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Source: Film #1316624, "Will Record 1 Logan County," p. 518

Know all men by these Presents, that I Edward S Ewing of the County of Logan and state of Illinois being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time made.

First. It is my will that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall, by my executors hereinafter named, be paid out of my Estate as soon after my decease as by them shall be found convenient.

Second. I give, devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Margaret Ewing all of the household and kitchen furniture during her natural life and so much of the rents and profits arising from my farm of Three hundred and twenty acres situate in the county of Clinton and state of Missouri lately bought of John Rams? As in the Judgement of my executors and conservators hereinafter named shall be deemed necessary for her and our minor childrens proper support and education and after said minor children arrive at majority sufficient money from said rents is to be expended for her to keep her comfortable in board and clothing. The monies earned by said minor children is to be used in their support. Until said rents become due and are paid off of said farm, said wife and minors, less wages earned by them are to be supported and cared for out of my personal Estate.

Third. I give and bequeath to my son Francis M. Ewing eight hundred and fifty dollars. To my sons James E Ewing, Sherman Ewing and Nathan Ewing Each eleven hundred dollars when they respectively arrive at twenty one years of age. to my daughter Mary E. Ewing Two hundred dollars when twenty one years of age. In case there shall not be enough personal property in my executors or conservators hands to pay off said amounts as they fall due each amount shall draw six percent interest from due and be paid as soon as possible out of my personalty or in case any amount remains unpaid after the death of my said wife Margaret then such amount or amounts shall first be paid out of the sale of my said farm. said farm is not to be sold or divided or partitioned so long as my wife Margaret shall be living.

Fourth. All of the rest and residue of my property of whatsoever nature or kind and wheresoever situate not hereinotherwise disposed of, after the death of my said wife Margaret I give devise and bequeath to be equally divided between my daughters and son share and share alike except my daughter Margaret E. Burrows who is to have five hundred dollars less out of said rest and residue of property than would otherwise be her share as I charge her with a note I paid for her first husband for that amount and my grandson Allen E. Skates only son of my deceased daughter Martha E. Skates who is to take what his mother if living would have. The names of my daughters are Margaret E. Burrows and Mary E. Ewing. The names of sons are Charles A. Ewing, Isaac N. Ewing Jr Francis M. Ewing, James E. Ewing Sherman Ewing and Nathen Ewing and my grandson's name is Allen E. Skates. They to have and hold said rest and residue of property forever.

Fifth. I do nominate and appoint my sons Charles A Ewing and Isaac N Ewing Jr. to be the Executors of this my last will and testament. I also appoint them conservators to take charge of all real estate and rent the same, collect said rents and pay the same as herein directed and loam any surplus in their hands for the benefit of the estate also take charge of my said wife and see that she is properly fed clothed and cared for during her natural life.

In testimony whereof I Edward S. Ewing have hereunto set my hand and seal to this my last will and testament this 27th day of July A D 1882.

Signed Edward S Ewing

Signed, sealed, published and declared by above named Edward S Ewing as and for his last will and testament who signed the same in our presence and we in his presence signed the same as witnesses at his request & in each others presence.

Signed -
Atlanta Ills. William ? Kirk
Atlanta Ills. James Shores
Atlanta Ill John L Beran.

Transcribed and submitted by Sue Ridenhour.