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1862 Military Census

AGNES A K 22 IL Farmer
AGNES J E 29 OH Farmer
ANDERSON Abijah 26 NJ Farmer Vol
BATES Dewitt 18 OH Farmer Army
BAXTER Levi 36 KY Farmer
BAXTER Noah 18 MO Farmer Vol
BEACOFT John 35 ENG Farmer Vol
BENNETT W H 39 OH Farmer
BENNIGER John 37 GER Farmer
BLAKELY Lafayette 20 IL Farmer Army
BLYBELL Andrew 38 GER Farmer Army
BONNETT Paul 24 GER Farmer
BOTTS George W 20 KY Farmer Parolled Prisoner
BRISON Edward 19 NY Farmer Army
BROWN Jacob 18 LA Farmer Vol
BROWN Jacob 44 IRE Farmer Vol
BURK Thomas 28 IRE Farmer
CARL George 2? OH Farmer Army
CARL Joseph 24 NY Farmer
CARTNER John 27 GER Farmer Army
CASIDE Frank 22 IRE Farmer VOL
CHAMBERS Arthur 36 PA Farmer Vol
CHESNUT Nelson 25 OH Farmer
CLAIGHORN George 33 SCOT Farmer Army
COLWELL William 18 IL Farmer
CONOVER Alfred 26 IL Farmer Army
COONS Willilam 24 MO Farmer Army
CRAWFORD Daivd D 38 NY Farmer
CRINGER Christopher 40 GER Farmer
CRITES James J 24 OH Farmer Army
CROFTON Samuel 21 IL Farmer Army
CURTIS Jonathan 38 NJ Farmer
DAVID Michael 27 GER Farmer
DELANY John 26 IRE Farmer
DERRING Frederick 41 GER Farmer
DILLON Cyrus 33 IL Farmer
DILLON N F 24 IL Farmer has been reg
DUNLAP Eat? 34 M??? Farmer
EDES Thomas 38 PA Farmer
ELIM Daniel 44 IL Farmer
ELLIS Alexander  30 IL Farmer
FISHER Joseph 26 NJ Farmer
FITCHEW William H 37 MD Farmer & M. D
FOGERTY William 30 IRE Farmer
GALE George W 44 VA Farmer
GARBER Samuel 40 PA Farmer
GARDNER Dewitt 19 OH Farmer Army
GARDNER Elbert 18 OH Farmer Vol
GARDNER Giles 22 OH Farmer Army
GARDNER John A 18 OH Farmer Vol
GARDNER John R 26 OH Farmer Vol
GARDNER Leonard 27 PA Farmer
GARDNER Madison 18 OH Farmer Army
GIFFORD Charles 30 NY Farmer Army
GRAYHAM B O 43 OH Farmer
GREEN Enoch 22 OH Mechanic Army
GREEN John 18 OH Farmer  Vol
GREEN William 22 OH Farmer Vol
GREISER Albert 34 GER Farmer
HARRIS James H 33 NJ Farmer
HARRIS Thomas H 37 NJ Farmer
HARTLY Levi 23 IL Farmer
HARTMAN William 35 VA Farmer
HAWK James 24 VA Farmer
HEART(H?) James 22 OH Farmer Army
HENDRICKSON Peter 22 IL Farmer Vol
HENRY John 24? IN Farmer
HERTELL John M 29 GER Farmer
HICKEY William 42 IN Farmer
HICKY John 43 IRE Farmer
HICKY Patrick 28 IRE Farmer
HILL Samuel 24 NJ Farmer Army
HOBBS Berry 23 IL Farmer Vol
HOLT William 30 OH Farmer
HOOK Emery 29 GER Farmer Army
HOUSLON Albert 22 IL Farmer Army
HOWELL H M 38 OH Farmer
HUBBARD Jacob 32 GER Farmer
HUBBARD Nicholas 36 GER Farmer
HUGHS Halker 21 PA Farmer
HUGHS Joseph 23 IN Farmer Army
IRVIN Harry 35 OH Farmer
IRVIN Warren 26 IL Farmer
JACOBS Charles T 22 NJ Farmer Army
LAFORGE Martin ? 30 NY Farmer
LAPPAN James 20 IN Farmer Army
LEAVITT J G 43 NH Farmer
LEAVITT Moses 36 NH Farmer
LETTERMAN John 20 MO Farmer Vol
LIGHT Peter 22 GER Farmer Army
LINBERGER Andrew J 23 NY Farmer
LINBERGER Edwin 18 NY Farmer Army
LINBERGER George 27 NY Farmer
LININGER Michael 42 GER Farmer
LITTLE William 36 IRE Farmer Vol
LUMAN Milam 30 IN Farmer Army
LUMAN Moses T 38 IN Farmer Army
MALLEN Richard 22 NY Farmer Army
MARLEY Alexander 36 MS Farmer Vol
MARTIN John 25 NJ Farmer Army
MAVISON Starky 25 OH Farmer
McCARTY Michael 32 IN Farmer Vol
McCHESNEY William 22 VA Farmer Vol
McKINIE Geoge H 20 IL Farmer Vol
McMANIS Ed 31 IRE Farmer  Army
MELL George 20 ENG Farmer Vol
MILLER Henry 28 GER Farmer Vol
MILLER John 20 MI Farmer
MILLER Robert 32 IL Farmer
MITCHELL William C 44 PA Farmer
MOODY Alfared 22 IL Farmer Vol
MOWEN Michael 40 IRE Farmer
MOWEN William 30 IRE Farmer
MURPHY Paul 26 IN Farmer Vol
NEWMAN Burt 35 MA Farmer
NEWOOD Henry 28 Holland Farmer
NEWOOD Orno? 25 Holland Farmer Vp
NEWOOD Theodore 23 Holland Farmer
NICHOLS George 38 MA Farmer
NICHOLS John L 2? MA Farmer Army
NOUSE John C 28 OH Farmer Army
OMERT Christopher 18 IL Farmer Vol
OMERT Jacob 37 OH Farmer
OMERT William 18 IL Farmer  Vol
ORM Robert 38 OH Farmer Army
PEARL Razil 34 OH Farmer
POORMAN Philip 29 GER Farmer Vol
PORTER Lewis 26 IL Farmer Vol
POUND Benjamin Jr 18 OH Farmer Vol
POUND Benjamin Sr 44 OH Farmer
PRICE Thomas 32 MD Farmer
RAGUN Harlow D 20 OH Farmer Army
RAGUN Oscar C 22 PA Farmer Army
RANDAL George 40 VT Farmer
RANDLE Harrison T 22 IL Farmer Army
REED Daniel 27 OH Farmer Vol
REED John 30 OH Farmer Vol
RICHMOND Charles 32 GER Farmer
RIDDICK Samuel 30 SCOT Farmer Vol
RIDER Joseph 23 GER Farmer Army
ROBINSON Gifford S 19 IL Farmer Vol
RULLISON Joseph 32 NY Farmer
RUMBLE William 39 GER Farmer
RYAN James 27 IRE Farmer Army
SCHMIDT Frederick 39 GER Farmer
SHEA Patrick 32 IRE Farmer
SHIVLAR Thomas J 27 OH Farmer
SHUGART Isaac 35 IL Farmer
SMITH Sardias 24 OH Farmer Army
SMITH William G 22 OH Farmer
SQUIRES William J 31 IL Farmer
STEPHENS Henry F 24 OH Farmer Army
STEPHENS Homer B 21 OH Farmer
STEPHENS Joseph 34 NJ Farmer
STEPHENS Marion D 26 OH Farmer Vol
STINEMAN William 22 PA Farmer Army
STUBBLEFIELD John M 22 IL Farmer Vol
SWATZEL John 23 GER Farmer
THOMAS Amaziah 34 OH Farmer
THOMAS Eli 38 OH Farmer
THOMAS Isiah 38 OH Farmer
THOMPSON J B 24 NJ Mechanic Army
THOMPSON William 38 NJ Farmer
THORNSBERRY Henry 23 IL Farmer
TROAST Peter G 39 GER Farmer
TROLOPE Wesley 35 ENG Farmer Vol
TROLOPE William 31 ENG Farmer Vol
TYLER Frederick 23 OH Farmer
TYLER George 2? OH Farmer Vol
WAKINS Watson 20 OH Farmer
WEAVER Joseph 37 GER Farmer
WEIMER Bernard 40 GER Farmer
WELCH Elija 22 IL Farmer Army
WENDALL William 32 OH Farmer
WILCOX Jonathan 23 OH Farmer
WILSON William 25 IN Farmer
WISEMA Abe 26 IL Farmer
WYKOFF Joseph 24 GER Farmer Army