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Phillips Bros., State Printers, Springfield, Ill., 1901

This is from the book and has been edited for clarity and readability. Yes, they did spell the musical group "quartette." Spelling of surnames, where known, were corrected however so search engines can find the names for researchers. This a report, not a program. If you need an exact transcription a digitilized copy of the publication can be found on Google Books. The State Archives may have a copy as this was an official publication of the state. The Logan County report is on page 245.

LOGAN COUNTY FARMERS' INSTITUTE, Held in the City Hall. Lincoln, Ill., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, December 11,12 and 13,1900.

Officers: President, Hon. J. T. Poster, Elkhart; vice-president, William H. Evans, Lincoln; treasurer, John A. Critchfleld, Broadwell: secretary, J. W. Jones, Lincoln.

Township Vice-Presidents: Aetna, James Armstrong. Beason: Atlanta. Joseph W. Hoblit, Atlanta; Broadwell, John Cline. Broadwell; Chester. H. P. Purivanee, Lincoln; Corwin, J. T. Galford. Elkhart; East Lincoln, J. H. Larison, Lincoln; Eminence, W. B. Stroud, Jr., Atlanta; Elkhart, Albert Oglesby, Broadwell; Hurlbut, Hardy Council, Elkhart: Lake Pork, Marshall Crane. Lake Fork; Laenna, George Yoeum, Latham; Mt. Pulaski, C. T. Anderson, Mt. Pulaski; Oran, J. B. Hanger, Atlanta; Orvil, James W. Houser, Emden; Sheridan, A. M. Caldwell, New Holland; Prairie Creek, William Lowe. Harness; West Lincoln, William Grain, Lincoln.

Program, Tuesday, December 11. Morning session: 10:00 o'clock.

Music, selected; prayer, Rev. W H. McGhee, Lincoln; address of welcome, Senator L. B. Stringer, Lincoln; response, Wm. H. Evans, vice-president, Lincoln; president's address, Hon. J. T. Foster, Elkhart; secretary's report, J. W. Jones, Lincoln; treasurer's report, J. A. Critchfleld, Broadwell.

Afternoon session: 1:00 o'clock.

Woman's session, Mrs. H. P. Purviance, president of the Logan County Butter Makers'Association, presiding.

B. 8., Urbana; discussion; music, vocal solo, Mrs. Mable Lampe; New Holland; address, Cooking, A Well Arranged Kitchen, Mrs. E. M. Coftman, Mechanicsburg; music: vocal duet, Mrs. Lampe and Mrs. B. 8. Talbott, New Holland; the question box; address, Farmers' Wives and Daughters, Miss Lina Bcenneman, Minier; music: vocal solo, Miss Lida Parks, Lincoln; reading, selected, Mrs. Josephene Keys, Beason; music, Beason Glee Club. Music, mixed quartette, Beason; address. The Care of Milk on the Farm Prof. Oscar Erf.

Evening session.

Under the auspices of the public schools of Logan county. Prof. E. P. Gram, superintendent.

Opening address. Hon. J. T. Foster; music, Gardner-Keys Quartette, Beason; Why Farmers Should Be Educated Men, Miss Lela Eow. Buchanan School; Decorating the Farm Home, Miss Ruth Keys, Independence School; The Man with the Hoe and the Makers' Image, Leigh Lucus, Scroggin School; recitation, "Farmer John," Miss Maud Woland, Lone Tree School; music: violin solo, James L. Brennan, Broadwell; Labor, Miss Maurine Humphreys, Buchanan School; American Man with a Hoe, Kelsey Anderson, Hamilton School; recitation. Miss Ruth Keys, Beason; reading, Richard Caldwell, New Holland; music, Gardner-Keys Glee Club.

Wednesday, December 12. Morning session: 10:00 o'clock.

Music: selected; address, Good Roads, W. B. Stroud, Jr., Atlanta; discussion; address, The Profitable Horse, C. R. Taylor, Williamsville, discussion; music: vocal solo, William Gardner, Beason; address. Rotation of Crops, Hon. A. B. Hostetter, secretary Illinois State Farmers' Institute, Springfield, Ill.; discussion.

Afternoon session: 1:00 o'clock.

Music. Glee Club. Beason; address, Soil Fertility. What It Is. How Lost and How Retained, Prof. P. G. Holden, Pekin; music: selected; address, Telephone as a Means of Bringing the Farmer and City Into Closer Relations; S. S. Tanner, Minier; discussion: Robert Parks, Lincoln; C. T. Anderson, Mt. Pulaski; W. B. Curry. Eminence; Harry Buckles, Lake Fork; James W. Houser, Emden and others; music: selected; address, Corn Breeding, Prof. A. D. Shamel, Urbana.

Thursday, December 13. Morning session: 10:00 o'clock.

Music, Glee Club, Beason; report of judges; address, Raising Hogs For Market, Wm. H. Howe, Jacksonville; discussion: music: selected; address, Live Stock Judging: Its Place in Agricultural Education and How it is Taught at the College of Agriculture, University of Illinois, (Charts Used) Prof. W. J.I. Kennedy, Urbana; discussion; music: selected.

Afternoon session 1:00 o'clock.

Music; election of officers for the ensuing year; address, Cattle Breeding, L. H. Kerrick, Bloomington; discussion; Observations ar the International Live Stock Show, 1900 Chicago, J. T. Foster and other delegates; music, mixed quartette; address, Farmer Boys Who Have Become Famous, and Why, W. R. Jinnett, Atlanta; adjournment.

Average daily attendance, 300. Cost of Institute, $96.15.

Officers elected for the ensuing year: President. J. T. Poster, Elkhart; secretary, J. W. Jones, Lincoln; treasurer, J. A. Critchfield, Broadwell.

Had extensive exhibits of farm and domestic products.

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