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The Springfield Register, December 1910


While making his last trip and about ten minutes before the time for him to finish his day's labors, Walter Smitherman, 1919 South Tenth Street, a miner employed at the Woodside Coal company's mine, was instantly killed by being run over by eight coal cars, his head and body being mangled.

It is not known just how the accident occurred, as there was no one near at the time. It is known that Mr. Smitherman was driving three mules which were hitched to a string of eight cars, and that the accident occurred at the bottom of a steep hill in the mine. It is thought that Mr. Smitherman was kicked by one of the mules and knocked under the coal cars.

As Mr. Smitherman did not report to the boss at quitting time, about 4 o'clock, a search was made for the man with the result that he was found lying alongside of the tracks in one of the passageways. Coroner Clarence Rhodes was notified of the accident and called for employees of the mine to appear at the inquest, which probably will be held today. The remains were removed to the undertaking parlors of Charles T. Bish & Son.

Mr. Smitherman, although he had resided in this city only one year, was well known among the coal miners and was very popular with them. He had been employed at the Woodside mine about six months and was driver. He was 21 years old. His home was formerly in Lincoln.

He is survived by his wife and child, his father, Jasper Smitherman of Lincoln, and a sister, Mrs. Maude Mae Smitherman Oliver of 1500 South 10 1/2 Street, this city.

Springfield Local No. 999 of which deceased was a member, took charge of the arrangements at Springfield and at 3:33 p.m. Tuesday, the body, was brought to this city, to await the funeral arrangements which will be announced later. The burial will be in this city.


The funeral service for the late Walter Smitherman were held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Lincoln Hill Presbyterian church in charge the Rev. Otis A. Smith. The burial was in Union cemetery. Prior to bringing the remains of deceased to this city, funeral services were held at the Bisch undertaking parlors in Springfield.

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