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Lincoln Evening Courier, January 5, 1923


Mrs. Rhoda A. Scroggin, widow of the late L. K. Scroggin, wealthy Logan pioneer, died at St. John's Hospital in Springfield at 2:30 this afternoon. Mrs. Scroggin had been ill four weeks, and had been removed to the hospital two weeks ago for care.

Rhoda A. Girtman was born in Lake Fork township Oct. 6, 1836. Her parents were George and Mary A. Girtman, who were among the early settlers in the Mt. Pulaski vicinity. She married Thomas Pickering and, after his death, was married to Mr. Scroggin in 1864. Mrs. Scroggin leaves two daughters and one son: Mrs. A. L. Anderson of Lincoln; Mrs. Mary E. Maurie of Mt. Pulaski; and T. A. Scroggin of Mt. Pulaski, president of the Farmers Bank there. One son, Hubert, was killed by lightning in 1894. His children are Arthur M. Scroggin of Mt. Pulaski, and Mrs. Wilton Emerick of Decatur.

Leonard K. Scroggin, who at the time of his death was one of the oldest and best known residents of central Illinois, passed away in 1916 at the age of 97 years.

A few years before his death, Mr. Scroggin owned some 4500 acres of Logan County land, 10,000 acres in Canada, 10,000 acres in Minnesota, 4,000 acres in Nebraska, 2,000 aces in Kansas, 1,000 acres in Missouri, and 320 acres in Indiana.

Funeral services for Mrs. Scroggin will be held in Mt. Pulaski, probably on Sunday, and burial will be in Steenbergen Cemetery, where Mr. Scroggin is buried, four miles south of Mt. Pulaski.

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