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1862 Military Census

ALLEN Edgar R 33 OH Farmer
ALLEN Isaac 26 OH Farmer Army
ALLEN William H H 22 IL Farmer
AYERS Newton 30 OH Farmer Vol
AYERS Richard F 37 Oh Farmer
BAKER Samuel 35 OH Farmer Vol
BARROWS James 25 OH Mechanic Army
BAXTER John 26 Oh Farmer
BECHMAN Christopher 30 GER Farmer
BECKNER Calvin 26 VA Farmer
BENSON C H 40 ENG Peddler
BIGGER David 29 IL Farmer Army
BOST Jacob 20 OH Farmer Vol
BOST John G 43 OH Farmer
BOWLES Daniel 20 IN Farmer Army
BURNES Robert 22 IL Farmer Army
CANDY Marcus 43 VA Farmer
CARTER William L 19? OH Farmer Vol
CHICOBA Philip 23 GER Farmer Vol
CLARK  Isaac T 18 IL Farmer
CLARK Ezra 32 NY Farmer
CLARK Isaac 44 OH Farmer
CLARK Michael 22 IL Farmer Army
CLARK Robert 22 IL Farmer
CLARK Silas 19 IL Farmer Vol
CLARK Thomas S 30 IL Farmer Vol
CLARK William 1? IL Farmer
CROOK John A 27 ENG Farmer Vol
DANIELS Walter P 21 IL Farmer Army
DANIELS William H 33 IL Mechanic
DARR Israel 21 IL Farmer Vol
DAVIS J O 26 OH Farmer Vol
DAVIS William A 30 OH Farmer
DEAVERS James 40 VA Mechanic
DITTERS Fred 29 GER Farmer
DOCKER James 24 OH Farmer
DONELY John 19 IL Farmer
DOUGLASS Thomas H 31 NY Farmer
EMMETT Samuel 20 IL Mechanic Vol
EVERLY Jacob 39 OH Farmer
EWING James 39 IL Mechanic
FOLEY Jacob 30 GER Farmer
FOLEY John 34 GER Farmer
FRENCH Philip 24 IL Farmer Army
HACKNEY William P 19 IA Farmer Army
HALL Noah 25 IL Farmer
HAMILTON Andy 25 OH Farmer
HAMPTON Henry 22 IL Farmer Vol
HARCOURT Aaron  24 IN Farmer Vol
HARCOURT George 35 IN Farmer
HARP John 27 OH Farmer Army
HARRINGTON Charles K 21 IL Farmer Army
HARRINGTON Harrison 33 IL Farmer Army
HEFT Samuel 32 IL Farmer
HEINTZLEMANN George 24 GER Farmer Army
HENDERSON Joshua 26 IL Farmer Army
HENDRICKSON Elijah 24 VA Farmer Vol
HENDRICKSON William 18 VA Farmer
HOY? Daniel 35 PA Farmer
HUGHES John 20 NY Farmer Army
HUSTON James A 24 IL Farmer
INGRAHAM Norman 18 OH Farmer Vol
ISRAEL Michael 52 IN Farmer Vol
JACKSON Abner R 19 IL Farmer
JACKSON Samuel J 22 IL Farmer Army
JAMES Samuel 35 OH Farmer Army
JEFFERDS ? Sylvester 23 IL Farmer Vol
JEWELL Enos 57 ME Farmer Army
JEWELL Jesse 20 OH Farmer Army
JEWELL John 27 IL Farmer Army
JEWELL William 18 OH Farmer Army
JOHNSON John 40 IREW Farmer
JOYNT Edward A 28 ENG Farmer
JOYNT Frederick 30 ENG Farmer
LANAHAM Uriah 21 IL Farmer
LACON Astin 22 IN Farmer Army
LACON George W 18 IN Farmer Army
LACON Hendrickson 23 IN Farmer
LACON Leander 21 IN Farmer Vol
LAYCOX Samuel 25 IL Farmer
LEE Alexander 42 IN Farmer
LEVALLEY Hugh M 35 IN Mechanic
LOEFFLER Michael 32 GER Farmer
LYON Lewis 26 OH Farmer Army
MANZY Barton 25 ENG Farmer
MARRIS James C 38 OH Farmer
MARTIN Francis Geo 26 IL Farmer
MARTIN Richard 35 IL Farmer
MARTIN Robert 24 IL Farmer
MARTIN William 28 IL Farmer
MAXHEIMER Philip 38 GER Farmer
McMAHON Richard 35 IL Farmer
McMAHON William 20 IL Farmer Army
MILLS Alexander 42 OH Farmer
MITCHUM Harrison 23 OH Farmer
MONSE Peter 22 GER Farmer Vol
MONSE Philip 33 GER Farmer
MOORE Charles C 20 IL Farmer Army
NORTON John Q 21 IN Farmer Army
OLIVER William G 44 ENG Farmer
PARISH John 24 IL Farmer Vol
PARKS Sheldon 35 NY Farmer Township Treasr.
PATTERSON T R 36 IN Farmer Vol
POE George 23 OH Mechanic
POTTS Isaac M 20 IN Farmer
RAYMOND Fred 25 GER Farmer
REECE Alfred 24 IL Farmer
REED Henry 30 IL Farmer
RENSHLER Fred 29 GER Farmer
RENSHLER George 30 GER Farmer
ROWS Christain 32 GER Mechanic
RUPP Christain 21 GER Farmer
RUPP William 24 GER Farmer
SHAFFENCKER George 44 GER Farmer
SHREAR Peter 35 GER Farmer
SIMBAUGH Henry 40 GER Farmer
SKINNER John R 24 KY Farmer Vol
STAFFORD Henry 40 ENG Farmer
STAFFORD Walter 32 ENG Farmer
STALL Oley 26 GER Mechanic
STEINROD Clarkson 30 IL Farmer
STOLL Ahart 18 IL Farmer
THOMPSON Charles 21 OH Farmer Vol
THOMPSON John 31 OH Mechanic
THOMPSON Wesley 34 VA Farmer
TRIBBETT Asburry 28 OH Farmer Vol
TUNNELSON Albert 19 OH Farmer Army
ULEY William 26 GER Farmer
VANBLARICAN William 23 IL Farmer Vol
VANDERHUFF Frank 20 MI Farmer Army
WADDLE John 33 IL Farmer
WADE Jessee W  26 IL Farmer
WEBSTER W C 30 OH Farmer Vol
WELCH Peter 29 IRE Farmer
WEST J C 33 OH Mechanic
WHITNEY Willard G 29 NY Mechanic Vol
WILSON Robert B 25 IN Farmer Army
WOLCOTT Nelson 26 NY Farmer
WOLFE George 27 GER Farmer Vol