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Before there were townships the county was divided into 13 precincts. In 1862 the precincts were: Atlanta, Bowles, Broadwell, Elkhart, Eminence, Lake Fork, Lincoln, Madison, Middletown, Mt. Pulaski, Prairie Creek, Salt Creek, Sugar Creek. I do not know exactly where each of these precincts were. If you had an a male ancestor between the ages of 18 and 45 in 1862 and you know where he lived you can get an idea of the precincts from the 1862 Military Census.

Today we have 17 townships from west to east, north to south: Prairie Creek, Orvil, Eminence, Atlanta, Sheridan, West Lincoln, East Lincoln, Oran, Corwin, Broadwell, Chester, Aetna, Hurlbut, Elkhart, Mt. Pulaski, Laenna, Lake Fork. Mt. Pulaski is the largest township and Lake Fork is the smallest. Township Map

From Illinois Place Names. Compiled by James N. Adams, Illinois Historical Society, 1989. Edited by William E. Keller with a new addendum by Lowell M. Volkel. I do not know where all these places were or when they were in existence. If you know please let me know at the address below.

Aetna, Albany, Allenville, Altic, Atlanta, Athol, Atlanta, Atteberry

Beason, Bell, Big Prairie, Bloomingdale, Boren, Broadwell, Burton View

Camden, Camp Latham, Chester, Chestervale, Chestnut, Clay, Cornland, Corwin, Crohurst, CroHurst Station

East Lincoln, Elk Hart City, Elk Heart City, Elkhart, Elkhart City, Emden, Eminence, Evans

Fogarty, Fulscher

Gale, Georgetown, Gilchrist, Gillett, Gold Springs, Griggs

Hamilton, Harness, Hartsburg, Hartsburgh, Hartwig, Hurlbut, Hurricane Point

Irish Grove

Johnsons, Johnsons Siding

Kickapoo, Kickapoo Siding, Kings, Kruger

Laenna, Lake Fork, Latham, Lawndale, Layman, Lee, Leesburgh, Lincoln, Lincoln Hill, Long Point, Lucas

Mackey, Madison, Martin, Middletown, Mt. Fulcher, Mt. Hope, Mt. Joy, Mt. Pulaski, Music, Musick's Ferry

Narita, New Castle, New Holland, North Lincoln

Oran, Orndorff, Orvil

P & N Junction, Peifer, Peoria District Junction, Perry, Postville, Prairie Creek, Pulaski


Rhody, Richmond Grove

Salt Creek, San Jose, Scroggin, Sheridan, Skelton

Union, Utility

Warick, West Lincoln, Wilmert, Woodlawn, Woolf, Wyatt



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