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Source: Film #1316624, "Will Record 1 Logan County," 1855-1885, p. 252

I Charles F. Ewing of the County of Logan and State of Illinois considering the uncertainty of this life and being of sound mind and memory do make, declare and publish this my last will and Testament.

First. As I have already given to John Robert Musick son of my Deceased daughter Elizabeth Jane, one Hundred and sixty acres of land in the State of Iowa, as his portion of my Estate - I also will to Henry Musick Father of the said John Robert Musick Ten Dollars as his portion of my Estate.

Second. After all the expenses of my last sickness and burial have been paid the residue and remainder of my Estate which consists in notes and United States Bonds, which notes and Bonds I will and hereby direct that my Executor convert into cash as soon after my Decease as may seem fit and proper to be disposed of in the following manner namely I give and bequeath to my sons Edward S. Ewing, Isaac N. Ewing, the Heirs of John S. Ewing, William T. Ewing, the Heirs of Charles F. E. Ewing Jun. And My Daughter Minerva Ellen Hubbard wife of John Hubbard the same to be equally divided among them allowing to all the Heirs of of the said John S. and Charles F Ewing Jr. Dec. the amount that would be alotted to themselves if yet living.

I Further will that my Executor take and retain in his hands that amount of money that may be apportioned to my Daughter Minerva Ellen Hubbard and to pay the same to her in such parts of parcels and at such times as in his best Judgment and her circumstances may require and as will seem for the greatest good of my said Daugter and her children and that the same be kept loaned at Interest, and in case the interest is not sufficient for her use, then he may give her so much of the principal as in his Judgment is proper and right.

Thirdly. I hereby appoint and constitute Edward S. Ewing the Executor of this my last will and Testament and in case of his death I will that Daniel P. Bryan take charge of the money, notes, and whatever other property may be in his hands for the use and benefit of my said Daughter Minerva Ellen to be disposed of as above directed. it is my further will and wish that my Executor make a copy of this my last will and testament and have the same recorded in the office of the Recorder of the county of Logan and State aforesaid. This being my last will and Testament. Done at Eminence this the Twenty-Ninth day of May A. D. 1865.

Signed sealed published and delivered by the said Charles F Ewing Sr. as and for his last will and Testament in presence of us who at his request and in his presence and in presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses.

Signed C. F Ewing. Signed J. W. Hawes, Peter Bruner, Daniel P. Bryan.

Afterwhich court documents go on to state that Charles F. Ewing late of the county of Logan and State of Illinois died on or about the 10th day of June A. D. 1870.

Transcribed and submitted by Sue Ridenhour.