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Sheryl McClure, who has no ancestors or relatives in Logan County,  generously donated transcriptions of the directory section from the 1878 History of Logan County to Logan County, Illinois, ILGenWeb.

The project was incomplete. The following townships are missing: Chester, Corwin, Lincoln City, Mt. Pulaski, Oran, Prairie Creek. East Lincoln and West Lincoln Townships are included, just not the city. You can read a copy of the entire book on Google Books.

Basically, it is a list of the residents in the township: name, occupation, section number, mailing address, political party, religion, origin. The longer paragraphs are believed to have been subscribers who agreed to buy copies of the book and the longer mention is a form of advertising.
In reading over the listings I noticed there are some people who I know were living in Logan County in 1878 but who were not on the list in the township where they should be. Further searching turned up every single one of them, generally in a neighboring township. If your ancestor is not on the list where you think s/he should be, do not hesitate to check the neighboring townships. Use the search engine on the main page of the web site to search the entire web site for a particular name or search the individual pages with your Find button.

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