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1862 Military Census

ANDERSON Barge 25 NY Farmer Vol
APPLEGATE Robert 32 IL Farmer Vol
ASTEY Thomas 32 IL Farmer
ATKINS John 23 TN Farmer
BAILEY William 21 OH Farmer
BAKER William 21 OH Farmer
BARNES Alvin 35 IL Farmer
BARRICK Albert 30 MD Mechanic Vol
BARRICK Dennis 38 MD Mechanic Vol
BARRICK Simeon 27 F Mechanic Vol
BARRICK William 32 MD Farmer Vol
BARRICK Noah T 18 MD Farmer Vol
BAXTER N S 44 IL Mechanic
BEAVER Azriah 19 OH Farmer
BEAVER James 43 OH Farmer
BECK John 25 OH Farmer Vol
BOCK William W 21 IL Farmer
BOUGHAN Abram 30 IL Farmer
BOYER John 39 PA Farmer
BOYER Peter 28 PA Farmer Vol
BOYER William 24 PA Farmer Vol
BREWSAUGH John B 21 IL Mechanic
BREWSAUGH John G 21 IL Mechanic
BROWN George 21 IL Farmer Vol
BROWN Henry 19 IL Farmer Vol
BRUNARD N F 24 IL  Farmer Army
BRYAN Peter 20 IRE Farmer
BRYANT Andrew 18 IL Farmer
CAMPBELL Albert 36 OH Farmer
CARR John 30 OH Farmer
CHILDS Joseph 39 NY Farmer
CLATT Franklin 22 GER Farmer Army
CLAYTON John 20 IL Farmer Army
CLINE Levi 19 OH Farmer Vol
COCHRAN Edward 21 NY Farmer Army
COIL Caswell 36 TN Farmer Vol
COIL James 32 IL Mechanic
COOK Alexander 32 OH Farmer
COWARDIN Joseph J 18 IL Farmer Vol
CRANE William 29 OH Farmer
CRITZ Peter 22 IL Farmer
CROFT Daniel 30 VA Mechanic
CROFT Michael 24 VA Farmer
CROFT Samuel 22 VA Farmer
DARBY William A 25 VA Farmer Vol
DAVIE Thomas 40 ENG Farmer
DAVIS Nelson G 23 NY Farmer Vol
DAVISSON Joseph 27 NJ Farmer Vol
DONNIVAN John 28 IRE Farmer
DOWNEY Charles 21 OH Farmer
DOWNEY Thomas 24 OH Farmer Vol
DOWNEY William 26 OH Farmer
DUDNEY Oliver 22 IL Farmer Vol
DUDNEY William J 44 TN Farmer Army
DUNAVAN J W 23 IL Farmer Army
DUNIVAN William 38 OH Farmer Army
DUNLAP Aleander 22 IL Farmer Army
DUNLAP Robert 18 IL Farmer
DUNLAP William 21 IL Farmer
EDWARDS Elijah 23 NY Farmer Army
EDWARDS Joseph 25 OH Farmer Vol
ELLIS Benjamin F 32 IL Farmer Vol
EVANS James D 24 OH Farmer Vol
FARRIS Absolom 45 KY Farmer
FARRIS James 26 IL Farmer Vol
FENSNER Henry 25 GER Farmer Army
FLANAGAN William 30 OH Farmer Vol
FLEMING Alexander H 22 IL Farmer Army
FLEMING George 18 IL Farmer Army
FORSYTH Adam 31 NY Farmer Army
FOTCH Gotlief 20 GER Farmer Army
FRAKES T A 38 IN Farmer Vol
GALLAGER Anthony 30 OH Farmer
GALLAGER Hugh 32 OH Farmer
GALLAGER Patrick 35 OH Farmer
GARDNER George W 26 IL Farmer Vol
GARDNER James W 40 IL Farmer Army
GARRETT David 18 IRE Farmer Vol
GIBBINS Daniel 38 VA Farmer
GIBBS John 26 MD Farmer Vol
GIBBS William 28 MI Mechanic Army
GLEEM Charles H 19 IL Student
GOLDSMITH David 23 IL Farmer Army
GRASSES Calvin 32 VA Farmer
GRIFFITH Daniel 38 VA Farmer
HALL William 30 IRE Farmer
HALSTEAD Allen 26 IL Farmer
HALSTEAD Ira 18 IL Farmer
HAMEL William 38 VA Farmer
HARDISTA Henry 29 VA Farmer Vol
HARRIS Columbus 18 OH Farmer Vol
HARRIS Micaga 33 OH Farmer
HAWKINS Lewis 35 OH Farmer
HEBBERT Peter 29 IRE Farmer
HEDGES Thomas 25 OH Farmer Army
HENNABERGER Richard 35 IRE Farmer
HICKMAN Henry 18 IL Farmer
HICKMAN Somers 22 IL Farmer Vol
HIGGINS John 35 IRE Farmer
HILL A J 25 IL Farmer Army
HILL J W D 21 IN Mechanic Army
HIND Thomas 35 IL Laborer
HOFFMAN Emauel 18 VA Farmer
HOLLAND Isaac 21 IL Farmer
HOLLAND John 37 IL Farmer
HOUGARDNER John M 30 VA Mechanic
HUGHES William 29 OH Farmer Vol
HURLEY James 36 OH Farmer
IKEHARD Philip 36 GER Mechanic Vol
ISENHART Jacob 18 IL Farmer
ISENHART John 23 IL Farmer Army
JACKSON James 22 OH Farmer
JACKSON John W 18 PA Farmer Vol
JENKINS Joseph 35 LA Farmer
JEWETT Columbus 22 OH Farmer
JONES Edmund 32 OH Farmer
JONES Henry 24 OH Farmer
JONES Thoma(s?) 18 IRE Farmer
KEEFER John 30 PA Farmer
KEELY Charles W 22 IL Mechanic
KITSON George W 22 IL Farmer
KNAPP Murry  ?? IL Farmer
LANG Harvey 29 OH Farmer Vol
LANG Wesley 23 OH Farmer Vol
LARKIN Lawrence 23 IRE Farmer
LAUGHEM Michael 32 IRE Farmer
L???ha Jerry 44 IRE Farmer
LEE George R 25 OH Farmer
LEE James H 31 OH Farmer
LEVIE Morgan 23 VA Farmer Vol
LEWIS Decatur 29 VA Constable
LINDSEY George 19 IL Farmer
LOUTSENHEISER Charles 19 IL Farmer Vol
LOWERY William 23 OH Farmer Vol
LUCAS Abraham 37 OH Farmer
LUCAS John M 37 OH Farmer
LUCAS Madison 20 OH Farmer
LUCAS William 35 OH Farmer
LUCKETT F P 44 VA Physician
LUMT? Henry W 24 VT Farmer Vol
MARRIS (MORRIS?) William 30 IL Farmer
MARTIN Zachariah 40 OH Farmer
MARTINIE David 20 KY Farmer Vol
MARTINIE William 22 KY Farmer Vol
McBRIDE Henry 23 OH Farmer Vol
McBRIDE John 30 OH Farmer
McBRIDE Robert 20 OH Farmer Vol
McCORMICK Francis 35 IRE Farmer
McGARVEY Marion 25 IL Farmer Vol
McGARVEY Oliver 36 IL Farmer
McMASTER Ezra B 19 OH Farmer Vol
McMULLEN Thomas 35 OH Farmer Army
MECAY Nicholas 28 PA Farmer Vol
MILLER George 24 VA Farmer
MILLER William 35 OH Farmer
MILLER William H 22 OH Farmer
MONTGOMERY Joseph 30 IN Farmer Vol
MONTGOMERY Levi 20 IN Farmer
MONTGOMERY Wesley 35 IN Miller
MORLEY A D 41 IN Farmer Vol
MORRIS Andrew J 32 OH Farmer
MORRIS Elijah 30 OH Farmer
MORRIS Lorenzo 30 OH Farmer
MORRIS Samuel 25 OH Farmer
MURPHY Cornelius 37 IRE Farmer Army
MUSKGROVE John 25 IL Farmer Vol
MYERS Henry 24 GER Farmer Army
NOLAN Thomas D 19 OH Farmer Vol
O'HERROW Thomas 28 IRE Farmer
OSENBAUGH John 40 OH Farmer Vol
PALMER William 26 VA Farmer
PASTE Lafayette 39 VT Merchant
PEA Thomas 18 IL Mechanic
PENCE John 22 IL Farmer
PETERS Charles 25 GER Farmer Army
PETERS Charles 26 PA Farmer Army
PLUMMER Curtis 38 OH Farmer
PLUMMER Erastus 30 OH Farmer
POOLE Joseph 40 ENG Farmer Vol
POOLE Thomas 25 MD Farmer Vol
POWERS John 18 NY Farmer Vol
PRESTON Enoch 23 IL Farmer Vol
PRINCE Girard 23 VA Farmer
PRINCE John 35 VT Farmer
PRINCE William 25 VA Farmer
RAMSAY George 23 OH Farmer
RAWSON Asa 37 IN Farmer Army
RAYBURN R A 35 KY Farmer
RICHARDS Henry 26 OH Farmer
RICHARDS James W 39 OH Farmer
RICHARDS Josiah 30 OH Farmer
RICHARDS Lewis C 25 OH Farmer
RICHARDS William 36 OH Farmer
RITCHART John 33 OH Farmer
RITCHART Philip 23 OH Farmer
ROACH Joseph E 34 TN Minister
RUSNOGLE John 28 OH Farmer
RYAN Patrick 30 IRE Farmer
SANDERS William 27 MO Farmer
SHASTEN Henry 18 OH Farmer
SHASTIN Edward 42 OH Farmer
SHAVER Edward 42 OH Farmer Vol
SHAVER Frank 23 OH Farmer Army
SHEELY Jacob 40 OH Farmer
SHORDAN Cornelius 33 IRE Farmer Vol
SIBERT Adam 19 OH Farmer
SIBERTS Ferdinand 26 GER Farmer Army
SMITH Ben F 18 VA Farmer Vol
SMITH Isaac T 35 VA Farmer
SMITH James F 21 VA Farmer Vol
SNYDER Cyrus 23 IL Farmer
SNYDER Henry 30 PA Farmer
SNYDER Thomas 23 ENG Farmer
SPARKS James 35 OH Farmer
SPARKS Jessee 22 IL Farmer Vol
SQUIRE Thomas 23 ENG Farmer
SQUIRE William 25 ENG Farmer
STEEN William 24 IL Farmer
STOTTARD John 18 OH Farmer Vol
STOTTARD William W 26 OH Farmer Vol
STRAWSER William 25 VA Farmer Army
STURGEON Archibald 30 OH Farmer
STURGEON Joseph 39 OH Farmer Army
STURGEON Lewis 33 OH Farmer
STURGESS William 26 MO Farmer
SULLIVAN Daniel 29 IRE Farmer
SWARTWOOD James 22 IL Farmer Army
TERLING James S 24 VA Farmer Army
THOMPSON J J K 25 IL Printer
TOBBERMAN William 28 VA Farmer Vol
TOLBERT R A 38 KY Farmer
TURNER Emanuel 36 VA Farmer
WALKER David 18 PA Farmer Army
WALKER James 20 PA Farmer Army
WALKER John W 26 OH Farmer
WARNER Jefferson 25 IL Farmer Army
WARREN George 29 OH Farmer
WARREN Uriah 33 OH Farmer
WARREN William H 21 OH Farmer
WEADLE Daniel 3` OH Farmer
WEAVER Alexander 22 IL Farmer
WEAVER Oliver 19 IL Farmer Vol
WEAVER Robert 19 IL Farmer Vol
WEAVER William 26 OH Farmer Vol
WENDELL John 28 OH Farmer
WENDELL Philip 39 OH Farmer
WENDELL Thomas 43 OH Farmer
WENDELL William 19 OH Farmer
WESLEY  John 22 OH Farmer Vol
WHITTAKER William Levi 44 PA Farmer
WILLIAMS Preston 25 OH Farmer
WILLIAMSON Essie 23 OH Farmer Vol
WILLIAMSON Pharsaw 25 IL Farmer Vol
WILSON John 24 IL Farmer Vol
WOLFE Cornelius 22 IL Farmer Vol
WOLFE Daniel 30 IN Farmer
WOLFE Lewis C 33 OH Farmer
WOOD John 25 OH Farmer Vol
WORTH James 20 IL  Farmer
WORTH Orkey 21 IL Farmer
YOKIM James R 36 OH Farmer
YOUNG James 38 Ky Farmer