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Poordo School 1890s    Poordo School 1890s

North Bethel School, Oran Township, 1896

Cornland School Date Unknown    Cornland School

Middletown School Pictures - Pictures from the first decade of the 20th Century

Scroggin School 1905    Scroggin School c. 1905

Lone Tree School 1907    Lone Tree School 1907

Emden School 3rd Grade 1910    Emden School Third Grade 1910

Lake Fork 1925    Lake Fork 1925

Hunter School 1934    Hunter School 1934

Buchanan School Band    Buchanan School Band early 1930s

Buchanan School 1934    Buchanan School 1934

Oakland School 1938    Oakland School 1938

Oakland School 1939    Oakland School 1939

Oakland School 1940    Oakland School 1940

Colvin School 1946    Colvin School 1946

Emden 2nd Grade 1946    Emden 2nd Grade 1946

Mrs. Turley's 4th grade 1955-56    Mt. Pulaski 4th Grade 1955-56

Mrs. Turley's 4th grade 1960-61    Mt. Pulaski 4th Grade 1960-61

Lake Fork School 1958    Lake Fork School 1958

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