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1862 Military Census

AHRENFEND Peter 35 PA Farmer
ALLEN James M 31 OH Farmer
AMBROSE D S 19 OH Farmer Army
AMBROSE L P 21 OH Farmer Army
AMROSE Henry 19 OH Farmer Army
AMROSE William E 17 OH Farmer Army
ANDERSON Isaac 28 OH Farmer Army
ARNOLD John 29 GER Farmer Vol
ASHHURST John K 33 KY Farmer Vol
AYERS Alfred 33 KY Farmer
AYERS James 27 KY Farmer
AYERS John 30 KY Farmer Vol
BAERLIN Herman 19 GER Farmer Vol
BALTHAISER Samuel 25 OH Mechanic
BATES John 25 MO Farmer Vol
BATES M 25 VT Farmer
BAUER Frank 31 GER Mechanic
BAUER George 38 GER Farmer
BEAN ? (no given name) 30 OH Farmer
BEAN ? (no given name) 28 OH Farmer
BEAN S C 39 NJ Farmer
BECK A H 24 OH Farmer
BEIDLER Samuel H 25 PA Post Master
BIEDLER George  22 PA Clerk Vol
BIELENFIELDT Christ 30 GER Farmer Vol
BOBELL Henry 44 GER Farmer
BOWEN David 24 OH Farmer Vol
BOWMAN E 19 KY Farmer Vol
BOWMAN James 22 KY Farmer Vol
BOWMAN William 3? OH Farmer
BOYD Charles 17 IRE Farmer Army
BRACKT? William 24 GER Farmer Vol
BRAUGHTON George 34 GER Farmer
BRAUGHTON James 44 OH Farmer
BRAUGHTON Perry 43 OH Farmer
BRESMER Fred 31 GER Farmer
BRUCKER George 34 GER Farmer
BRUCKER Gotlieb 21 GER Farmer Dischgd
BRUCKER Jacob 24 GER Farmer
BUCK Ernest 24 GER Farmer Vol
BUCKELS Andrew 34 MI Farmer
BUCKELS Charlton 30 IN Farmer
BUCKELS Jeremiah 42 KY Farmer
BUCKELS John 40 KY Farmer
BUCKELS Wiley 24 IN Farmer Vol
BUCKELS William 43 IN Farmer
BUCKMIER William 28 GER Farmer
BURKE William 35 IRE Farmer
BUSH J C 35 OH Mechanic
CAPPS Charles S 32 IL  Farmer
CAPPS E S 28 IL  Farmer
CAPPS J H 23 IL  Merchant
CAPPS O T 26 IL  Farmer
CARLYLE J H 34 VA Farmer
CARNS Sylvester 28 GER Farmer
CASS Albert 19 MO Farmer
CASS Alexander 30 PA Farmer
CASS M V 22 MO Farmer
CASS Robert 21 TN Mechanic Vol
CONRAD Eli 18 GER Farmer Vol
COTT Thomas 23 OH Farmer Vol
CURNUTT Richard 19 MO Farmer
DANNER Andrew 21 GER Mechanic
DANNER Andrew Jr 21 OH Farmer Army
DANNER George 32 GER Mechanic
DAWSON C H 42 IN Farmer
DEMENT A 23 KY Mechanic Army
DEMENT D H 25 KY Farmer
DEMENT George 19 KY Farmer Vol
DEMENT J H 23 OH Farmer Vol
DEMENT L M 24 KY Farmer Army
DIETRICH Henry 36 GER Mechanic
DOWNING George H 29 OH Farmer Vol
DOWNING H C 23 OH Farmer Vol
DOWNING Hardin 18 OH Farmer
DOWNING Thomas 34 OH Farmer
DROBISCH Adolph 28 GER Mechanic
DROBISCH Gottlielf 40 GER Farmer
DUNN James 27 IRE Farmer
DUTTSON John 21 IL  Farmer Army
DYER Samuel 2? GER Farmer
EAST Jacob 40 OH Farmer Vol
EBINGER David 22 GER Farmer
EBINGER Jacob 25 GER Mechanic
EBINGER John 32 GER Mechanic Vol
EBLE Joseph 25 GER Farmer Army
EICHLER Charles 40 POL Farmer Army
EMMITT John 26 IL  Mechanic Vol
EPTING John 43 GER Farmer
ERLENBUSH Gottfried 36 GER Farmer
ERLENBUSH Jacob 41 GER Farmer
ERLENBUSH John 25 GER Farmer Vol
EVERLY John 26 IL  Minister Vol
FENTON Charles 20 GER Farmer Vol
FENTON Joseph 23 GER Farmer Vol
FENTON Peter 25 GER Farmer
FLEMING John 44 OH Farmer
FOSTER J M 28 IN Farmer Vol
GARARD Thomas W 28 KY Farmer
GELTY John 38 GER Farmer Vol
GIDEON A L 38 OH Mechanic
GILLETT Joseph 36 VT Mechanic Dischgd soldier
GIRARD Stephen 22 KY Farmer
GREENSLATE George 38 KY Farmer
GROSSBIRNT Fred 36 GER Merchant
GROVER Owen 30 IN Farmer
HACKNEY Thomas 25 IRE Farmer
HAMILTON William 22 GER Farmer
HAMMER John 33 FRA Farmer Army
HANEL Daniel 24 IN Farmer Vol
HANSELMAN Fred 22 GER Farmer Vol
HANSELMAN George 25 GER Farmer Army
HARDER Henry 36 GER Farmer Vol
HARPER John 18 GER Farmer
HARPER William M 21 GER Farmer
HASSETT John 23 MO Farmer
HASTINGS Theopilus 24 OH Farmer Army
HAUSERMAN Jacob 33 GER Farmer
HEFT E 29 OH Farmer
HELMS Alexander 38 OH Farmer
HELMS J H 19 OH Farmer
HELMS William 27 OH Farmer
HENDERSON Andrew 25 OH Farmer Vol
HERT William 21 KY Farmer Army
HICKMAN George 22 OH Farmer Army
HOFFMAN John 22 KY Farmer Vol
HOLMES William 22 KY Farmer
HORN Paul 18 KY Farmer
HUCK George 22 GER Merchant
HUNMELMAN? Adam 35 GER Farmer
HUNT Jacob 22 GER Farmer Army
JACKSON William R 26 IL  Farmer Vol
JACOBY Philip 42 GER Mechanic
JANNETT Augustus 23 GER Farmer Army
JOHNSON Allen T 30 IL  Farmer
JOHNSON Ezekiel 20 OH Farmer
JOHNSON O D 38 VT Farmer Army
JOHNSON Robert 27 OH Farmer Army
JOHNSON T F 22 OH Farmer Vol
JONES Richard 27 OH Farmer
KENDALL A 29 OH Engineer
KENT John 35 OH Teacher Vol
KEYS Charles 25 IL  Farmer
KICK David 25 GER Farmer Vol
KICK John 28 GER Farmer
KIHNER Andrew 40 GER Farmer
KLINE Samuel 28 IN Farmer
KLOTZ David 29 GER Mechanic Vol
KREIGS John 29 GER Mechanic
LANDIS Charles 25 IN Farmer
LANDIS D S? 23 IN Farmer
LANX John 28 GER Farmer Vol
LAPITS A ?? OH Farmer
LAUGHBERRY John E 44 IL  Farmer Vol
LAUGHLIN Robert 27 OH Farmer Vol
LAWRENCE Alexander 24 OH Farmer
LAWRENCE Walter 23 IL  Farmer Vol
LAWRENCE William 18 IL  Farmer
LEMASTER Willaim 27 TN Mail Carrier
LETTERLE John 27 Ger Mechanic
LEVALLY David 24 OH Farmer
LEVALLY Isaac 27 IN Farmer Vol
LINCOLN John 27 OH Farmer
LINCOLN S B 41 OH Farmer
LINDSEY John 37 OH Mechanic Vol
LOSHBAUGH Herman 18 IL  Farmer Vol
LUCAS Richard 30 IL  Farmer
MACCOBEE Joseph 30 IL  Farmer
MADDEN James 26 IN Farmer Army
MANERLY B F 20 IL  Farmer
MANN Jacob L 40 OH Farmer
MARAN John 29 OH Farmer
MARTIN W W 25 OH Merchant Vol
MASON John 25 IL  Farmer Army
MAYER George 43 GER Merchant
MAYER George 21 IL  Farmer Vol
MAYER Samuel 25 IL  Farmer
McDONALD Uriah 35 IL  Farmer Vol
McKAIN Dan? 35 OH Farmer Vol
MEISS Joseph 40 GER Farmer Vol
MEISTER John 22 GER Merchant
MEYERS John 21 IL  Farmer
MILLER Christain 33 GER Mechanic Vol
MILLER Philip 43 GER Farmer Vol
MITCHELL Isaac 40 KY Farmer
MORE William 32 OH Farmer
NALAGAN John 30 IRE Farmer
NALAGAN Michael 23 IRE Farmer
NICHOLSON Henry 18 MI Farmer Vol
NICHOLSOn John 32 OH Farmer
NICHOLSON Lewis 32 MI Farmer Vol
NICHOLSON R 18 MI Farmer Vol
O'BRIAN Pat 23 IRE Farmer
OGLESBY Coust 27 IL  Farmer
OPPHARDT? Peter 29 GER Farmer
PARANTEAN? R O 42 FRA Mechanic Discharged
PATTERSON Frank 41 OH Farmer
PATTERSON William 41 IL  Farmer Vol
PFEIL George 32 GER Farmer Vol
POWERS John 18 NY Farmer Vol
PUMPELLY J N 32 KY Physician
RASER Peter 30 TN Mechanic Vol
RECTON J H 19 OH Farmer
REESE James 39 OH Farmer
REESE John C 39 PA Farmer
REINDER Peter 35 GER Farmer
RENIDER Dietrich 27 GER Farmer
RENIDER John 31 GER Farmer
RENTMEISTER William 41 GER Farmer
RESSER A F 30 GER Mechanic Vol
RICHMAN Henry 25 GER Farmer
RIGTON Charles 24 IL  Farmer Vol
RIGTON Marion 26 IL  Farmer
RIGTON William H 22 IL  Farmer Vol
RIPPEN John 24 GER Farmer Vol
ROBINSON E E 18 IL  Farmer Army
ROBINSON Edward 19 IL  Farmer Army
ROBINSON George 16 IL  Farmer Army
ROBINSON James W 26 IL  Farmer
ROBINSON L 28 OH Minister
ROSS Christ 32 GER Farmer
ROWE W B 44 CT Farmer
SAMS Adam 25 GER Farmer
SAMS John R 27 IL  Farmer
SAMS Wiley E 29 IL  Farmer
SAMS William H 23 IL  Farmer
SAUSS Nicholas 30 GER Farmer
SCHALL Fred 24 GER Farmer
SCHALL John 25 GER Farmer
SCHWERYKORDT? Philip 35 GER Merchant
SCROGGINS Alfred 20 IL  Farmer
SCROGGINS Leonard 43 IL  Farmer
SEYFER Gottlieb 19 GER Farmer Army
SHAFER William A 25 OH Farmer
SHANGLER Lemach 38 OH Farmer
SHELER Fred 32 GER Farmer Army
SHELHAMMER David 25 PA Farmer
SHEPHARD O C 35 IL  Farmer
SHEPPARD John 26 OH Farmer
SHEPPARD Luther 27 OH Farmer
SHERRY D 44 CT Farmer
SHERRY William 18 IL  Farmer Vol
SHOIVER Jacob 34 OH Farmer
SHOUP Jonas 27 IL  Farmer Vol
SHRIVER Henry 3d 20 OH Farmer Vol
SHRIVER Henry Jr 32 OH Clerk Vol
SHRIVER James 43 OH Farmer Vol
SIDMEIER Christ 24 GER Farmer
SIDMEIER Henry 21 GER Farmer
SNYDER Alex 28 PA Farmer Vol
SNYDER George 32 PA Farmer
SNYDER Urish 40 PA Mechanic
SNYDER William 41 PA Farmer
SOLISH Charles 30 IL  Farmer
ST. CLAIR H C 40 NY Merchant Army
STARK Conrad 25 Ger Farmer Vol
STOTTS John 20 OH Farmer Vol
STOTTS William 23 OH Farmer Vol
SWAM John 30 IL  Farmer
THOMPSON G W 25 NY Teacher
TOMLINSON J M 24 IL  Farmer Vol
TURLEY R E 30 IL  Farmer Vol
TURLEY Samuel 42 KY Merchant
TURLEY Samuel 34 IL  Farmer
UPHARDT Garrett 18 GER Farmer
VANDEVENTER James 38 IL  Farmer
VANKISE David 39 OH Merchant Vol
VOLLE Adam 26 GER Farmer Vol
WADE William J 32 IL  Farmer
WADE Willoughby 28 IL  Farmer Vol
WAGNER William 40 GER Mechanic
WALKER Ezekiel 18 OH Farmer Army
WALKER James 25 OH Farmer Army
WALKER John T 33 OH Farmer Vol
WALKER Sam 20 OH Farmer Army
WEAVER Jackson 18 IL  Farmer
WEKEL Adoph 36 GER Farmer
WEKEL John 32 GER Mechanic
WELLER George 30 GER Farmer
WEMPLE M 30 KY Physician Army
WETTERER Andrew 26 SWITZ Farmer
WHITESIDE George 38 KY Farmer Vol
WILLIAMS John 42 IN Farmer
WILLIAMS William 22 IN Farmer
WILLIAMSON C T 26 IL  Mechanic
WILSON A S 20 IA Mechanic Vol
WOOD Berryman 28 IL  Farmer
YAGER Jacob 35 GER Lawyer
YOUNG E M 33 GER Minister
ZAH John 34 GER Farmer
ZEIFANG George 28 GER Farmer
ZEIGLER Andrew 30 GER Farmer
ZIMMERMAN John 43 GER Mechanic