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1862 Military Census

AGER Wilson 22 ENG Farmer Vol
ARNOLD Frederick 23 IN Farmer Vol
ASHLEY Elisha 22 OH Farmer
ASHLEY Marion 19 OH Farmer Vol
ASHLEY Marion 19 OH Farmer Vol
ASHLEY William 24 OH Mechanic
ASTON Calvin 19 IN Farmer
ASTON Yancy 36 IN Farmer
ATKINSON Thomas 27 PA Farmer Army
BALDWIN Daniel 34 KY Farmer Vol
BALDWIN James 44 KY Farmer
BALDWIN James W 18 KY Farmer
BARNEY George 29 IL Farmer Vol
BARNUM Edward 23 IL Farmer
BARNUM William 25 IL Farmer
BATT Benjamin 18 GER Farmer Vol
BATT Benjamin 18 GER Farmer Vol
BEARDHEAR James 22 OH Farmer
BENNETT Andrew 20 NY Farmer Vol
BISBY Elijah 38 CT Farmer
BOOKER Martin 24 IL Farmer
BOWEN Jefferson 21 IN Farmer Vol
BOWLES David 37 KY Farmer
BRADY Jackson 18 OH Farmer Vol
BRADY Preston 20 OH Farmer Vol
BRETT William 30 KY Farmer
BROWN Francis 30 NY Farmer
BRYAN Alfred 44 KY Farmer
BRYSON Charles 22 VA Farmer
BUNER Jefferson 43 KY Farmer
BUSH Henry 4? GER Mechanic
BUTLER Ira 23 IL Farmer Vol
CARNAHAN Elias 18 OH Farmer Vol
CARNAHAN Martin 24 OH Farmer Vol
CARNAHAN William 34 OH Farmer
CARNWELL Abraham 36 RI Farmer
CHENOWETH Richard 42 OH Farmer
CLARK Philip 30 IL Farmer Vol
COOPER William F 36 VA Farmer
COOPER William W 19 IL Farmer Vol
COVERT John 20 OH Tel Operator Vol
COWARDIN David 40 KY Farmer Army
DAVIDSON David 19 RI Farmer Vol
DAVIDSON John 18 IL Farmer Vol
DAVIDSON John 18 IL Farmer Vol
DICKSON Solomon 41 KY Farmer
DUNN Andrew 37 OH Farmer
DUNN David 18 OH Farmer Army
DUNN Jehiat? A 21 OH Farmer Vol
EWART James 31 SCOT Farmer Army
EWING James 27 IL Farmer Vol
GALE Spencer 22 NY Farmer Vol
GILBERT John 30 MD Farmer
GILCHRIST James 18 RI Farmer Vol
GILCHRIST Joseph 37 SCOT Farmer
GILCHRIST Robert 43 SCOT Farmer
GILCHRIST William 22 SCOT Farmer Army
GOODNOW Eliott 19 IL Farmer Vol
GORDON Eliott 20 IL Farmer Vol
GREEN Thomas J 21 RI Farmer Vol
GREEN William J 23 RI Farmer Vol
HANNA Harvey 18 IL Farmer Vol
HANNA William 25 IL Farmer Army
HANSON George H 26 OH Farmer
HART David H 22 PA Teacher Vol
HATFIELD Henry C 24 IN Teacher Army
HATFIELD John 31 OH Farmer
HATFIELD Renlalear?  28 IN Farmer
HATFIELD William 17 IN Farmer
HAYS James 39 OH Farmer
HAYS Samuel 34 OH Farmer
HITCHELL Peter 33 SCOT Farmer
HOGUE James 30 OH Farmer
HOGUE John 24 OH Farmer Vol
HOGUE Robert 32 OH Farmer
HOUSTON James 25 SCOT Farmer Vol
HOUSTON John G 21 SCOT Minister
HOUSTON William 27 SCOT Farmer
HUBBARD Henry 21 GER Farmer Vol
HUDSON David 41 KY Farmer
HUDSON John 36 KY Farmer Vol
INMAN Ezekiel 39 OH Farmer
JACKSON Charles 37 OH Farmer
JACOBS Simon 27 IL Farmer
JENNINGS John 24 IN Farmer
JENNINGS Solomon 34 IN Farmer
JORDAN Robert 42 SCOT Farmer
KING James 38 OH Teacher
KING William 37 OH Farmer
KOONTZ John 35 GER Farmer
LEARIE D J 23 NY Teacher
LEE William 40 OH Farmer
LEONARD George 24 IN Farmer Army
LOGUE Rueben 22 OH Farmer Vol
MANLICK John 27 GER Farmer Vol
MARTIN Ira 22 OH Farmer
MARTIN Montgomery 19 OH Farmer Vol
MARTIN Wesley J 30 OH Farmer Vol
MARTIN William 30 OH Farmer
MATTACK John 32 IN Farmer
McCORMICK James 32 SCOT Farmer
McFARLAND Evans 27 NS Mechanic
McNISH Robert 36 SCOT Mechanic
McWILLIAMS John 19 OH Farmer Vol
McWILLIAMS Wilson 26 POH Farmer Vol
MEAD Hiram 28 OH Farmer
MEAD James 33 OH Farmer
MEIXSEL? George 20 PA Farmer
MEIXSEL? Thomas 27 OH Farmer Vol
MERRIMAN Seth 36 OH Farmer
MILES Marquis 37 VT Mechanic
MILLER Alexander 19 IN Farmer Vol
MILLER Benj F 20 IL Farmer Vol
MILLER Jeremiah 23 IN Farmer
MILLER William B 44 TN  Farmer
MININCOFF Theodore 30 Ger Farmer Vol
MINSKER Daniel 30 PA Farmer Vol
MINSKER Lafayette 37 PA Farmer
MINSKER William 27 PA Farmer Vol
MOORE Nathaniel 27 OH Farmer Army
MORRISON Hugh A 21 OH Farmer Vol
MURRAY John 23 SCOT Farmer Vol
MUSICK Fielding  26 IL Farmer
MUSICK Henry 37 IL Farmer
MUSICK Samuel 19 IL Farmer Vol
NEIMEYER Henry 22 GER Farmer Vol
NOLDER Charles M 22 OH Farmer Army
ORSBURN Andrew 29 OH Mechanic Army
ORSLER James K 18 IN Farmer Vol
ORSLER John W 19 IN Farmer Vol
PARRELL John 23 IL Farmer
PATTON Carter Z 21 NY Teacher Vol
PAUL Henry A J 30 IN Farmer
PETELBURGER Gottfried 35 GER Farmer
PHILIPS James 30 IN Farmer
PINNEO Thomas 18 OH Farmer Vol
QUISENBERRY Allen 39 KY Farmer
QUISENBERRY Arthur 27 KY Farmer
QUISENBERRY Daniel 20 IL Farmer Vol
QUISENBERRY Henry Clay 29 KY Farmer
QUISENBERRY Robert 30 KY Farmer
QUISENBERRY Thomas 32 KY Farmer
QUISENBERRY Washington 36 KY Farmer
RALPH James 35 OH Farmer
RAYBURN Andrew 28 KY Farmer
RAYBURN Robert H 38 KY Farmer
RICHARDS Benjamin 38 IN Farmer
RICHARDS Lewis 18 IN Mechanic Army
ROBISON Richard 20 ENG Farmer Vol
RYAN George 30 KY Farmer
RYAN Josiah H 20 IL Farmer Vol
SCRIBNER Thomas 24 OH Farmer Vol
SHARK Robert 20 KY Farmer
SHEETS Jacob 19 IN Farmer
SHEPHERD Leander D 23 OH Farmer Vol
SHIRLEY Henry 21 KY Farmer
SHIRLEY James 26 KY Farmer
SHIRLEY John W 23 KY Farmer Vol
SHIRLEY Oliver 19 KY Farmer Vol
SIMPSON Thomas J 26 RI Farmer Vol
SIMPSON William 25 RI Farmer Vol
SIMS James M 36 IL Farmer
SMALLEY John 18 MI Farmer
SMITH Theodore 35 PA Farmer
STINES Thomas 36 NJ Farmer Vol
STINES William 27 NJ Farmer
SULLIVAN Thomas 20 IL Farmer Army
SUMNER Benj 23 OH Farmer Vol
SUMNER Jasper 28 IN Farmer
SUMNER John 22 OH Farmer
SUMNER Orrin 20 OH Farmer Vol
SUMNER Thornton 26 OH Farmer
SUMNER Webster 21 OH Farmer Vol
TAYLOR Charles 20 IL Farmer Vol
TAYLOR Thomas 23 IL Farmer Vol
TAYLOR William 36 NY Farmer Army
THOMAS Hiram 16 IN Farmer Vol
THOMAS John 39 IL Farmer
THOMPSON Charles  40 SCOT Farmer
TUCKER David 23 OH Farmer Army
TYKES John D 18 IL Farmer Vol
UPDIKE Benjamin 19 OH Farmer Vol
WASHBURN Isaac 31 OH Farmer
WATERS John P 25 IL Farmer
WATERS Nelson 19 IL Farmer
WESTFALL John 23 OH Farmer
WHITEHEAD Cornelius 30 KY Farmer
WHITLEY James 18 NY Farmer Vol
WILLIS William 34 OH Farmer
WILSON Robert 40 SCOT Farmer Vol
WILSON Samuel 18 IL Farmer Vol
WILSON William 21 IN Farmer
WOLAND  Emanuel R 25 PA Farmer
WRIGHT Andrew 25 IN Farmer Vol
WRIGHT John  G 28 IN Farmer Vol
WRIGHT Thomas J 18 IN Farmer Vol
WRIGHT William 21 IN Farmer