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The information in this table was taken from information transcribed by Lowell M. Volkel from originals in the Illinois State Archives, Springfield, Illinois. As with all transcriptions the researcher is advised to use with care and to verify information independently. The name and spelling of the disease is as written. Thanks to Dorothy Falk for obtaining copies of the mortality tables for this project.

The mortality schedules were part of the 1860 Federal Census. It included everyone who died in the year prior to the beginning of the census and included only those who normally resided in the county. There were 11 columns including one for color and one for free or slave. Those two were skipped in Logan County. The ages as a fraction, e.g., 2/12, are infants. 2/12 is 2 months. The 1860 Federal Census began on June 1, 1860.

NameAgeSexMBirthDeathOccupationCause of DeathDays Ill
John Robert1mIlls.JanTyphoid fever14
Harriet A. Jones7fIlls.MayUnknown?
M. J. Hull2mIlls.AugCroup1
Volney Drennan9mIlls.SepTyphoid fever35
Augusta Michaels60fwGermanyAugDropsy6 mos.
 ? Hutchins1/12fIlls.AugHives1
David Montgomery61mPenn.MayConsumption (acute)10
Jesse Forbis22mInd.NovTyphoid fever35
 ? Howard2dysmIlls.OctMasonUnknown365
J. M. Rees24mm0.JunConsumption30
Olive F. Rees3/12fIlls.JunConsumption5
Lavina Rees8/12fIlls.AugScarlet fever6
Mary Ewing73fKy.MarConsumption3 years
Octavia Lindsay3fKy.SepUnknown30
W. H. Niblick22mKy.JanFarmerConsumption35
Martha F. Niblick16fKy.FebConsumption21
Jo Bell21mKy.NovFarmerTyphoid fever12
Wm. Bell14mKy.NovTyphoid fever11
Martha Spruce (Spence?)15fMo.JunUnknown10
Wm. Hornback6/12mIlls.NovTyphoid fever12
Wm. M. Candy11/12mIlls.JunInf. of brain21
Jo. Vail13mN.J.NovShot by accident12 hrs
Dorcas Codington26fm0.DecPuerperal fever42
John Johnson9/12mIlls.AugInf. of Bowels6
Elisha Drenan1/12mIlls.AugUnknown25
Addie Conner3/12fIlls.AugCroup4 hours
Peter Moran42mPenn.NovCarpenterDelirium tremors4
R. J. Densmore11/12fIlls.SepUnknown3
John Jewitt9/12mIlls.JulTeething fever21
Phebe Bryan29fVa.NovUnknown21
Elizabeth Martin40fmKy.AprLung fever5
E. R. Wendall6/12fIlls.DecChicken pox21
James G. Birge4mIlls.SepCroup5
David H. McMullin4mIlls.JulCroup1
J. M. Reader4 dysmIlls.DecUnknown4
Thos. Wren5/12mIlls.SepFlux30
Thos. Brooks66mmMass.SanFarmerConsumption6 years
Fred Gill1mMs.AprScarlet fever14 days
Elizabeth Bitzbelger23fGermanyFebDomesticBrain28 days
E. H. Hoblit9fIlls.MarDomesticBrain21
James H. Philips3mIlls.JulScarlet fever42
Thos. A. Philips1/2mIlls.SepCholera infantum17
John Bentley49mmEng.FebLaborerAccidental fall3
Daniel Brady27mIrelandMarLaborerVenereal365
John A. Mason6mI11s.JanCroup7
Mary A. Burns1fIlls.SepFlux1 4
Francis Flynn1 dymIlls.SepUnknown1
Ally Lambert1fIlls.SepDiarrhea60
Mary Hawhay1fIlls.OctScarlet fever21
Mary Arnold16fIllsFebConsumption35
 ? Greene2/12mIllsJanPneumonia7
John C. Lofton63mTenn.JanFarmerConsumption365
Henry Austin1.9m0.AprFarmerLung fever14
R. J. Johnson2/12fIlls.OctTyphoid fever7
T. J Johnson2/12mIllsOctDiarrhea1 4
L. E. Johnson8/12fIlls.AprWhooping cough28
Adelaide Cass1fIlls.FebLung fever19
Jan Capps1fIlls.JanCroup3
Finley Bush1mIlls.JulFever8
Mary J . Patterson1/12fIlls.AprWhooping cough20
Y. G. Lindsay1fIlls.MayWhooping cough9
Andrew Ament60mGermanyJulUnknown90
Haney Karydoter (?)26fGermanyMarPuerperal fever6
W. J. Boyle27mKy.AprInf. of bowels3
 ? Culley1/365mIlls.AprUnknown1
Mary J. Eryler1fIlls.DecPneumonia6
Danl. Davis10mIlls.MayScarlet fever10
John Davis2mIlls.MayScarlet fever9
R. E. Longfellow4fIlls.OctTyphoid fever14
Jo Roberts13mIlls.DecTyphoid fever20
Sophie Howe12fIlls.OctInf. of brain3
James Gasaway2mIlls.FebLung fever5
Allen Benson1/12mIlls.JanUnknown3
C. H. Miller3mIlls.JunScarlet fever5
John Vandeventer2mIlls.AugUnknown1
C. C. Wiley17fN. Y.OctConsumption20
Sarah Turley75fVa.JulParalysis3
James Cass64mKy.MarFever30
Martha Cochrane6fPenna.MayConsumption & measles30
Henry Amherst9/12mIlls.SepLung fever21
Jacob Hurst1/12mIlls.MayLung fever2
Geo. M. Rees4/12mIlls.MarBronchitis3
Wm. Arthur2mIlls.OctInf. bowels8
Mary McKay22fO.JunConsumption180
Alx D McKay21mO.JunAccident of log falling on himinst.
Augustus Mollsoffer87mGermanyJanAge & Chills4 mos.
Perry Kline3mIlls.FebDiarrhea7
S. W. French20fIlls.AugConsumption2 years
James Murphy42mEng.MarCarpenterTyphoid fever20
Wm. Murphy6/12mIlls.NovLung fever7
Thos. Newsom46mSpainMarCarpenterLiver Compt.9
Drusilla Cray (Croy?)13f0.DecFever14
Mary Stryker28fmN. J .DecTyphoid Fever7
Henry Broadwell1/12fIlls.JanFever1
M. Y. Burkholder3fVa.NovCroup7
Geo. Sumpter5mIlls.SepFever10
Emile Benles (Boules?)24mLa.OctLaborerInf. of brain1
Geo. W. Jennings33mUnknownNovFarmerBy blow from mans fist8
Margaret “4fIlls.MarUnknown7
Mary E, Brown7fIlls.AugBy wagon accidentally

running over her

Chas. E. Geer13mMass.MarBy accidental firing of gunInst.
Henry Denlin1mIlls.SepDiarrhea30
Perry Town10/12mIlls.MayLung fever60
F. Rosenthal49fGermanySepDropsy14
Matilda Harp19fIlls.OctCongestive chill2
Mary E. Fogerty2fIlls.JulCongestive chill7
Jane Smith5/12fIlls.SepDiarrhea20
Annie Smuck5/12fInd.SepInf. brain & lungs12
Mary M. Musick6/12fIlls.JanTyphoid fever35
Jane Cole34m0.OctCancer365
Nelly J. Musick1/12fIlls.OctSummer compt.3
 ? Hawes1/365fIlls.JunUnknown1
Sarah L. Stroud22fIlls.JunConsumption365
Nancy McJoy50fKy.FebUnknown1
Wm. Smuck5mInd.DecCroup5
Wm. Dernier24mN. J,NovBlacksmithConvulsions or fits14
J .Q, A. Dernier8/12mPenn.FebScarlet fever27
Mary Howard9fIlls.FebScarlet fever5
J . G. Right2mIlls.SepTyphoid fever8
Mary E. Decrose1/12fIlls.JunBrain fever6
F. M. Bowers2/12mIlls.JanLung fever3
Nancy Vanhise63f0.JanTyphoid fever49
J. Mongould40mVa.SepLung fever40
Solomon Stimrod53mN. Y.JunTyphoid fever6
Geo. Allen8 daysmIlls.JulFits or Spasms8
Ruth Jewell48fPenn.FebLung & brain fever1
Danl. Patterson40mKy.AprMillerLung fever20
Alonzo Jackson26m0.MarLaborerCongestion1
 ? Jackson2/365fIlls..AugUnknown2
Fred Brancher3mIlls.OctUnknown9
Hannah Wiley72fVa.SepHoseKeeperFlux21
Thos. Flynn25mIrelandDecSailorTyphoid fever90
John Corder3mIlls.JanCroup1
David T. Nicholson56mKy.MarFarmerWinter fever6
Ruth Nicholson56fO.MarWinter fever4
Rachel Levalley18fInd.AprWhooping cough & lung fever40
 ? Martin6/365fIlls.OctCroup3
 ? Parish3mIlls.MayCroup3
Emily Gasaway19fIlls.JulConsumption49
Ermerilda Slabe6fIlls.JanScarlet fever3
Alphosetta Slabe4fIlls.AprScarlet fever14
Martha F. Aiken1fIlls.AprWhooping Cough9
James Lindsay12m0.JulKilled by standing on his headInst.
Frank Ellis3 daysmIlls.NovCroup3
John A. Howser7/12mIlls.FebLung fever21
Rebecca F. Barnes4/12fIlls.DecCroup2 hours
John Ratekin27mIlls.JunGeneral Debility4
Abner Laden21mN. Y.NovConsumption60
Ernest. A. Ewing11mIlls.AugInf. brain & spine2
E. E. Stapleton3fIlls.NovSalivation60
Mary Xiller64fVa.SepFever10
Augustus Howell4/12mIlls.FebScrofula15


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