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Source: Film #1316627, "Will Record 8 Logan County," p. 3

I, George Musick, of Shawnee County, Kansas, but now living at El Dorado Springs, Cedar County, Missouri, being of sound mind do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all wills by me at any time heretofore made.

I give, devise and bequeath to my Sister Lucinda Carlock of Bloomington Illinois an Eighth interest and share in all personal and real estate I may own and be sized of at the time of my death;

I give, devise and bequeath to the heirs at law of my deceased brothers and sisters to-wit: Berry Musick, deceased, James Musick, deceased John Musick, deceased, Henry Musick, deceased, Fielding Musick, deceased, Mary Judy, deceased and Hettie Hawes, deceased to the hirs of each deceased brother and sister an Eighth interest and share in all personal and real estate I may own and be seized of at the tiem of my death.

I direct and empower my Executor, hereinafter names, or his successor; with all reasonable dispatch to sell, after my death and the probate of this will, all real estate of which I shall die seized, and to distribute the procees of such sales amoung the devisees in this will in the share and proportion hereinbefore set out . And for the purpose of enabling said Executor to execute this provision I expressly empower hime to make, execute and delvier all necessary deeds of conveyance of any and all real estate of which I shall die seized to the purchasers thereof. Such sales to be at private sale and on the most advantageous terms as to him shall seem best.

I hereby appoint John A. Musick my nephew, as the sole Executor of this Will, and direct that he shall give a bond in the sum of Seventy Thousand Dollars for the faithrul performance of his trust.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 7th day of October 1912.

Signed - George Musick. Witnesses - W. S. Martin. of ElDorado Springs, Mo., J. F. Rhodes. of ElDorado Springs, Mo.

In Probate on the 14th day of Nov. 1912. Now, on this day comes John A. Musick and presents to the Court a petition, duly verified by affidavit, praying that an instrument of writing purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of George Musick deceased, now on file in said Court, be admitted to Probate. It appearing to the Court from said petition that the said George Musick died at Eldorado Springs, Mo on or about the 30 day of October A. D. 1912 and at the time of his death resided at Lincoln in the County of Logan and State of Illinois, and that the names of the heirs at law and legatees as set forth in said petition, are as follows, to-wit:

Oscar Musick, Grand-Nephew, Edgar, Neb.
Maude Musick, Grand-niece, ".
Lisie Musick, ", ".
Stella Morris, ", Lincoln, Ill.
Dorsey Knapp, ", ".
Nellie M. Myers, ", ".
Reia M. Klause, ", Blue Island, Ill.
Jennie Jackson, Niece, Lincoln, Illinois.
George Musick, Nephew, Oscaloosa, Iowa.
Three children of Harry Musick deceased (nephew), Grand nieces or Grand nephews, Residence unknown
Nellie Empey, Niece, Hutchison, Kas.
Child of Bee Musick deceased (Nephew), Grand-nephew, Residence unknown
Sadie Cochrans, Niece, Lincoln, Illinois
Louise Musick, Grand-niece, "
Lucile Musick, ", "
Harry Musick, Grand Nephew, "
Mary Musick, Grand Niece, Chicago, Ill.
William Musick, Grand Nephew, Eureka, Ill.
Maurine Musick, Grand Niece, "
Grace Musick, ", Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Allie Roberts, Grand Niece, Mackinaw, Ill.
Sidney Musick, Grand-niece, Eureka, Ill.
Bertha Brubaker, Grand-niece, Raymore, Mo.
Roy Musick, Grand Nephew, Eureka, Ill.
Lucinda Carlock, Sister, Bloomington, Ill.
John A. Musick, Nephew, ".
James J. Ewing, Nephew, Glenwood, Ia.
Unknown children and heirs at law of Louisa Shores deceased (Niece), Grand nieces or Grand nephews, Residence unknown
Howard Carlock, Grand nephew, Atlanta, Ill.
Henry Hawes, ", ".
Nancy Jane Roberts, Niece, ".
Louisa Brighton, ", Hopedale, ".
Stephen Judy, Grand-nephew, Armstrong, Ill.
Ada Davison, Grand-niece, ".
Mary Darnell, ", ".
Lucinda Wilson, Niece, Lincoln, Ill.
Mattie Mountjoy, Niece, Moran, Ill.
William Armstrong, Grand-nephew, Residence unknown
Frank Armstrong, ", "
Jennie Campbell, Grand niece, "
Nellie Copeland, ", "
Bert Armstrong, Grand Nephew, "
Roy Armstrong, ", "
Bertha Armstrong, Grand niece, "
John Armstrong, Grand nephew, "
Two children of Henry Judy deceased (nephew), Grand nieces or Grand nephew, "
Emma Highberger, Grand niece, "
Bert Hainline, Grand nephew, "
Bernice Judy, Grand niece, "
Maude Judy, ", "
Walter Hainline, Grand nephew, "
Lida Bishop, Grand niece, "
Carrie Summers, ", "
Grace Shope, ", "

Which petition is filed, and it is ordered by the Court that the 3rd day of January A. D. 1898, be set for a hearing on said petition.

Transcribed and submitted by Sue Ridenhour.