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Mount Pulaski Times-News, August 10, 1967

Leigh W. Lucas Died Saturday at Decatur Hospital

Leigh Willard Lucas, 79, RR 1, Mount Pulaski, Ill., died at 6:08 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 5, 1967, in Decatur & Macon County Hospital where he had been a patient for several weeks. He was born April 30, 1888 at Mt. Pulaski, the son of George T. and Ida Whiteside Lucas. He married Winifred Obermiller in Mt. Pulaski, April 21, 1915. She survives as do a sister, Mrs. Maurine McGee of Mt. Pulaski, and eight nieces and nephews.

Leigh W. Lucas was a retired farmer and was vice president of the First National Bank of Mt. Pulaski. He was a past board member of the Mt. Pulaski Farmer Grain & Elevator Co., and a past and present board member of the Steenbergen Cemetery Association. He was farm manager for many years of the Fred Meister farms, and was office manager of Logan Co. ASC for a number of years. Decedent was a graduate of Mt. Pulaski high school and graduated from the University of Illinois.

He was a member of Mt. Pulaski Lodge No. 87 A.F. & A.M.; Mt. Pulaski Chapter 121 Royal Arch Masons; and Mt. Pulaski Commandery No. 39 Knight Templars and a past commander. He was a member more than 50 years of the lodge.

Masonic services were held at the Schahl Funeral Home at 8 p.m. Monday.

Funeral services were held Tuesday, Aug. 8, at 10:00 a.m. in the Schahl Funeral Home with the Rev. Ray O. Zumstein officiating. Organ music was by Mrs. Fern Stuart. Interment was in Steenbergen Cemetery.

Honorary pallbearers were Wilford Scroggin, Harry Martin Sr., Kelsey M. Anderson, Louis F. Sams, Dr. C. M. Merriman, Orville Martin, Frank Turley, and Merle Watson.

Active pallbearers were John Martin, Harry Martin Jr., John D. Biesemeier, Robert Shanle, Charles Anderson, and Farris Cowan. Dinner was served at St. Johns Lutheran Church dining room following the services.

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