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Lincoln Daily Courier, May 31, 1895


E. F. L. Rautenberg was called to Casey, Ill. Thursday night by the sudden death of Mr. Boy, brother to Mrs. Rautenberg. Mr. Boy went to Casey four or five years ago to farm and was living well until recently when he received a slight stroke of paralysis. He was the son of John F. Boy, who now lives at Mt. Pulaski but for many years engaged in the ice business in Lincoln. He was a promising young man and would have been very successful except for a weakness he tried to control. He leaves a wife and children in not very comfortable circumstances.

June 3, 1895

Charles J. Boy, brother of Mrs. E. F. L. Rautenberg of Lincoln and Mrs. F. W. Obermiller of Mt. Pulaski, who died on May 30 from a stroke of paralysis, was buried on the 31st. The deceased leaves a wife and three small children who will have to come back to Lincoln to make their home. E. F. L. Rautenberg attended the funeral and was detained there on business. He had to settle the affairs of the deceased as well as matters of private concern.

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