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      Emden School 3rd Grade 1910


Emden Grade School, approximately 1910-11, submitted by Penny Duncan. The picture has the following list of people, no order. Corrections or further information is welcomed.

 _einer Reinirs/Runirs/Reiners)  Eleanor Taylor  Neva Willis
 Ethel Rademaker  Catherine Brown  Mamner/Mamnen
 Clarice Maminen  Clarence Heineken  Byron Taylor (cousin to Neva Chaney)
 Sarah Gall___ or Gau___  John Beherends  Lyle Mickle
 Fredrick Zimmer  Marjorie Irwin  Hazel Klopp
 Alma Sampen  Rosenfink  Eileen Zimmer
 Jacobean Lesson/Lissan  Marie  Marie Toller/Tohlen
 Kathryn Klink