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In the name of God, Amen. I, Jacob Hammon, of the Town of Aetna, in the County of Logan and State of Illinois, of the age of fifty-seven years, and being of sound mind and memory do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner following that is to say-

First I give and bequeath to my wife Margaret Hammon one bed and bedding, the sewing machine, all of the canned fruit and all of the pottery. To my son, Joseph E. Hammon, the sum of one dollar, to my daughter, Sarah J. Preston, the sum of one dollar, to my daughter, Ebner C. Brady, the sum of one dollar. All the rest of my property consisting of one span of mares, one colt one year old last spring, one span of mules, two wagons, fore plows, two cows, two sett harness and all the house hole and kitchen furniture sold and all of my debts is to be paid out of the proceeds and then the remainder of the money is to go to my wife Margaret Hammon so long as she lives unless she shall marry. And if she shall marry then all that is left shall go to the youngest heir Lou Hammon. And if she shall not marry, at her death all is hereby given and bequeathed to Lou Hammon. And if the younger heir Lou Hammon should decease before the death or marriage of its mother, then in that case what should be the share of Lou Hammon, the youngest heir is bequeathed to my sons James Hammon and Charles Hammon.

_?____ wherof I have unto set my hand and seal this 17th day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy five, and I hereby appoint Ezekiel French executor of this will.

Jacob Hammon [ SEAL]

The above instrument consisting of one sheet was at the date thereof declared to us by Jacob Hammon the testator therein mentioned, to be his last will and testament and he at the same time acknowledged to us and each of us that he had signed and sealed the same and we therefore at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other signed our names thereto as attaching witnesses.

William H. Daniels at Chestnut in Logan County
Eva Brittain at Chestnut in Logan County

State of Illinois
Logan County

Ezekiel French, being duly sworn, deposed and __? That Jacob Hammon, late of the Town of Chestnut in the County of Logan and State aforesaid departed this life at Chestnut in said County, on or about the 30th day of November AD 1875, and that he died leaving a last will and testament to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Ezekiel French

Signed and sworn to before me this 20th day of December, AD 1875
William Toomey CLERK


State of Illinois
Logan County

In County Court last December Term 1875

Know all men by these present that we, Ezekiel French, Alex Mills and David French of the County of Logan and State of Illinois are held and firmly bound unto the people of the State of Illinois in the penal sum of Five Thousand Dollars current money of the United States which payment well and timely to be made and performed. We and each of us bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators jointly, securely and firmly by these presents. Witness our hands and seals this 20th day of December, AD 1875.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Ezekiel , Executor of the last will and Testament of Jacob Hammon deceased, do make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits lands interests and heridit__________ and the rents and profits issuing out of the same of the said deceased which have or shall come to the hands, possession or knowledge of the said Ezekiel French or into the possession of any other person for him and the same so made do exhibit in the County Court for the said County of Logan as required by law and also make and render a fair and just account of his actings and doings as Executor to said Court, when the ____ lawfully required and to well and truly fulfill the duties imposed upon him in and by this said Will; and shall moreover pay and delivered to the persons entitled thereto all the legacies and bequests contained in said Will, so far as the estate of the said testator will thereunto extend , according to the value thereof, and as the law shall charge him and shall in general do all other acts which may from time to time be required of him by law, then this obligation to be void-otherwise to remain in full force and ________.

Ezekiel French
Alex Mills
David French

Signed, Sealed and delivered in presence of
William Toomey


State of Illinois
Logan County In County Court December Term AD 1875

I do solemnly swear that the writing contains the last will and testament of the testator named Jacob Hammon , deceased, so far as I know or believe and that I will well and truly execute the same by paying first the debts and then the legacies mentioned therein so far as his goods and chattels will thereunto extend and the law charges me and that I will make a true and perfect inventory of all such goods and chattels rights as may come to my hands or knowledge belonging to the Estate of said deceased and render a fair and just accounting of my executorship when thereunto required by law to the best of my knowledge and abilities so help me God. EZEKIEL FRENCH

Sworn to and _________ this 25th day of December, AD 1875 in open Court before me.


State of Illinois

People of the state of Illinois to all whom the Presents shall come Meeting,

Know ye that whereas Jacob Hammon, late of the County of Logan and State of Illinois, died on or about the 30th day of November AD 1875; as it is said after having duly made and published his last Will and Testament, a copy whereof is hereunto annexed, leaving at the time of his death property in this State which may be lost, destroyed or diminished in value if speedy care is not taken of the same, and in as much as it appears that Ezekiel French has been appointed executor in and by the last will and testament to execute the same.

Now to the end that the said property may be preserved for those who shall appear to have a legal right or interest therein, and that the said will may be executed according to the request of the said testator; we do hereby authorize the said Ezekiel French as such Executor to collect and secure all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits which were of the said Jacob Hammon at the time of his decease in whosever hands or possession the same may be found in this State. And well and truly to perform and fulfill all such duties as may be enjoined upon him by the said will so far as there shall be property and the law charge him and in general to do and perform all other acts which now are or hereafter may be required of him by law.

Witness William Toomey Clerk of the County Court of the said County of Logan at his office in Lincoln this 27th day of December AD 1875 and the Probate Seal of said Court hereunto affixed.

William Toomey

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