GER Farmer
ALAFASSER Joseph 33 GER Mechanic
ALLEN Jacob N 32 OH Farmer
AMBROSE Jacob 28 GER Farmer
ASHER John 21 IL Farmer Army
BAKER Benjamin 31 OH Farmer
BAKER Philip 32 OH Farmer
BARNHILL A J 43 PA Laborer
BEAN John 31 VA Farmer
BEAN Soloman 38 VA Farmer
BEAVER Lewis 21 OH Farmer
BEAVER Michael 33 OH Farmer
BECK Stephen S 31 IL Farmer
BELL Irvin 23 OH Farmer
BIRD Louis 22 TN Farmer Vol
BLACKBURN William 39 IRE Farmer
BLACKER David 29 OH Physician
BOGGS James 39 OH Farmer
BOLTON John 27 IL Farmer Vol
BRANSTUTTER Jacob 24 IL Farmer Vol
BRIGGS David T 21 IL Farmer
BRIGGS William T 21 IL Farmer
BROUGHER B F 21 IL Farmer Vol
BROUGHER Reynolds 20 OH Farmer
CASS T D? 30 IL Physician
CHENOWETH Jacob 19 IL Farmer
CHINNETH James P 33 OH Farmer
CLEARRY Michael 29 IRE Farmer
CORWIN Benj F 42 OH Farmer
CORWINE A B 39 KY Farmer
CORWINE Thomas J 18 OH Farmer Vol
CORWINE William A 21 OH Mechanic
CRITCHFIELD John A 28 OH Constable
DEAN Thomas 23? IRE Farmer
DENNIS Daniel 27 IRE Laborer
DENNISON James 35 NY Farmer Vol
DOMAN Levi 43 OH Farmer
DUNAVAN Timothy 30 IRE Farmer
DUNN? James 38 IRE Laborer
DWYER James 25 IRE Laborer
EARLHAN Daniel 36 IRE Farmer
EDWARDS John 44 KY Farmer Vol
EISENMINGER David 44 PA Farmer Vol
EISENMINGER Harvey 21 PA Farmer Vol
EISENMINGER Isaac 23 PA Farmer Vol
ELDER George 2? IL Farmer
ENGLEMAN Uriah 3? PA Farmer
ENRY Samuel M 19 OH Farmer
FANNING Jack 30 IRE Farmer
FISHER Milton 34 GER Farmer
GOLDSMITH Charles G 40 OH Farmer
GOLDSMITH Hamilton 19 OH Farmer Army
GOLDSMITH Samuel 43 VA Teacher
GOODACER James 24 IRE Laborer
GORDON Mark 21 PA Farmer Vol
GREEANZER John 33 OH Mechanic
HALL William 25 KY Farmer
HAMILTON Archibald 31 PA Farmer
HARBAUGH Lewis 40 PA Farmer
HARDTYLY? Henry 25 PA Farmer Discharged soldier
HARSH Jacob 26 OH Farmer
HARSH John K 28 OH Farmer
HEFFERMAN Dennis 40 IRE Farmer
HICKEY James 42 IRE Farmer
HURST Andrew 35 OH Farmer
HUSKINS Arnel 21 OH Farmer
JAMES David D 44 VA Farmer
JAMES George W 37 VA Farmer
JAMES John V 26 OH Farmer
JORDAN James 30 IL Farmer
JORDAN Jeremiah 18 IL Farmer Vol
KASSAPOIE? Charles 38 GER Mechanic
KELLER Joseph 26 OH Teacher
KING John 44 OH Farmer
KLINE John W 27 OH Farmer
LAWLIS James 25 IRE Laborer
LAWSON John  25 OH Farmer
LEMLEY Joseph 33 VA  Farmer
LOMAN Samuel 41 OH Farmer
LONG James 30 IRE Laborer
LORRANCE Alexander 30 OH Farmer
MACKENTER James 30 IRE Laborer
MANEY William 30 IRE Farmer
MATHEWS David 19 IL Farmer Vol
MATHEWS John W 22 IL Farmer
MAY D M 19 OH Farmer
McBEE Joseph 29 VA Farmer
McBRIDE George B 30 VA Farmer
McCALLISTER Albert 43 OH Farmer
McCALLISTER James W 19 OH Farmer
McCARTY Timothy 40 IRE Laborer
McCONNELL Allen 35 SCOT Farmer
McGARVEY Samuel 42 OH Farmer
McRYAN Mathias 35 IRE Farmer Vol
MERRIS Asa 18 IL Farmer
MERRIS E M 39 OH Farmer
MERRIS George 20 IL Farmer Vol
MOORE Joel 44 NH Farmer
MUNDAY Jacob 35 NJ Farmer
MURPHY Patrick 33 IRE Laborer
MURRY James W 18 OH Farmer
MYER Adam 27 GER Farmer
MYER Martin 30 GER Farmer
NOBLE George P 33 KY Farmer
NOBLE Sidney 23 KY Farmer
PHILIPS George 25 GER Farmer Army
PHILIPSON John J 35 IN Farmer
POE George 37 VA  Farmer
POWELL Michael 40 IRE Farmer
PRANK John T 35 IN Farmer
RAGSDALL Wiliam 38 TN Farmer
RANKIN Edmund 43 DEN? Mechanic
RARDEN Perry 26 NC Farmer
RAY  William 28 IL Farmer
REED George W 30 IL Farmer
RICKORDS John W 19 OH Farmer
RICKORDS Smiley 20 OH Farmer
RICKORDS William 28 OH Farmer
ROACH William 29 OH Laborer
RUSH William 20 IL Farmer Vol
SCOTT Aaron 24 KY Farmer
SCOTT Robert E 37? KY Farmer
SHANNESSER Michael 22 IRE Farmer
SHAUGHNESSY Patrick 19 IRE Farmer
SHAW Ansolun 44 NC Farmer
SHAW Philip 18 NC Farmer
SHAW T H 32 SCOT Farmer Vol
SHAY James 34? IRE Farmer
SHAY William 38 IRE Farmer
SHELLING John 4? PA Farmer
SHERMAN John G 19 OH Farmer Vol
SHOUP John 44 GER Farmer
SHULL Abram 27 PA Farmer
SHULL Levi H 30 PA Farmer
SHULL Thomas 24 PA Farmer
STETLEY? Charles S 30 GER Merchant
STEWARD J W 39 VA Farmer
STONE William 24 IL Farmer
STRICKALL Frederick 37 GER Mechanic
SULLIVAN William 35 IRE Laborer
SWART Charles  35 OH Farmer
TALMAZE B F 30 NJ Farmer
THOMAS Francis M 19 VA Farmer
THOMAS John W 25 VA Farmer
THOMPSON James 27 PA Farmer
THOMPSON Jessee 29 PA Farmer
THOMPSON John C 37 IRE Farmer
THOMPSON John C 34 PA Farmer Vol
THOMPSON Leslie 30 PA Farmer
TIPTON William B C 25 TN Farmer Vol
TIPTON William R 42 TN Farmer
TURLEY D K 37 IL Farmer
UNDERWOOD William L 25 IL Farmer
VICKERY Absolem 28 OH Farmer Discharged soldier
WARRICK B C 22 IL Farmer
WARRICK John 20 IL Farmer
WARRICK William 25 IL Farmer Vol
WATAZKY Edward 43 Prussia Farmer
WATTS Samuel 30 OH Mechanic
WEAVER Wiliam 24 OH Farmer Army
WEBB A M 22 KY Farmer Vol
WELLER George 33 GER Farmer
WELLS George 26 OH Farmer Army
WELLS Joel 28 OH Farmer Army
WHIPPLE William 30 OH Farmer Army
WHIPPLE William 30 OH Farmer VOL
WHITE John M 25 KY Teacher Army
WILCOCKS Jonathan 24 OH Laborer
WILEY Charles P 25 IL Farmer Army
WILEY Isaac 19 IL Farmer
WILEY Thomas W 30 OH Farmer Vol
WOODS James 30 IL Farmer
WRIGHT James 21 IL Farmer
YAPP Nim 21 IL Laborer
ZIMMER John F 25 PA? Teacher?