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In the Matter of the               County Court, Logan County, Illinois
Estate of                                In Probate Box 24
Rice Phillips, Deceased

Order of Court entered May 4, 1887, recorded in Probate Journal 1, page 4, is as follows:

This day came William J. Crain and represented to the Court that on the 2nd day of June A. D. 1856 he was appointed Administrator of the Estate of Rice Phillips, deceased, by the County Court of Logan County, Illinois, that he executed at said date his bond as such, which bond was appointed by said Court and that Letters of Administration issued to him under seal of said Court which are now produced to the Court and the Court being fully satisfied that the bond heretofore given by said Administrator was destroyed by fire on the 15th day of April A. D. 1857.

It is ordered by the Court that the said Administrator execute their bond in the sum of $2000.00 and that he be allowed till the 3rd Monday of June next to file said bond.

It is further ordered that the Letters of Administration heretofore issued to said Administrator be recorded.

Order of Discharge entered February 19, 1867, recorded in Probate Journal 5, page 21, is as follows:

Wm. J. Crain, Administrator of said Estate appeared in Court and made a final settlement of said Estate by which it appears he is charged with $26.05 and credited with $6.65 leaving in his hands $19.40 due said estate and it appearing to the Court that the costs of this Court amounting to $19.40 are unpaid.

It is ordered by the Court that the Administrator pay the same in full and it being represented to the Court by the Administrator that at the sale of personal effects of said Estate Telfort Evans gave his note for $115.00 with William W. Miller for security, that he obtained judgement in the Logan Circuit Court for the amount of said note, that execution issued therefor and that he has been unable to collect the same and asks to file it for the benefit of the heirs of said Estate.

It is ordered by the Court that the same be filed.

It is further ordered by the Court that said Administrator upon complying with the above orders of the Court be discharged."

He was my Great Granduncle. Lois Branch