Enumerated by John Wright, Assistant Marshall

The information in this table was taken from information transcribed by Lowell M. Volkel from originals in the Illinois State Archives, Springfield, Illinois, in 1973. As with all transcriptions the researcher is advised to use with care and to verify information independently. The name and spelling of the disease is as written. Thanks to Dorothy Falk for obtaining copies of the mortality tables for this project.

The mortality schedules were part of the 1850 Federal Census. It included everyone who died in the year prior to the beginning of the census and included only those who normally resided in the county. There were 11 columns including one for color and one for free or slave. Those two were skipped in Logan County. The ages as a fraction, e.g., 2/12, are infants. 2/12 is 2 months. The 1850 Census began on June 1, 1850.


NameAgeSexMBirthDeathOccupationCause of DeathDays Ill
[no name entered] Stallings0/12m Ills.Jan unknown 
George Andrew4/12m Ills.May Inflamation brain14 D.
Charlotte M. Collins8/12f Ills.Jul Unknown12 D.
Daniel F. McKinney56mmKy.Nov.FarmerConjestive chill1 D.
George Mason29m Eng.AugApothecaryConsumptionCH
Nancy Jane Randolph1/12f Ills.Apr unknown12 D.
Kittura Cunningham6f OhioSep unknown8 D.
Melvina Regun1f Ills.Aug unknown7 D.
Moses Moore49mmVa.SepFarmerConsumptionCH
Nancy Elizabeth Kelso11/12f Ills.Dec Pneumonia5 D.
Mary Ann [no name]1/12f Ills.Jun Samll pox9 D. ,
William McGrow50mmKy.MayFarmerCholera1 D.
David B . Miller1m Ills.Jul Croup1 D.
Charles Smith17m OhioMarFarmerConjestion of brain1 D.
Elizabeth Frakes69fmPa.Sep unknown1 D.
Sarah F. Frakes6f Ills.Jul Snake bitten3 D.
James M. Myers2/12m Ills.Sep Inflamation/brain7 D.
Levisa Hedg2f Ills.Jun unknown8 D.
William N. Hedg4/12m Ills.Aug unknown19 D.
Johnson A. Hall44mmKy.AugFarmerColeraMorbus2 D.
Synthia Allman39fmIa.Mar Child bed1 D.
Elizabeth Howard2f OhioAug unknown26 D.
Mary Ellen [no name]1f Ills.Nov. unknown 
Elizabeth Riley10/12f Ills.Sep Diarhea28 D.
Dulsena Morgan8/12f Ills.Nov unknownCH
Martha Stephens83fwC.T.Nov Fever12 D.
Nelson Harper18m OhioFebFarmerConjestive fever6 D.
David A. Glenn40mmPa.DecMerchantConsumptionCH
Anninta Stephens1f Ills.Nov Hooping CoughCH
Elizabeth Coil49fwOhioFeb ConsumptionCH
Francis McGarvy31mwOhioAprCarpenterInflamation/brain4 D.
Charles Croft44mmPa.NovTraderInflamation/brain4 D.
Eliza Jane Shaw8f OhioOct fever3 D.
Madison Lucas1m Ills.Sep Diarhea60 D.
Abam. Dudney1m Ills.Oct Congestive chill7 D.
James Rachards1m Ills.Jan unknown14 D.
William Rice14m Pa.JulFarmerInflamation Rheumatism20 D.
John W. Wright2m Ills.Aug Inflamation/brain7 D.
Edward L. Mason1m Ills.Feb conjestion/brain2 D.
John Maginnis18m IrelandSepMasonDropsy14 D.
John Sheak11/12m Ills.Aug Fits50 D.
Gustav Frederick2/12m Ills.Aug Fits2 D.
Julia Albert1/12f Ills.Apr Croup6 D.
Josephine Stafford1f Ills.Dec Inflamation/brain10 D.
Israel Harvy9m Ills.Jul ScofulaCH
Mary Cass48fmKy.Dec CHunknown
William Radgway6/12m Ills.Aug unknown90 D.
George Brooker49mmGermanyNovFarmerFever120 D.
Margaret Brooker16f OhioJan Conjestive fever14 D.
William M. Greenstate10m Ills.Oct Arasipolis8 D.
Delila Bowman9f Ills.Nov UnknownCH
Sarah Frakes19fmIlls.Aug Child bed2 D.
Susan K. [no name]7f Ia.Aug unknown120 D.
Nancy J. [no name]18f Ia.Jan Conjestive fever10 D.
Mary M. [no name]5f Ills.Jan Inflamation/brain2 D.
Jasabel Gambrel1m Ills.Mar Fever30 D.
John E. Brown3m OhioMay Fever3 D.
Thompkins Shury(Sherry?)1m Ills.Sep Spasms3 D.
Lydia Copeland32fmOhioMay Arasipolis4 D.
Wade [no name]1/12m Ills.Aug Diarhea3 D.
Andrew J. Blackford19m Ills.DecFarmerFever7 D.
Asahel Holsted5/12m Ills.Oct Croup1 D.


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