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The Lincoln Herald

July 31, 1884, Page 5

transcribed by Carol Tremaglio

-N. E. PEGRAM has a new white hat of the tile order of architecture. A St. Louis commission man sent it in acknowledgment of the fact that corn actually did sell for sixty cents, contrary to his prediction.
-Consolidated. Moloney, Spellman & Co., have bought the Wallace stock of lumber and have removed it to their yard adjoining the Commercial Hotel. This gives them a good stock.
-A Floral Event. On Tuesday evening a night-blooming cereus at Rev. W. C. BELL's was in bloom. The three beautiful and fragrant blossoms were visited and admired by about two hundred persons between the hours of 8 and 11.
-Jacob MUNDY's new store building is now ready for occupancy. It is a fine room.
-Thomas QUISENBERRY is the only one of the camping-party that remains at the gold mine spring.
-Rev. Edwin J. RICE, of Clayton, this state, will preach at Pilgrim Chapel next Sunday morning and evening.
-Herman SAMUELS is pointing his nose towards the growing city, Minneapolis and will perhaps locate there in the near future.
-Buck MILLER returned from Chester on Tuesday, looking well and apparently in good spirits. He worked in the barber shop while there.
-Mrs. John YOUNG, who has been very ill for some time, we are glad to note is now growing better. The family will soon move into David HOUSER's house.
-Miss Ida BURROWS, of Atlanta, was employed by the board of education on Friday night and will probably be assigned to the room lately taught by Miss Lois DYER.
-While Mr. PAISLEY was assisting a number of ladies about a buggy at the C. P. church picnic last week, Mr. EDGAR's horse suddenly raised its head and blacked his left eye. -On Monday Samuel STERN received a letter announcing the death at Tubingen, in Wurtemberg, on the 9th inst., of his father-in-law, Mr. L. ROSENBERGER, at the age of 81.
-Quite a crowd assembled in the county court room last Friday afternoon to see a marriage ceremony performed by Squire BOLLIN. When the justice appeared he winked at Jake CUNNINGHAM, and turning to the contracting parties said: "You had better go to my house. The crowd here is too large and embarrassing." A murmur of dissatisfaction ran through the crowd as the wedding party withdrew from the room (rest illegible. See marriage [below] of Peason-Burling)
Not all right - Leslie BENSON, in getting a drink in the harvest field, made a mistake and took a swallow from the jug of machine oil. He was quite sick for several days.
-J. BRADSHAW, of whom we spoke last week, is slowly improving.
A cool theft-W. D. GRIFFIN had a freezer of ice cream stolen from his back room last Sunday night. The freezer was found next morning hanging on a gate.
-Mr. Geo. BENTLEY is the possessor of a monstrosity in the shape of a chicken with four legs.
-Theo. CANNON, of Springfield, was up to see his brother, Henry last Friday.
-A little child of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. BOSTIC died last week of cholera infantum.
-Dr. BENSON is improving from the effects of the recent runaway. His brother from Ohio paid him a brief visit last week.
-C. W. MICHNER was in Chicago Last week with stock.

July 11.-To Mrs. Franklin FARNHAM, Elkhart township, a daughter.
July 13.-To Mrs. Charles GOFF, Elkhart township, a daughter.
July 18.-To Mrs. Kate G. DUNCAN, Lake Fork, a daughter
June 9.-To Mrs. Henry FUITEN, Lake Fork, a daughter.
June 23.-To Mrs. Luther C. HIGGS, Atlanta, a son and daughter

S. R. SMITH, of Lincoln, aged 21, and Miss Ella JERRELL, of Lincoln, aged 18.
Luther BRAGG, of Lincoln, 30 and Miss Jennie COULTER, of Lincoln, 17.
Ola PERSON, of Elkhart, 32 and Miss Augusta BURLING, of Hartsburg, 25.
Charles HECKLER, of Mt. Pulaski, 24, and Miss Louise DROBISH, of Mt. Pulaski, 21.
Charles E. SCHELL, of Springfield, Mo., and Miss M. Cora TURLEY, of Mt. Pulaski, 20.

Bragg-Coulter-In this city, on Friday, July 25 at the residence of and by Rev. T. T. HOLTON-Mr. Luther BRAGG and Miss Jennie COULTER, daughter of Mr. Edward COULTER, east of town. Smith-Jerrell-In this city by Jacob BOLLIN, J.P. on Saturday, July 27-Mr. S. R. SMITH and Miss Ella JERRELL, both of this city. The ceremony was a quiet one.
Peason-Burling-On Friday afternoon at the residence of Mr. Jacob BOLLIN, in this city-Mr. Ola PEASON, of Elkhart, and Miss Augusta BURLING, of Hartsburg. Esquire BOLLIN performed the ceremony and the happy couple departed in a rejoicing spirit.

Martin-At his residence on Third street, at the age of 79 years-Mr. Samuel MARTIN. Deceased was born in Clinton county, Ohio, November 27, 1805, and came to this county a pioneer. For several years his mind has been somewhat affected and Esq. RUDOLPH was appointed his conservator about a year ago. Mr. MARTIN was also afflicted with a disease of a dropsical nature, and last Friday the swelling in his limbs disappeared when death followed at 12 o'clock, noon. The funeral took place from the residence at 10 a.m. last Sunday. He leaves several children.
McMullin-At the Asylum in Kankakee, on Friday July 25, of softening of the brain-Benjamin MCMULLIN, so of Jeremiah MCMULLIN, who resides eight miles west of the city. Deceased was 27 years of age. A few years ago he was taken violently sick with typhoid pneumonia and lost his reason, in consequence of which he was sent to the Asylum. The remains were sent to Lincoln and the funeral occurred from the residence of Geo. W. PARKER at 3:30 Sunday p.m. Rev. T. A. PARKER officiating. The remains were interred in Union cemetery.
Townsend-At the residence of her cousin, Mr. Edward YEAGER, on Monday, at 11 p.m. of consumption-Miss Virginia TOWNSEND, of Pilmygn, Wis. Deceased would have been 21 years of age on Tuesday. She came to this city about seven weeks ago for treatment, but gradually failed. Her mother, Mrs. Charles TOWNSEND, was at her bedside to comfort her in her last hours. The remains will be buried today in Mr. YEAGER's lot in Union (rest illegible)

-Mrs. Wesley MONTGOMERY is spending the week with friends and relatives at Middletown and Irish Grove.
-W. T. HATFIELD, whom we reported a week or two ago as being laid up with dropsy of the knee joint, is improving. He is at present at his home in Petersburg, but expects to return soon.
-Miss Flo. MCKENNAN is at Lincoln taking lessons, both vocal and instrumental of Prof. Zimmerman, of the University.
-Col. W. D. WYATT of Lincoln, delivered a lecture of the M. E. church here Sunday afternoon on prohibition. Our people have no objections to the Colonel's delivering speeches on this subject in our midst and will give him a patient hearing whenever he sees fit to come, but would prefer that the next time he wishes to make a political speech he take some other day than Sunday and appoint some other place than the church.
-J. T. WILLIAMS, the Wabash agent, has at last got settled down to housekeeping. He occupies the Bickford property. Mrs. A. V. REYNOLDS, of Homer, Mrs. WILLIAMS' mother, has been visiting her the past week.
-Mrs. J. J. KNOLES and Miss Winnie ST. JOHN made a flying visit to Petersburg, on Tuesday of last week.
-A. L. WHITE was home over the Sabbath. He is at present located at Mt. Pulaski, acting in the capacity of local newsgatherer for the Citizen. We bespeak for Lon an abundant success in his new undertaking.
-Mrs. Helen SHIRLEY, of Chicago, arrived Monday evening and will make her mother, Mrs. B. CALDWELL, and other relatives here an extended visit.
-Miss Annie GAYLE visited a couple of days last week with friends at Lincoln.
-the Misses Rena and Jennie GARRETTSON and Lucy KNOLES returned the first of last week from a week's visit with Petersburg relatives.
-Mrs. E. BURTON, of Lincoln, called upon old friends in this community the latter part of last week.
-Mrs. Jennie MOORE gave an exhibition of her skill at shooting at O'Shea's hall, last Saturday night. Some of her feats, such as shooting an apple off her husband's head, out of his month and hand, snuffing his cigar with a rifle ball, etc., showed considerable daring as well as skill, but she performed them to the entire satisfaction of all present.
-Dr. J. E. DUNN, of Atlanta, has appointments to lecture as follows: Saturday evening next, August 2nd, at Burton View; Sunday, August 3d at 10 a.m. at Musick school house; Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at Middletown and Sunday evening at 8 o'clock in this place at the M.E. church. His subject will be temperance and as the doctor is an able advocate of that cause, we trust he will have full houses at all these points.
July 28.-Miss Ella HUMMELL, of Lincoln, is visiting with her sister, Mrs. J. E. MILLER.
-Mr. J. E. VIGNERON has purchased of Messrs. Kingman & Co., of Delavan, a steam engine and thresher, which was delivered Monday.