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Marion Record Marion, Marion County, Kansas, August 27, 1925


Sherman N. Pierce was born in Tuna, New York, August 29, 1836 and was called from labor to reward from his home in Marion, Kansas, August 24, 1925. Had he lived until next Saturday his days would have numbered four score and 9 years.

On January 1, 1860 he was united in holy wedlock to Miss Sarah A. Boughan at Lincoln, Illinois. God blessed this union with over 65 years of happy married life and gave to the home 12 childrren, four boys and eight girls, nine of whom live to this day to call him and his companion blessed. Three of the children died in infancy or childhood.

Soon after his marriage, he heard the call of his country to help maintain the union. With his characteristic faithfulness to duty when he saw it, he left his bride of a few years and volunteered in the United States Army on August 5, 1862 and was assigned to the 106th Infantry Volunteers [Illinois], Company G. In December 1862 he was taken prisoner and after his release, was paroled and went home for a brief stay. In September 1863 he went back to the army and after faithful service received an honorable discharge June 14, 1865. These few words cannot tell of his sacrifice, suffering and devotion with his comrade during those years of conflict. He offered his life to save his country, but God had more work for him to do.

Five years later, in 1870, he and his family ventured from their home in Illinois and came to Kansas. As a pioneer in Marion county going forth to conquer the open prairie, he built the first house in Grant township. Here hardship was the lot of him and his family, they must struggle to wrest a living from the dry prairies and when things seemed to be going well, in 1875, their house and contents were destroy by fire. With cold determination he began to rebuild his home and he overcame the difficulties that presented themselves.

Concerning the chief event of the following year we find these words written, by his hand, in the old family Bible, "Myself, wife and oldest son were converted to God in February 1876, joined the Evangelical church." We find that he was a charter member of the Youngtown congregation and later, when he came to Marion he became a charter member of the church here. He lived 49 years of Christianity and it was his ringing testimony to his last day of living that the way grew brighter from day to day. It was the joy of his life that God permitted nine of his children to grow to adulthood and the pride of his heart that he had lived to hear every one of them pray to his God. In 1887, when he moved to Marion to make his home, he was determined to bring the Evangelical church with him and today that church stands as a memorial to his Christian faith and work. Too much cannot be said concerning his faithfulness to the church. His attendance at all of the services of the church was practically perfect until the last seven weeks of his life, when his illness hindered his attendance. He could never understand why the members of the church and others did not attend the services of the church more regularly, especially the mid-week prayer service. He wanted all to take a live active interest in the work of God's Kingdom.

As husband and father, he always had the interest of his home at heart. His was a Christian home and the heritage of his family a priceless gift. On Sunday before his departure eight of the children were in the parental home, one being kept away by illness. As priest in the home he gave to them his parting message and benediction. It was his parting blessing to those whom God had trusted to him and his companion. As he left his blessed home to be in that glorious home he could truly say “I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith”. He leaves behind - his aged companion; nine children: Charles E. Pierce, Mrs. Ida Allen, Mrs. Amanda Oyer, Mrs. Mary Sharenberg, Mrs. Jessie McIntosh, Milo E. Pierce, all of Marion, Kansas. Mrs. Minnie Miller, Mrs. Hattie DeVore and Clarence Leslie Pierce, all of St. Francis, Kansas; 41 grand chilren, 24 great grandchildren; two sisters; one brother and numberous other relatives and a host of friends.

Great grandfather of submitter.

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