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Histories in this section are taken from various publications which are in the public domain. These are old accounts. Only the most obvious spelling errors have been corrected. The grammar and punctuation is as originally printed. Some of the writers were worse than others. The accounts should not be taken as 100% accurate. Editor's notes have been inserted sparingly. These accounts primarily serve the purpose of providing the researcher with general historical information, names of early residents, lists of early officials and information on businesses, churches and such which may prove helpful in finding further information on ancestors and should be verified with other reliable sources. This in no way detracts from the massive amounts of research which the original writers, particularly Judge Stringer, did for their work.

It should be noted that Atlanta, Lincoln and Mt. Pulaski are the largest communities in the county and thus get more attention in the various histories.

A reprint of the 1878 History, with Index, is currently available from the Logan County Genealogical & Historical Society. The 1911 Stringer History is out of print.

Proofreading this material was very difficult and nearly impossible in towns where I am not familiar with the old family names. If you see any errors or items you believe need correction please do all researchers a favor and email Cheryl Rothwell. Suggestions for this or any other page are always welcome.

ATLANTA 1878 History
BEASON 1878 History
BROADWELL 1878 History
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HARTSBURG 1878 History
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LAWNDALE 1878 History
LINCOLN 1878 History
MIDDLETOWN 1878 History
MT. PULASKI 1878 History
MT. PULASKI 1911 Stringer History
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SAN JOSE 1878 History

Burton View, Chesterville, Mount Joy, Narita, Skelton and Union were the names of "grain stations" or elevators on the railroad lines. Sometimes there would be a house or two there. Union had a church. Harness was briefly a town. Lake Fork is not mentioned in the 1878 History because it did not exist until 1881.