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1862 Military Census

ALBERT Oliver 25 GER Laborer Army
ALSOP Edwin 21 PA Miller Vol
ASEY? Andrew 25 PA Laborer
BAGGARD Alvin 38 IL Farmer Vol
BARKNOLDER Ulrich 35 VA Farmer Vol
BARNS Abraham 28 MD Farmer Vol
BARRY J B 24 IRE Farmer
BARTINENI Paul 30 GER Laborer
BASSOM William 24 OH Farmer Army
BATTERTON John 26 IN Farmer
BAXTER G H 32 VA Teacher
BEGARDAS A H 28 NY Laborer
BEGARDAS Peter 19 NY Laborer
BERRIGUS Patrick 35 IRE Laborer
BESK George 22 PA Laborer Army
BOHAN James 34 IRE Laborer
BRAMMAN S A 30 PA Teacher Vol
BRENAM Thomas 27 IL Merchant
BRITTON Mathias 3? IL Farmer
BROSK Andrew 24 IL Laborer
BROWN Isaac 37 OH Farmer
BUSKELS Robert 26 IL Farmer
BUSKELS Wiley 22 IL Farmer Vol
CANTRALL Turner H 28 IL  Post Master
CANTRELL J W 31 CAN Merchant
CARBERY Patrick 35 IRE Farmer
CHALFONT J G 26 CT Teacher Vol
CHEATMAN John R 23 KY Farmer
CHERRY James 28 IL Farmer
CLINE John 28 GER Laborer
CONSTANT G E 28 IL Farmer Vol
COT Calvin 22 IL Laborer
CRAM William 28 IL Farmer Vol
CRAMER Patrick 28 IRE Farmer
CRANDALL J J 23 IL Laborer Vol
CRAWFORD William 28 NY Farmer
CREAKMORE William 25 KY Farmer
CUMMINGS Jesse 35 IL Farmer
DAGLE Lawrence 35 IRE Farmer
DAGLE Owen 30 IRE Farmer
DALLY Israel 25 OH Farmer
DALLY John 37 OH Farmer
DALLY Joseph 41 OH Farmer
DANA L D 38 NY Farmer
DANAWAY Charles 24 IN Laborer
DARGAN Michael 30 IRE Farmer
DAVIS Cyrus  40 IL Miller Army
DAVIS Perry 38 IL Farmer
DAVIS Thomas 26 IL Miller Army
DAWSON Patrick 40 IRE Farmer
DAY James 26 IRE Farmer
DEE Dennis 24 IRE Farmer
DEE Patrick 30 IRE Farmer
DEVINE Michael 28 IRE Farmer
DIRE Peter 30 GER Farmer
DOLEN Martin 30 IRE Laborer
DOWNING Alexander 30 IL Farmer Vol
DRAKE Charles W 22 OH Farmer
DRAKE Henry B 25 OH Farmer Vol
DRAKE Octaavas 28 OH Farmer Vol
DRAKE Silas H 20 OH Farmer Vol
DUNAWAY William 27 IN Farmer Vol
DUNN Ancon 19 KY Farmer Army
DUNN John 26 KY Farmer Army
DUNN Newton 24 KY Farmer Vol
DUNN? Elijah 24 KY Farmer
DUSTIN? Elkin B 37 IL Laborer
DUTTON Thomas 43 NY Laborer Army
DWYER Patrick 30 IRE Farmer
EADON Andrew  22 GER Laborer Army
ELDER Mathew R 26 KY Farmer
ELWOOD Charles 33 NY Merchant
ELY Samuel 40 NJ Farmer
ENGLAND Albert 21 IL Farmer Vol
ENGLAND Marion 21 IL Farmer
EVENS David 19 IL Farmer Vol
EVENS William 44 IL Farmer Vol
FARNAM Sandford 30 IL Farmer Vol
FERRELL James 30 IRE Laborer
FISHBISK John L 24 VA Mechanic
FOWLER Henry 21 OH Hotel Keeper
FROOD John 40 SCOT Farmer
FULDEN William 43 IRE Farmer
GARDNER Thomas G 34 KY Farmer Vol
GARNER James 28 VA Laborer
GASSUP William 28 OH Mechanic
GEHR Martin 20 GER Laborer Vol
GIBBS John 30 IL Farmer
GREEK John 30 GER Mechanic
GREEN Francis M 29 KY Laborer
GREEN Hiram 34 KY Laborer Vol
GREEN Joseph T 30 KY Farmer Army
GRIFFITH Harrison 22 OH Farmer Vol
GUICK? John D 43 CT Farmer
HAAS Job 30 OH Farmer
HAMILTON  Thomas 23 IL Farmer
HANSKINS Eli 40 OH Farmer
HARDIN William 18 OH Farmer
HARPER Job J 27 OH Farmer Vol
HARTSANG Benjamin 39 IL Farmer
HIBS? James 35 IL Farmer Vol
HILL Thomas 23 IRE Farmer
HILLIS Alexander 25 OH Laborer Vol
HOOD John 21 NY Farmer Vol
HOOD Stephen 28 NY Laborer
HORTON Thomas 25 IRE Farmer
HUBBARD David 22 OH Farmer Vol
HUBBARD James 28 IL Farmer
HUBBARD William 20 OH Farmer Army
HUNTER James A 40 KY Farmer
HUNTER Robert 24 NY Farmer Army
HUNTER Samuel 24 NY Farmer Vol
JARDINE Andrew 30 NY Farmer Vol
JARDINE John 35 NY Farmer Vol
JENNINGS Robert M 38 OH Farmer Vol
JOINER William 28 IL Farmer
JONES Samuel 20 OH Farmer Vol
KAVANAUGH Benj 22 IN Farmer
KAVANAUGH John 24 IRE Laborer Vol
KELIKER Dennis 20 IN Farmer Army
KELIKER Patrick 25 IN Laborer
KEPLINGER George 26 IL Laborer
KERKLER David 24 PA Farmer Vol
KERON Owen 25 IN Laborer
KIKLER Emanuel 23 PA Laborer Army
KING Cooley 33 OH Farmer
KISKLER Peter 20 PA Farmer Army
KLUSE Charles 28 GER Mechanic
KNISBUCKER John 28 OH Farmer Vol
LADY John 40 MD Farmer
LAMBERT David 24 VA Laborer Army
LANAGAN Patrick 30 IRE Farmer
LANELER Charles* 38 OH Farmer
LAVELER Charles* 38 OH Farmer
LEONARD William  28 PA Laborer Army
LEWIS Even 23 OH Farmer
LEWIS John 18 OH Farmer
LEWIS Richard 25 OH Farmer Vol
LINDSEY Abraham 40 KY Farmer
LINDSEY John 23 IL Farmer Vol
LINDSEY Joshua 35 OH Farmer
LINDSEY Thomas 17 IL Farmer
LLOYD John 26 OH Farmer
LLOYD Rueben C 31 VA Farmer
LONG David 24 OH Farmer
MADDEN John 30 OH Laborer Vol
MARIS D P 30 IL Farmer
MATHEWS Jonathan 36 IRE Laborer Vol
McBRIDE John 30 IRE Farmer
McBRIDE Warren 35 OH Farmer
McCABE James 38 IRE Farmer
McCLELAND  Thomas 24 IL Farmer
McCOY Ebenezer 30 OH Laborer Army
McCUE Cornelius 23 PA Laborer Vol
McCUE Thomas 21 IRE  Farmer Vol
McKEE John 30 IL Farmer Vol
McNEAL William 30 IRE Farmer Vol
MEAKEN Levi 27 IL Laborer
MEASHAM Theodore 40 IL Farmer Vol
MERRIS S J 25 IL Farmer
MIKE Patrick 35 IRE Farmer
MILLER Benjamin 28 GER Laborer
MILLER John 22 CT Farmer Vol
MONTGOMERY Francis F 21 IN Laborer
MOON Isaac 20 OH Farmer
MOON John 18 OH Farmer
MORE Henry 30 IL Farmer
MORE John 35 GER Farmer Vol
MORE Peter 27 GER Farmer Vol
MORGAN John 31 OH Farmer
MORRIS Henry 21 OH Mechanic Vol
MORRIS John H 30 OH Mechanic Vol
MORRIS William 28 OH Mechanic
MORSE William S 34 MI Teacher Vol
MOSES A J 23 OH Laborer Army
MURPHY John 22 IRE Laborer
MURPHY Michael 19 ENG Farmer
NESTER Martin 25 IRE Farmer
NEWTON John 28 MI Laborer Army
NISKODEMAS Theodore 30 MD Farmer Vol
ORTON Lyman 43 NY Farmer
OWENS Henry C 18 NY Farmer Army
PATTER G W 28 OH Farmer
PATTERSON Daniel 30 IL Farmer Vol
PERCEAL? Henry 20 IL Farmer
PERKE Lewis 38 OH Farmer
PERRY T B 30 IL Physician
PHILLIPS Alexander 27 IN Laborer Army
PHILLIPS Joseph 1? IN Laborer Army
POWELL Benjamin 30 IN Laborer Vol
POWELL William 24 OH Laborer Vol
QUINN Dennis 30 IRE Farmer Vol
RAGERS Robert 24 IL Laborer Army
RANKIN  Augusutus 42 KY Farmer
RANKIN Andrew 30 KY Farmer
RANKIN Harvey 38 KY Farmer
READMAN William 27 IRE Farmer Vol
RICKERD George 28 SCOT Farmer
RIDGWAY John 18 IL Farmer
ROFF Martin 25 GER Laborer Army
ROGERS Reuben 34 OH Mechanic Vol
ROLLINS Frank 23 GER Laborer Army
RYAN Michael 44 IRE Farmer
S??VAN Alfred 33 OH Farmer
SCROGGINS Barton 20 IL Farmer Vol
SCROGGINS Franklin 23 IL Farmer Vol
SCROGGINS Jefferson 28 IL Farmer Vol
SENTON Richard 35 IRE Farmer
SHANLEY Barney 22 IRE Farmer Army
SHARKEY Cyrus 21 PA Farmer Vol
SHARKEY Henry 22 PA Farmer Vol
SHARKEY Jacob 32 PA Farmer Vol
SHARKEY Jerry 24 PA Farmer Vol
SHARKEY John 35 PA Farmer Vol
SHATT? Charles 38 IRE Farmer
SHERMAN James 33 OH Mechanic Vol
SHINDLER John 19 OH Farmer Army
SHOCKENSY Michael 24 IRE Farmer
SHOCKENSY Simeon 24 IRE Farmer
SHREER? George 21 GER Farmer
SHREVES Albert 25 NJ Farmer
SHREVES Theodore 18 NJ Farmer
SHREVES Theodore 18 NJ Farmer Vol
SHREVES Thomas 22 NJ Farmer Vol
SHREW Henry 2? GER Farmer
SICKER Mathew 30 GER Laborer
SKEATS Thomas 19 IL Farmer Vol
SLATY John 26 KY Farmer
SLATY Joseph 31 KY Farmer
SLAYTON Henry 26 NY Farmer
SLAYTON Hiram R 28 NY Farmer
SMITH  Geoge H 22 IL Farmer Vol
SMITH Franklin 28 IRE Farmer
SMITH George 18 IL Farmer Army
SMITH James 21 IL Farmer Army
SMITH John 28 OH Farmer
SMITH Joseph ?3 GER Mechanic
SMITH Mathew 25 IRE Farmer
SMITH Robert 26 IL Farmer Vol
SMITH Samuel 25 IL Farmer Vol
SMITH William 29 IL Farmer Vol
SMITH William A 21 IL Farmer Vol
SPINDLER Thornton ?0 KY Farmer
STAGGERS Culver 36 PA Mechanic Vol
STAGGERS Jacob 33 PA Farmer Vol
STAGGERS Simeon 40 PA Farmer
STENNETT Willilam W 26 IN Farmer
SULIVAN Benjamin 18 OH Farmer
SULIVAN Webster 29 OH Farmer
SULLIVAN Henry 40 OH Farmer Vol
TALFOR John 38 SCT Farmer
TASBERMAN William 23 VA Laborer Vol
TAYLOR Thomas M 23 OH Farmer Vol
THOMPSON Jacob 19 OH Farmer
TURLY Robert 28 IL Farmer
TURLY Samuel 22 IL Farmer
TURLY Theodore 22 IL Farmer Army
TURLY Thomas 20 IL Farmer
TURLY William 24 IL Farmer
UNDERWOOD Robert 38 SCOT Farmer
VANMETER John 24 IL Farmer
VANMETER William 22 IL Farmer Vol
WAGNER Daniel 30 IL Farmer
WALKER E P 35 OH Mechanic Vol
WARE William 27 KY Miller
WELCH Patrick 34 IRE Laborer
WELSH Christopher 20 PA Farmer Vol
WELSH James 22 VA Laborer
WELSH John 22 PA Farmer Vol
WILBANKS Joseph 30 IRE Farmer
WILEY Alexander 35 IL Farmer Vol
WILEY James 23 IL Farmer Vol
WILLIAMS Robert J 26 NY RR Agent
YOUNG Nathan 28 IL  Farmer
ZELLERS Elijah 30 IL Farmer Vol
ZYPHINGER John 29 GER Farmer