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Miss Turley's 4th Grade Mt. Pulaski 1955-56

Top Row: Mrs. Turley, Butch Scroggin, Cheryl Rothwell, Susan Connelly, Kenny Greenwood, Kenny Chapman, Patsy Star, Connie Brownley , Theresa Hayden, Linda Mann

2nd Row: Danny O'Brien, Carylyn Fuhrer, John Zimmerman, Phyllis Riedle, Faye Black, Camille Kafka, Sandra Sams, Linda Buckles, Jimmy O'Brien, Fredrick Lipp

3rd Row: Roy Hahn, Carol Schaffnecker, Judith Stuckle, Mike or Tom Donough, Diane Hamm, David Jackson, Maxine Van Fossan, Paula McCubbin

4th Row: Marylyn Fuhrer, Carolyn Scroggin, Carol Scroth, Becky Rowland, Phillip Jacobs, Jimmy Cox

5th Row: Jerry Buckles, Linda Turner, Pam Hanslow, Pat Leimbach, Wilbur Glick, Jr.

Identifications by Marylyn Fuhrer Downing and Cheryl Rothwell. The two missing names were provided by Maxine Van Fossan Williams after seeing the picture online.

I believe there were 40 in the class so three are missing. One would seem to be David Shellhammer.

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