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Charles Wesley Coats, age 93, a Civil War Veteran, who was born in Athens in 1848, died in Lake Forest, Illinois Aug. 6th. Coats enlisted in Detroit in 1864 and was mustered out at Houston, TX in 1866. He farmed near Lake Forest for 50 years. He is survived by five children.

Aug. 13, 1941 - Charles Wesley Coats, age 93, who died in Lake Forest, Ill., August 6, was the youngest brother of the late Mrs. C.D. Stalder, Chancy.

He was born at Carbondale, and left here many years ago. Members of the Stalder family thought him to be dead as they last heard from him in 1926.

He was a Civil War veteran and for 50 years had been a farmer near Lake Forest. He leaves five children, a nephew, Milo Stalder, and two nieces, Mrs. Rinda Hixson and Mrs. Ellis England live in Chauncey and another niece Mrs. Frances Gabriel, resides in Lower Plains, Ralph Stalder a nephew also resides in Chauncey.

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