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1862 Military Census

AARONS John 30 GER Farmer 
AARONS Peter 20 GER Farmer 
ACKEN Isaac 32 NJ Mechanic
ALLEN G W 40 TN Farmer 
ALLIE (ALLIS?) George W 24 DE Merchant
ALLIS Abraham 28 DE Merchant
ALLIS John 37 KY Farmer 
ALLIS Levi 21 IL Farmer  Vol
ALLISON John S 18 IL Farmer  Vol
ALLISON W J 44 OH Farmer 
ALLISON William T 19 IL Farmer  Discharged soldier
ALTIE Levi 20 IL Farmer  Vol
ANDREWS G L 32 OH Mechanic
ANDREWS Nelson 25 CT Farmer 
ASHER L? T? 34 OH Farmer  Discharged soldier
ATKINS S T 28 MN Clerk
ATWELL Albert 27 RI Mechanic Vol
ATWELL David 22 RI Farmer  Vol
BACON A M 35 NY Minister
BACON Samuel W 43 PA Farmer  Vol
BAKER Henry 39 GER Mechanic
BARAGER August 32 GER Farmer 
BARAGER Fred 23 GER Laborer
BARAGER Henry 20 GER Farmer 
BAREN Ezra 38 IL Druggist
BARGDELL Henry 20 GER Laborer
BARKER Fredk H 28 CT Clerk Vol
BARNES Joseph 40 TN Laborer
BARNES W W 30 OH Farmer  Army
BARRETT M W 20 NY Merchant
BARTLEY Laughlin 30 IRE Laborer
BATEMAN David 19 IL Farmer 
BATEMAN John T 23 OH Farmer 
BATEMAN Thomas 22 IL Farmer 
BATTS W B 40 MA Teacher
BEASON Silas 27 OH Lawyer
BEASON T H 33 OH Farmer 
BEERS James 44 OH Farmer 
BEIDLER J H 33 PA Physician
BENNER J F 43 PA Mechanic
BENNERSTZ? George 36 VA Farmer 
BENNETT James 18 IL Farmer  Vol
BERNARD Lewis 33 IRE Laborer
BERNETT Eugene 27 NY Merchant
BERRY C J 44 NB Minister
BERRY Thomas 28 IRE Blacksmith
BERTON G G 31 VA Farmer 
BINGHAM George 22 IL Farmer  Vol
BIRGE James 33 IN Farmer 
BLACKBURN James T 35 IL Mechanic
BLAIN David 39 NY Merchant
BLAIN John 28 MI Teacher
BOGES David 26 IN Farmer 
BOUGHAN Lester 32 IL Farmer 
BOWEN Joseph 27 NY Farmer 
BOWMAN George C 32 IL Farmer 
BOWMAN J L 28 IN Mechanic Vol
BOWMAN Lewis S 30 IL Farmer  Vol
BOWMAN R E 18 OH Mechanic Vol
BOY J T 40 GER Merchant
BOYDEN George D 2 MA Grain Merchant
BRACKETT C D 32 MA Mechanic
BRADLEY E W 33 OH Mechanic Discharged soldier
BRADY G W 31 OH Farmer 
BRAMIRD B H 34 SC Farmer 
BREWER D M 35 NY Merchant
BREWER Marvin 32 NY Merchant
BREWSTER E A 34 NY Teacher
BROWN A A 32 NY Lawyer
BROWN G A 35 MA Merchant
BROWN Ira A 36 NY Merchant
BROWN Jacob 37 TN Farmer 
BROWN Jeff 37 OH Farmer 
BROWN John 23 PA Mechanic
BROWN S T 38 TN Merchant Discharged soldier
BROWN W B 23 KY Clerk Vol
BROWN W V 23 KY Clerk
BRUGHTON Waite 30 VA Farmer 
BRUKER John 43 OH Farmer  Vol
BUGHER August F 44 KY Physician
BUMEROTZ Jno 38 VA Mechanic
BURK James 18 IRE Laborer
BURKE A 31 GER Barber
BURKHART Criss 30 GER Farmer 
BURROUGHS James M 26 MD Farmer  Vol
BURTON W J 31 VA Sadaler
BUSHEL Michael 26 IRW Laborer
BUSHNELL Willliam 33 IRE Laborer
CAMPBELL G H 41 TN Lawyer Lt Col 106th Reg IL Inf Vol
CAMPBELL George 25 OH Farmer 
CAMPBELL T J 32 KY Farmer 
CAMPBELL W J 38 NY Farmer 
CAMPBELL W J  38 NY Farmer 
CANG? Henry 42 ENG Merchant
CARE B F 38 OH Farmer 
CARPENTER G A 33 MA Farmer  Vol
CARROLL James W 30 VA Mechanic
CASHABUT? William 30 GER Farmer 
CAUGHFMAN Andrew 35 KY Farmer 
CHEEK William 24 IN Farmer 
CHENOWITH W S 38 OH Mechanic
CHOWNING George H 36 KY Painter
CLARK C R 26 NY Merchant
CLARK H B 32 NY Merchant Vol
CLARK Joseph N 39 VT Mechanic Vol
CLIMENS David  35 ENG Farmer 
CLINE Philip 21 GER Mechanic
COLLAS W T 18 IL Farmer  Vol
COLLINS Hugh C 18 IL Farmer  Vol
COMERTON? Thomas 30 IRE Farmer 
COMPTON Charles  44 IRE Laborer
COMSTOCK E M 26 KY Mechanic
COOGAN James 35 IRE Farmer 
COOK Samuel 26 OH Laborer Vol
COOK Samuel 35 OH Farmer  Vol
COOK William 32 PA Farmer  Vol
COONROD John 19 IL Farmer  Army
COONS WA Jr 22 MO Farmer  Discharged soldier
COWDREY W A K 24 NY Teacher
COX David H 41 KY Laborer
CRAIG Samuel 23 IL Farmer  Army
CRAIG William 29 KY Farmer  Discharged soldier
CRAVEN Abijah 18 NC Farmer  Army
CRAVEN Joseph 26 NC Farmer 
CREAMER Jacob 30 GER Farmer 
CREAMER John 44 OH Farmer 
CREAMER Penil 29 GER Mechanic
CULLY J M 31 IN Farmer 
CURRY J D 40 KY Farmer 
CURRY Oliver 18 IL Mechanic Vol
CURRY Thomas 33 KY Farmer 
DALL John 27 GER Laborer
DANEY George S 26 VT Lawyer
DANFORTH Horace P 28 OH Nurseryman Vol
DANIELS A L 33 NY Mechanic
DAVIDSON Ephriam 30 OH Farmer 
DAVIS Thomas 29 IRE Merchant
DAYTON I Z 43 VT Merchant
DELAND John 30 IRE Farmer 
DELAND O R 26 NY Merchant
DENIVAN John 34 IRE Laborer
DENMAN Jesse 30 ENG Farmer 
DENMORE John H 38 KY Farmer 
DENNY T H 23 IN Farmer 
DERBY W H 23 OH Teacher
DEWITT John 31 IRE Laborer Vol
DIETER Eugene 30 GER Mechanic Vol
DIMOUN J F 27 IL Farmer 
DINES Wesley 28 OH Laborer Vol
DINNEEN Timothy 44 IRE Farmer 
DOMINIQUE G W 27 NY Teacher Vol
DONLIN George 30 IRE Farmer 
DORMAN William 35 OH Farmer 
DOTON ?? (no given  name) 43 VT Merchant
DOTON S 41 VT Farmer 
DOUGLAS David 30 IRE Farmer 
DOWD John 33 IRE Mechanic Vol
DOYLA John 25 IRE Laborer
DUFF David 26 IL Farmer 
DUGAN David 19 OH Farmer  Vol
DUGAN Robert 30 OH Farmer 
DURKER N H 28 OH Laborer
DUSTIN W M 35 VT Banker
DWYER John 30 IRE Laborer
EADES John P 22 IL Farmer  Vol
ECKERT Fred 23 GER Mechanic
ECKERT John 30 GER Mechanic
EDGAR G W 43 KY Merchant
EDWARDS A C 27 IL Lawyer
EGLER Jacob 20 GER Farmer 
EIZENBOK Fred 35 GER Mechanic Vol
EKIHORN Henry 26 GER Farmer 
ELLIOTT John 27 OH Farmer  Vol
ELLIS F J C 33 TN Printer Vol
ELLSWORTH P H 25 MA Physician Vol
ENGLER Jacob 37 MD Farmer 
EVERLY Andrew 21 GER Farmer 
EWING Charles 25 IL Farmer 
EWING Finas 21 IL Farmer  Vol
EWING Floyd 19 IL Farmer  Vol
FARRIS John 26 OH Farmer 
FARRIS Joseph 18 OH Farmer 
FARRIS Lewis 22 OH Farmer 
FELKS David 27 GER Farmer 
FETTROW George 30 PA Mechanic
FICKAS Alexander 21 PA Farmer  Army
FITZGERALD Cornelius 23 IRE Farmer  Vol
FITZGERALD Patrick 19 IRE Mechanic Vol
FLECK John 35 GER Farmer 
FLICK Jacob 24 GER Farmer 
FOGLE John 28 MO Farmer  Army
FORBES Levi 25 IL Farmer  Vol
FORBIS Levi 25 IL Farmer  Vol
FORD John 2? IRE Mechanic
FORSYTH Eilester 20 NY Farmer  Discharged soldier
FORSYTH Robert 24 NY Mechanic
FOSSETT A 34 OH Farmer 
FOWLER Jessee W 26 NC Farmer  Discharged soldier
FOWLER John T 36 MD Farmer 
FOX Henry 29 GER Mechanic Vol
FOX James S 40 CT Farmer 
FRARER? Frank 32 GER Merchant
FRASER Jerome 42 OH Merchant
FREEBACKER Michael 36 GER Mechanic
FRIEGLE Bernard 38 GER Farmer 
FULLER F F 37 CT Physician
GALL Joseph 34 GER Mechanic Vol
GALLGER James 23 OH Farmer  Vol
GANER * (no given name) 35 MD Mechanic
GANNIER  Charles 36 GER Clerk
GANS Lawrence 34 GER Mechanic
GARDNER John 24 IRE Farmer  Vol
GAVAN James 26 PA Teacher
GAVER* (no given name) 35 MD Mechanic
GEER C H 44 NJ Merchant
GEER James B 19 MO Farmer 
GEISERT Gotlieb 32 GER Farmer  Vol
GESSINGER John 30 GER Farmer 
GESSNER Jacob 35 GER Merchant
GLEASON Andrew 23 OH Farmer 
GLEASON Edward 39 OH Farmer 
GLEASON Elijah 26 OH Farmer 
GLEASON Moses 30 oh Farmer  Vol
GLEASON Perry 32 OH Farmer 
GOLTRA Abram S 18 NJ Farmer 
GOLTRA Albert V 24 NJ Mechanic Army
GOLTRA George W 22 NJ Farmer  Vol
GOLTRA John H 26 NJ Farmer 
GOLTRA Joseph W 20 NJ Farmer  Army
GOUCH C H 40 NY Farmer 
GRAHAM Barnard 28 IRE Mechanic
GRAVES A 44 NY Merchant
GREEN James 27 IRE Laborer
GREEN Thomas F ENG Farmer 
GREEN William 42 OH Farmer 
GREGORY W S 30 Ky Farmer  Vol
GROUSE Xever? 37 GER Farmer 
GULLETT W H 28 OH Mechanic
GULLITT John 32 OH Mechanic
HAGERMAN S D 35 PA Farmer 
HALL George 37 NJ Farmer  Vol
HAMMER Henry 18 OH Farmer  Vol
HANES James 33 IN Farmer 
HARDEN Michael 24 IRE Laborer
HARDIN John 24 IRE Laborer
HARDIN Michael 28 IRE Farmer 
HARDIN Patrick 28 IRE Farmer 
HARDIN Thomas 25 IRE Laborer
HARDIN Thomas 25 IRE Farmer  Vol
HARLESS E S 27 OH Farmer 
HARLOW W B 30 NY Clerk
HARLOW W J 36 VA Mechanic
HARMON John 34 GER Farmer 
HARNESS Henry 30 OH Farmer 
HARNEY Anderson 43 OH Farmer 
HARNEY J M Jr 18 OH Farmer  Vol
HARRINGTON William O 43 OH Mechanic Vol
HARRISON John 32 NJ Farmer 
HARTMAN Joseph 43 GER Farmer 
HASE Henry 31 GER Farmer 
HATCH M L 24 OH Mechanic Vol
HATCH T M 28 NY Merchant
HATFIELD Owen 29 OH Mechanic Discharged soldier
HAVEN J M 42 VT Farmer 
HAZEBARGER George 35 GER Farmer 
HEDGES T K 43 KY Minister Vol
HEENGER Ben D 21 OH Farmer 
HEENGER James W 19 IL Farmer 
HEENGER William A 18 IL Farmer  Vol
HELLICK Fred 40 GER Laborer
HEN Philip 35 GER Farmer 
HICKMAN Fred 31 GER Mechanic
HIDELICK Joseph 33 GER Farmer 
HIGGINS M L 29 IL Farmer 
HILL Abram R 23 NJ Farmer 
HILL W W 22 NJ Farmer 
HILTLE William 29 PA Clerk
HINKLE Charles B 32 OH Mechanic
HOBBS E D 20 IL Clerk
HOBBS J S 29 IL Merchant
HOBLET Boston 39 OH Laborer
HOBLET Washington 26 IL Farmer  Vol
HODGEN S P 39 KY Merchant
HOGAN Denis 44 IRE Laborer
HOGAN Patrick 30 IRE Laborer
HOLSAFBEL Christian 28 GER Farmer  Vol
HORNBECK John P 35 OH Farmer  Vol
HORNEY Daniel C 19 OH Farmer 
HORNEY Henry H 21 OH Farmer 
HORNEY Joseph W 25 OH Farmer  Vol
HOUGHAM Aaron 30 IL Farmer 
HOW Joseph 25 IRE Farmer  Vol
HOW Samuel 22 IRE Farmer  Vol
HOWARD Patrick 29 IRE Farmer 
HOWE M W 39 NY Farmer 
HOWE N W 28 IL Farmer 
HOWERD Patrick 44 IRE Laborer
HOWSER Alfred L 18 IL Farmer  Discharged soldier
HUBER M A 37 GER Farmer  Vol
HUCK John J 42 GER Laborer
HUDDESTON Henry 28 IN Farmer 
HUFF Caleb B 44 OH Farmer  Vol
HUFF Henry 19 IL Farmer  Vol
HUFF John M 31 OH Farmer 
HUFF Thomas J 41 OH Mechanic Vol
HUKILL John 36 OH Mechanic
HUKLE John 36 OH Mechanic
HULL Charles 37 IN Farmer 
HUMMER David 30 PA Constable
HUNGAFORD Glover 44 CT Mechanic
HUNGAFORD William 29 CT Mechanic
HUNTING Whitely 28 NY Farmer 
HURD William 35 OH Mechanic
HURLBUT E P 24 NY Druggist
HURLBUT Henry 29 NY Farmer 
HURT J C 18 IL Farmer  Army
HURT William 20 IL Farmer  Army
INGRAM Ganrey 28 IN Farmer 
IRWIN S L 37 NC Farmer 
JACKSON Joseph 44 MD Farmer 
JACKSON William H 42 MD Farmer 
JEFFERSON John T 18 OH Laborer
JENKINS J T 4 IL County Clerk
JOHNSON C F 25 IL Farmer 
JOHNSON Henry 52 IN Merchant Vol
JONES Joseph C 30 PA Mechanic
JONES R W 18 IN Farmer 
JONES Samuel 36 OH  Mechanic
JONES William 23 OH Farmer  Vol
JORDY? G W 31 IN Mechanic
KANADY Lute J 33 IRE Laborer
KEIL August 33 GER Mechanic
KEIST Harmon 20 GER Farmer 
KELSO H P 42 IN Physician
KENNY W P 18 IN Farmer  War
KENYON T W 28 NY Farmer 
KESIGN John 30 GER Farmer 
KIEF Michael 42 GER Farmer 
KIEF Philip 38 GER Farmer 
KIRCHURR Gottlieb 30 GER Mechanic
KIRKPATRICK John 41 IN Mechanic
KIRNEY John 27 IL Laborer
KOMMER Joseph 40 GER Clerk Vol
KOSNIZAKY Julius 35 PRU Mechanic Vol
KUHN Sebastian 40 GER Laborer Vol
LACEY L P 40 IL Lawyer
LACEY W T 19 IL Farmer  Vol
LACY William T 19 il Farmer  Vol
LADUE I F 27 NY Mechanic
LANGLEY John 35 IN Laborer
LARD William 36 IRE Laborer
LARRASON S H 19 IL Farmer  Discharged soldier
LATHAM R B 44 KY Merchant Col IL 106th Inf Regt
LATHAM Samuel 37 CT Mechanic
LAWLESS James 23 IRE Farmer 
LAWRENCE Crist 35 GER Farmer 
LEARMAN Davis 25 GER Farmer 
LEEDS L L 31 oh Physician
LEONARD Andrew 28 IRE Farmer  Army
LESLIE F A 19 OH Clerk Discharged soldier
LESLIE John 23 OH Farmer 
LICKLUTER George 36 FRA Farmer 
LILTLER D T 26 OH Farmer 
LILTLER Oliver 28 OH Farmer 
LINCOLN D C 27 VA Farmer 
LINCOLN D M 27 VA Farmer 
LINCOLN J F 22 OH Farmer  Discharged soldier
LINDOW William 40 GER Laborer
LINDSAY J N 18 IL Farmer  Discharged soldier
LIPP John 25 GER Mechanic
LIPP John N 27 GER Mechanic
LONG Shadrach 28 OH Farmer 
LONTHOUR John 24 GER Farmer  War
LOYD James A 26 IL Laborer War
LOZIER C M 44 VA Farmer 
LOZIER N C 39 VA Farmer 
LUCAS J R 38 OH Farmer  Vol
LUCAS Levi 42 GER Farmer 
LUCAS William W 18 IL Farmer  Discharged soldier
LYER Anst 27 GER Farmer 
MACK Charles W 21 IN Farmer 
MADZEN Thomas 28 NY Farmer  Vol
MAHAN William 44 IRE Farmer 
MALTBY James W 28 IL Farmer  Vol
MALTBY John 21 IL Farmer 
MARTIERNA Joseph 28 KY Farmer 
MARTIN C J 29 NY Farmer  Vol
MARTIN Peter 30 GER Farmer 
MASTERSON Edward 18 NY Farmer  Vol
MATHER M L 28 OH Clerk
MAY T J 21 OH Farmer  Army
MAYFIELD Abram 38 AL Merchant
McAFFIE Jacob 26 IN Farmer  Vol
McAFFIE Lewis 31 IN Farmer 
McAFFIE Thomas C 18? IL Farmer  Army
McCARTY Dennis 32 IRE Farmer 
McCHANE James 30 IRE Farmer 
McCLURE E S 30 IL Farmer 
McCONNELL Ather? 25 FRA Farmer 
McCONNELL James 38 IRE Farmer 
McCORD R L 32 IL Minister
McCORD Samuel 35 PA Farmer  Vol
McCRARY William 33 IN Farmer 
McCREARY E O 35 NY Mechanic
McELROY James 39 CAN Laborer
McELVAN C U 27 OH Clerk
McELVANE John 35 OH Farmer  Vol
McELVANE John 36 OH Farmer  Vol
McEVANE R M J 23 OH Clerk
McGALLIARD William 27 NJ Lawyer
McGEE Henry 38 SCOT Physician
McGENTRY Bernard 30 IRE Farmer 
McGRATH Thomas 28 IRE Farmer 
McMAHAN A C 40 IL Farmer 
McMAHON James 23 IRE Clerk
McMILLAN William 38 IRE Farmer 
McMULLEN Allen 28 OH Farmer 
McMULLEN Jeremiah 30 OH Farmer 
McNAMARA Thomas 27 IRE Laborer
MEAHN Henry 29 GER Mechanic
METCALF J S 32 IL Merchant
MICK Charles 22 IN Farmer 
MILBURN T H 26 CAN Merchant
MILLER A H 44 VT Farmer 
MILLER A M 31 MD Druggist
MILLER Charles H 30 IL Teacher Vol
MILLER Fred 23 GER Mechanic Army
MILLER J F 38 MD Mechanic
MILLER John W 25 OH Farmer 
MILLER L F 18 VT Farmer  Vol
MILLER R S 40 KY Physician
MILLER Reuben 44 IL Merchant
MILLS Garvin 18 IN Farmer  Vol
MILLS John 22 IN Farmer 
MILLS Robert 29 OH Farmer 
MILLS Warren 27 IN Farmer 
MILTON Anstin P 35 IL Farmer  Vol
MILTON John G 44 IN Mechanic
MIMDAY Aaron* 42 NY Merchant
MITTENDORFF Theodore 43 GER Merchant
MOLADY John 35 IRE Farmer 
MOORE S L 33 MA Landlord
MOORE William S 26 IN Farmer  Discharged soldier
MOOSE Peter 30 GER Farmer 
MORRIS Calvary 26 OH Farmer 
MORRIS M W 32 OH Farmer 
MORRIS P W 40 OH Farmer  Discharged soldier
MORRIS Smith 40 OH Mechanic
MORROW James 27 IRE Mechanic
MORTON C A 24 NY Clerk  Army
MOUNTS James G 26 OH Farmer 
MOWERY William 19 IN Farmer  Vol
MOWM? Andrew 29 IRE Farmer 
MUIR J W 27 KY Merchant
MULRONY Patrick 33 IRE Laborer
MUNDAY Aaron* 42 NY Merchant
MURTY James 30 IRE Farmer 
MUSIC George 34 IL Banker
MUSIC W H 23 IL Farmer  Vol
MUSICK Ephriam 23 IN Farmer 
MYER John 20 GER Laborer
MYERS Ezra 35 MD Farmer 
NAGEL Michael 32 GER Farmer  Vol
NATON? L D 49 UK Lawyer
NEVILLE John 33 IRE Farmer 
NICHOLSON A B 35 OH  County Sheriff
NICHOLSON Frank 30 IL Farmer 
NICHOW William G 35 PA Mechanic
NILES J A 28 NY Merchant
NOLAN Edward A 22 IRE Laborer
NORRIS Richard 35 IRE Farmer 
OBRIAN Michael 32 IRE Laborer
ODINNIL John * 30 IRE Mechanic
ODONNELL Dennis 25 IRE Farmer 
ODOWD McMichael 32 IRE Farmer 
OGDEN Jonatha 39 NY Farmer 
OHEAN Richard 20 MA Farmer  Vol
OLIVER William 24 VA Farmer  Vol
OLTZ D M 44 NY Physician Vol
OMAY Edward 26 NY Farmer  Vol
OMAY W F 22 IN Farmer  Army
ORONDORFF Robert 28 IL Lawyer
OTT Frank 26 GER Laborer Discharged soldier
OTT William 27 GER Farmer 
PALMER Henry 44 CT Merchant
PARISH Harrison 22 OH Farmer  Vol
PARK Collins 36 OH Mechanic
PARKER George W 21 OH Farmer  War
PARKER Samuel 18 OH Farmer  Vol
PARKER Thomas B 20 OH Farmer  War
PARKS Samuel 40 VT Lawyer
PATTERSON William 42 OH Mechanic Vol
PEARCH Daniel N 35 OH Farmer 
PEARSON S F 34 DE Mechanic
PEGRAM B B 34 TN Farmer  Vol
PEGRAM S M 18 IL Farmer 
PEGRAM T J 23 IL Farmer  War
PEGRAM W E 31 KY Merchant
PENDLETON Berry 35 IL Mechanic War
PERCELL Mathew 31 NY Farmer 
PETITT W J 30 IL Laborer Vol
PFOW John 38 GER Laborer
PHILLIPS Charles 20 OH Farmer  Discharged soldier
PIERCE Barton 22 IL Farmer  War
PIERCE C D 18 IL Farmer  War
PIERCE Hiram 35 IL Farmer  Vol
PIERCE Milom 24 IL Mechanic War
PIPER Asa A 18 IL Farmer 
POWELL Robert M 21 VA Farmer 
POWELL Warner T 32 VA Farmer 
POWLES Charles 28 GER Farmer 
PRIEST F C 30 PA Teacher
PRIMM Calvin M 21 IL Farmer 
PRIMM T F 18 IL Farmer  Discharged soldier
PRIMM Thomas W 23 IL Farmer 
QUICK Ephriam C 45 NY Farmer  Vol
RAMSBURG J C 18 MD Laborer
RANDLE James 30 OH Mechanic
RANDOLPH William P 33 VA Lawyer
RANKIN Senate E 19 OH Farmer  Vol
RANSDELL W Q 36 KY Mechanic
RANSTER Jacob 18 GER Farmer 
RATLIFF A C 23 IN Farmer  Vol
RATLIFF Thomas 20 IN Farmer  Vol
RAY Elijah 26 IL Farmer 
RAY G W 18 IL Farmer 
RAY Patrick 35 IRE Farmer 
REED Joseph 37 KY Merchant
REFERSAL Henry 23 GER Farmer 
REGAN Lelvi T 19 IL Teacher Vol
REMMERMAN Adolph 24 GER Farmer 
RENSTTER Frederick 25 GER Farmer 
RESEVIER Henry 34 ENG Mechanic Vol
RESEVIER Richard 35 ENG Mechanic
REYNOLDS Eli 35 OH Teacher
REYNOLDS Eli 29 OH Teacher
RHODES John H 30 MD Mechanic
RICE Henry 39 NY Farmer 
RICHERSON James 30 IRE Farmer 
RICHTER L C 28 NJ Mechanic
RIEFE John 39 GER Farmer 
RILEY Thomas 30 IRE Farmer 
RIMDELL John R 18 OH Farmer  Army
RIMDELL Philip H 22 OH Farmer  Vol
ROACH Albert 18 OH Farmer 
ROACH Henry 32? KY Farmer  Vol
ROACH Henry 33 KY Farmer  Vol
ROACH S T 21 OH Farmer 
ROACH Thomas 44 IRE Farmer 
ROBBINS J W 37 KY Merchant
ROBERTS A F 25 MI Mechanic
ROBINSON C T 31 KY Merchant
ROBINSON James W 29 NJ Mechanic Discharged soldier
ROBINSON Samuel 18 IL Farmer  Vol
ROCK Lewis 21 GER Farmer 
ROCK Simon 34 GER Mechanic
ROGERS James T 42 NC Mechanic Vol
ROGERS Joseph J 29 NC Mechanic
ROLLTSON Jacob* 34 PA Mechanic Vol
ROLTTSON Jacob* 34 PA Mechanic Vol
RONTSEN Jacob 34 PA Mechanic Vol
RONTSON Henry 21 PA Farmer  Vol
ROSENTHAL Levi 26 GER Farmer  Vol
ROSENTHAL Louis 30 GER Farmer 
ROSENTHAL Silas 28 GER Merchant
ROSS William 21 OH Mechanic
ROSSETTER George 30 IL Farmer 
ROTHCHILD Emanuel 18 GER Farmer 
RUBY Julius 32 HUN Farmer 
RUDOLPH J F 30 IL Farmer  Vol
RUDOLPH J T 34 IL Constable
RUPP Peter 28 GER Farmer  Vol
RUSSELL J H 32 VA Constable
RUSSELL J J 23 VA Farmer 
RUSSELL J W 38? VA Farmer 
RYAN Daniel 30 IRE Farmer 
RYAN Michael 33 IRE Laborer
RYAN Thomas 43 IRE Merchant
RYAN W F 34 KY Merchant
SAMS G W 37 TN Laborer
SANDERS John 22 OH Farmer 
SANDERS W S 35 OH Mechanic
SAVAGE John 27 IRE Drayman
SCHNEIDER Peter 32 GER Farmer  Discharged soldier
SCHUTT John 34 OH Farmer 
SEIBERT Adam 18 OH Farmer 
SELLECK Avery 25 NY Stable Keeper
SERGENT Samuel 33 OH Physician
SHAFER Frederick 33 GER Farmer 
SHAW Thomas 42 IRE Farmer 
SHAW William 23 ENG Farmer  Army
SHEER John 25 GER Mechanic Vol
SHERMAN H 23 OH Merchant
SHIELD Robert 20 NY Farmer  Vol
SHIELDS Robert 20 NY Farmer  Army
SHIPMAN W B 33 VT Farmer 
SHIPMAN Wiliam 24 NY Farmer 
SHUGART John T 24 IL Farmer  Vol
SIMS J B 29 VA Physician
SISSUR Steven 39 CAN Farmer 
SKAGGS James 33 IN Farmer 
SKELLY W D F 22 IN Laborer Discharged soldier
SKELTON J W 41 IN Farmer 
SKINNER G F 37 OH Mechanic
SLADE John 34 ENG Mechanic
SMALL D W 41 VA Mechanic
SMALL John S 38 VA Merchant
SMALL William 18 OH Newsboy
SMALLWOOD Harris T 33 OH Farmer 
SMALLWOOD John A 40 NJ Farmer 
SMITH Albert 19 IA Clerk
SMITH Denison 29 MI Laborer
SMITH E W 23 IA Merchant
SMITH Edward 26 OH Farmer 
SMITH Fred 19 GER Mechanic
SMITH John 20 IL Farmer  Vol
SMITH John 36 GER Mechanic
SMITH John L 21 IL Farmer  Vol
SMITH Joseph 34 IRE Farmer 
SMITH Turvis? 21 OH Farmer 
SMITH William M H 25 IA Merchant
SMOAK Philip 18 GER Mechanic
SPITZBAUGH Fred 38 GER Farmer 
SPLAIN Robert 44 IRE Mechanic
SPOELTER Joseph 37 GER Farmer 
SPOELTER Martin 44 GER Hotel Keeper
SPRINGER Willima M 27 IN Lawyer
STALLINGS Allen 26 IL Farmer 
STANLY Aquilla W 32 IL Farmer  Vol
STANLY Mathew 30 NY Farmer 
STANTON Andrew 18 MO Farmer  Vol
STARKEY W G 34 VA Dep Sheriff
STEPLETON Ephriam 18 IL Farmer  Army
STEPLETON James 35 IL Farmer 
STEPLETON Thomas 42 IN Laborer Army
STERN Samuel 29 GER Merchant
STEVENS Hiram 30 IL Farmer 
STEVENS Plowdon 26 OH Farmer 
STINSON W A 23 PA Teacher Vol
STOCKeirt Louis 44 GER Farmer 
STRIKER Henry F 32 NJ Mechanic
SULLIVAN John 30 IRE Laborer
SULZE Jessie M 24 IN Farmer 
SULZE Samuel 28 IL Farmer 
SUTTON William 30 IL Farmer  Vol
SWALLOW Daniel 19 IL Mechanic Army
SWITZER Jacob 28 PA Mechanic
SWITZER Samuel 35 PA Mechanic
THACKER James 44 OH Mechanic
THOMPSON Alfred 21 OH Farmer 
THOMPSON Ezekiel 41 OH Farmer 
THOMPSON William H 23 OH Farmer 
TIBBITS Hamilton 43 VA Mechanic
TICE Henry 19 GER Farmer 
TORNY Edward 28 IRE Laborer
TOWN J V 38 OH Mechanic
TRAVIS Anstin 21 OH Mechanic
TRAVIS W 32 OH Merchant
TRUBY Jacob 32 IN Mechanic
TRUBY John 32 IN Mechanic
TURNY Henry 32 IRE  Farmer 
VANDEVENDER Andrew  23 IL Laborer
VANGUNDY G W 36 IL Farmer 
VANMETER Joseph B 27 IL Mechanic Vol
VANNOY Jonathan 38 IL Farmer  Vol
VOEPEL John 44 GER Mechanic
WACHTER Clemens 35 GER Farmer 
WADE William 23 IL Farmer 
WALTER Thomas 37 SWIT Laborer Discharged soldier
WARNER D B 39 NY Merchant
WARNER G H 40 NY Mechanic
WARNER Joseph 35 GER Farmer 
WEAVER Hiram 43 PA Farmer 
WEBB G W 30 KY Constable
WEBSTER Edwin L 24 CT Merchant Vol
WEBSTER James 30 ENG Mechanic
WEBSTER Jonathan 25 ENG Mechanic
WEILTIC John 36 GER Farmer 
WELLS David 25 IL Farmer  Army
WELTCH Robert 28 IRE Farmer 
WERLEY John E 24 OH Farmer  Vol
WETSELL Goerge 46 GER Farmer 
WHIPPLE Samuel 20 NY Tel Operator
WHITE William 32 GER Merchant Vol
WHITLEY Gottlieb 37 GER Farmer  Vol
WHITSITT Richard 32 ENG Mechanic Discharged soldier
WICUM David 22 ENG Farmer  Discharged soldier
WIGGINTON Andrew J 37 KY Farmer 
WILER Otto 23 GER Laborer
WILKINS Abraham 21 IL Farmer 
WILKINS James 23 IL Farmer  Army
WILLIAMS Benjamin 28 KY Capt IL 106th Inf Regt
WILLIAMS J H 30 OH Laborer
WILLIAMS Ranson W 22 OH Farmer 
WILLIS Adam 27 KY Engineer  Vol
WILLOCK Alfred 22 OH Laborer Vol
WILLOCKs Robert 23 OH Farmer  Vol
WILSON James 30 NH Farmer  Vol
WILSON Jenkins 21 OH Farmer  Vol
WILSON Robert 44 OH Mechanic
WILSON S B 40 NY Mechanic
WINKEL John 26 GER Farmer 
WINSEL John 29 GER Farmer 
WOODS John 19 OH Farmer  Vol
WOODS John 24 IRE Farmer 
WOOLEY Joseph 38 OH Farmer 
WRIGHT J S 21 IN Clerk Vol
WYATT John 43 IL Farmer 
WYATT W D 41 IL Farmer 
WYLEY J F 23 OH Clerk
WYLEY Jacob L 21 OH Mechanic
YAGER Frederick 28 GER Clerk
YAGER George 32 GER Merchant
YATES James L 33 IL Mechanic Vol
YELTON Aaron R 18 KY Farmer 
YELTON Jasper 20 KY Farmer  Vol
YELTON John W 21 KY Clerk Vol
YOUNG Pinckney 42 NC Mechanic Vol
YOUNG Thomas 30 IN Mechanic
YOUNG W H 37 NY Lawyer
YOUNG William W 19 IL Laborer Vol
YUNKY Carlin 32 GER Laborer
ZIMMERMAN Gotlieb  30 GER Farmer 
ZIMMERMAN Jacob 25 GER Farmer