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The following is a list of people who settled in Logan County before 1840 according to the 1878 History of Logan County, IL. It was transcribed by Marge Farmer and sorted alphabetically to make it easier to find ancestors. Before 1839 the area was Sangamon County. Thus we believe [but have no way to verify] a designation of "Sangamon County" means the compiler did not know exactly where the person settled. [See the history page for settlement patterns. Most -- but not all -- of the early settlement was in the south end of the county.] All abbreviations are from the History. We are aware this list is not complete or totally accurate -- it only reflects the information in the 1878 History. It was a club of sorts [records of the meetings exist] and if you didn't join or have relatives to put your name forward you weren't listed.

Allen, Wm. M. Salt Creek 1839 Living
Allen, E. R. Salt Creek 1839 Living
Baldwin, Harper Lake Fork 1828 Deceased, 1873
Bell, Mrs. Benjamin Lake Fork 1829 Living
Bell, Benjamin Lake Fork 1834 Living
Birks, Isaiah Born in Co. 1839 Living
Birks, Isom Lake Fork - Living
Brown, Robert Salt Creek 1819 Dead
Buchanan, George Salt Creek - Living
Buckles, Jerry Lake Fork 1820 Living
Buckles, John Lake Fork 1822 --
Buckles, James Lake Fork 1817 Living
Buckles, Mrs. Mary Lake Fork 1815 -
Buckles, Andrew Lake Fork 1827 Living
Buckles, Andrew Lake Fork 1827 Born in the County, living
Buckles, Wm. R. Lake Fork 1819 -
Burlen, Adam Mt. pulaski 1838 Living
Cantral, C.S. Sangamon Co. 1826 Deceased
Cantral, Joshua Kickapoo 1828 Living in DeWitt Co.
Cantral, Z.P. Kickapoo - Dead
Capps, O.T. Mt. Pulaski 1836 Living
Capps, Charles Sr. Sangamon Co. 1830 Living
Capps, Jabez Sangamon Co. 1820 Living
Capps, E. S. Mt. Pulaski 1834 Living
Capps, S. C. Mt. Pulaski 1838 Living
Carlile, Mrs. Marg't. D. Lake Fork 1836 Living
Cass, G. W. Lake Fork 1830 Living
Cass, Mrs. Elizabeth Salt Creek 1824 Living
Cassm /f, /d, Lake Fork 1832 Living
Clark, C. W. Salt Creek 1829 Dead, 1876
Clark, D. W. Sangamon Co. 1880 Living
Clark, Mrs. Hannah Sangamon Co. 1829 Living
Clark, John, M.D. Mt. Pulaski 1829 Dead
Clark, Ezra Salt Creek 1838 Living
Clarno, Stephen E Linn Grove - Living in Farmer City
Copeland, S. M. Probably born in Co. - Living
Copeland, Miller Lake Fork 1829 Living
Copeland, Mrs. Miller Lake Fork 1823 -
Corwin, Abrose Lake Fork 1833 Dead
Crain, William Salt Creek 1832 Living
Crane, William T. Lake Fork 1832 Living
Day, Joshua Lake Fork 1836 Living
Dement, Mrs. C. Mt. Pulaski 1835 Living
Dement, Mrs. Margaret Salt Creek 1822 Dead
Dement, John Salt Creek 1840 --
Donan, William Salt Creek 1834 Living
Donnan, Benj. Salt Creek 1838 Living
Downing, Robert Salt Creek 1821 Living
Downing, James Salt Creek 1821 Living
Downing, John E. Born in County 1826 Living
Downing, James Salt Creek 1824 Living
Dunmore, Peter Lake Fork 1839 Living
England, John Rev. Lake Fork 1819 Living
Enos, Horace Mt. Pulaski 1838 Living
Evans, J. P. Salt Creek 1829 Living
Fisher, Alexander Sangamon Co. 1840 Living
Fletcher, Mrs. Thomas Salt Creek 1828 Living
Fletcher, Thomas Salt Creek 1834 Living
Forbes, Jesse Salt Creek 1833 Living
Foster, Squire Lake Fork 1830 Living
Gillett, Mrs. Jemina Bald Knob 1837 Living
Gillett, J. Davis Bald Knob 1838 Living
Hackney, Mrs. Mary Salt Creek 1838 Living
Hackney, Jacob Lake Fork 1834 Living
Hoblit, John Kickapoo 1829 Dead
Horny, A. Kickapoo 1838 Living
Hueston, Andrew Lake Fork 1818 Living
Hueston, Jacob Lake Fork 1840 Dead
Hueston, Mrs. Hannah Lake Fork 1827 Dead
Jones, Strothers Sangamon Co. 1835 Living
Jones, J. L. Bond County 1830 Living
Keagle, John Sangamon Co. 1835 Living
Kestler, John A. Mt. Pulaski 1818 Living
Kline, Mrs. Nancy Lake Fork 1835 Dead
Knapp, Colby Middletown 1836 Living in Lincoln
Lake, Thomas Sangamon Co. 1825 Living
Lanterman, A. J. Sangamon Co. 1819 Living
Lanterman, A. J. Sangamon Co. 1819 Living
Larrison, Thomas J. Kickapoo 1830 Living
Laughery, Thomas Salt Creek 1835 Living
Laughery, Mrs. David Salt Creek 1836 Dead
Laughery, Mrs. Louisa Salt Creek 1838 Living
Laughery, John E. Salt Creek 1824 Dead
Laughery, David Salt Creek 1824 Dead
Lindsay, John P. Lake Fork 1817 Living
Lindsey, J.P. no location given 1819 Living
Lindsey, Abraham S. Sangamon Co. 1819 Living
Lloyd, Hiram Elkhart - Living
Lucas, Caleb Born in Co. 1833 Living
Lucas, Jesse Lake Fork 1827 Living
Lushbaugh, T. P. Sangamon Co. 1838 Dead
Mann, Jacob Lake Fork 1827 Living
Martin, Samuel Salt Creek 1830 Living
Martin, Mrs. Samuel Salt Creek 1832 Living
Mason, C. C. Salt Creek 1839 Living
Matthew, Thomas Salt Creek 1839 Dead
Matthew, Lafayette Kickapoo 1830 Living
Matthew, William Salt Creek 1838 Living
Matthew, Mrs. Wm. Salt Creek 1830 Living
McCoy, Isaiah T. Lake Fork 1821 Living
McElhinney Sugar Creek 1833 Living
McGraw, John J. DeWitt Co. - -
Meyer, George Lake Fork 1837 Living
Mills, Alexander Sangamon Co. - -
Myres, Mrs. Rebecca Lake Fork 1830 Living
Norton, Mrs. Sarah W. Salt Creek 1837 Living
Patterson, Milton Salt Creek 1834 Living
Randolph, Willoughby Salt Creek 1830 Living
Rankin, Isaac N. Menard Co. 1837 Living
Ridgeway, Anthony Lake Fork 1827 Living
Robinson, C. A. Lake Fork 1828 Living in Mt. Pulaski
Robinson, Geo. A. Sangamon Co. 1829 Living
Robinson, J. W. Salt Creek 1834 Living
Rowe, Horace B. Lake Fork 1839 Living
Scroggin, L. K. Lake Fork 1827 Living
Scroggin, Russell Lake Fork 1822 Living
Scroggins, John Lake Fork 1812 Living
Scroggins, Mrs. Phoebe Lake Fork 1826 Dead
Scroggins, L. Sr. Lake Fork 1828 Living
Shery, David Bald Knob 1838 Living
Shields, Mrs. Ann Mt. Pulaski 1830 Living
Sims, David Lake Fork 1830 Living
Smith, Roland Lake Fork 1831 Living
Stafford, O. C. Salt Creek 1826 Dead
Talbot, R. A. Sangamon Co. 1826 Living
Tomlinson, John M. Salt Creek 1838 Living
Turley, G. W. Mt. Pulaski 1835 Dead
Turley, Mrs. Anna Lake Fork 1835 -
Turley, Mrs. Martha A. Lake Fork 1822 Living, First child born in Co.
Turley, R. E. Lake Fork 1827 Born in Co., Living
Turley, Wm. R. Lake Fork 1840 Deceased, 1877
Turley, Samuel Lake Fork 1834 Living
Turley, David K. Lake Fork 1825 Living
Turley, George W. Lake Fork 1835 Dead
Turley, Samuel C. Lake Fork 1836 Living
Turner, William Lake Fork 1827 Living
Wade, Wm. J. Lake Fork 1821 Dead
Wade, William Lake Fork 1819 Removed to Oregon
Weaver, Elijah E. Linn Grove 1830 Dead; 1876
Whitaker, Thomas Salt Creek 1837 Living
Whitesides, George Sangamon Co. 1833 Living
Whittaker, W. S. Salt Creek 1836 Living
Whittle, Mrs. Almira Bald Knob 1837 Living
Wiley, Thomas Lake Fork 1835 Living
Wiley, Henry Lake Fork 1835 From Oregon
Wright, James Mt. Pulaski 1838 Dead
Wright, Mrs. Cloe Jane Lake Fork 1825 Living
Wright, Dorrel F. Lake Fork - Living